Messages 2015 and 2016

The difference between ego and soul.

June 25th, 2016.

Received by W.V.



Good evening, Guten Abend. My name is John, mein name ist Johannes. I’m very glad to be here with you tonight.

I have come because I want to share my love with you. And the reason why I’m here is also to shed some light on what we call “ego”. Most of you do not know the difference between “ego” and “soul”. Let me try to enlighten you so that in the future you can make that distinction and it will help you to get rid of that what you do not need on this earth.

Some people say they want to be the most loving person in the whole world. Some say they want to be the best at playing soccer. And both are things from the ego, because the soul does not compare. And when you use the words “most” or “best” or “better” you are comparing yourself to others, which the soul does not do, because the soul knows we are all equal. We are all loved equally. We are all as important as anybody else. So when somebody says he wants to be the most loving person in the whole world, this does not come from the soul. This comes from the ego.

In what I have just told you lies the secret to your happiness, lies the secret to truth. And it will help you to understand ego and soul more properly. And know it is not complicated. There is an enormous truth in the simple words and the simple sentences that I have just used to portray to you the difference between ego and soul. As souls we know that who we are is enough. As souls we do not want to compete with each other, because we understand how ridiculous that even is, because all of us are unique. All of you are unique. You are special in your own ways, but then again you’re no more special than anybody else. And once you start accepting those simple things the light inside of you will shine much further than the skin of your body. It is not easy to see past your own egos, to see past your own history, your own past. But when you are in darkness the only thing you need to do is to let the light inside of you, that what we call your soul, shine. And it is that light; it is that love, that Essence from the Big Soul that will help you to see the truth in the darkness you are going through. Because only ego can create darkness. And it is the soul that creates light.

Live in the now! Live as you were when you were children. Rejoice and be happy with the simple things in life. And understand that every one of you is important. That none of you are replaceable, because all of you are unique. Ego says you need to be famous, you need to be a top-manager, you need to be the best dad. Soul just says you just need to be yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. And when you dare to be yourself, the world around you will change, because you will see the world differently.

So stop comparing yourself to others. It is like a good soccer-team: there is need of a goal-keeper; there is need of good defenders, good midfielders and good attackers. And all are equally important. And if one of them fails it weakens the team. So you see: all of you are equally important.

So we want to encourage you to be yourself and to do the things that you love the most. And only then can and will the world change. Why? Because you will change and you are the world, you are the world you live in.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to you. We love the opening of the circle, but want to add to it: we would like you to add your energy to the bowl after everybody mentioned his and her name. We would like someone to mention and concentrate on the bowl, so that the people, whose names were written on the paper in the bowl, will receive the same amount of love and energy that you give each other.

So again, thank you for this opportunity. Until we meet again. Goodbye. Auf Wiedersehen.