Messages 2003

Love radio.

November 12th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you, my dear sister, and I am Mary the mother of Jesus, and your friend and guardian in God’s Love. You are in good condition to receive my thoughts about the subject of healing, particularly healing of the mind.

You have received the idea that the active energies of the soul – the true part of you – produce thoughts that are in accord with your purpose, which is, of course, to love. When love is active within your soul as it is being received and given, the mind (which is evidence of your soul or being) falls into its rightful place as the tool you use to articulate your goodness and heartfelt intentions.

Even when a mind is disturbed such as in your friend’s case, it is receptive to the energies of love that are being emanated through you and outward into the “atmosphere” of her receptivity. You will remember a message that speaks of the mind as something like a radio transmitter/receiver. As the disturbed person receives the love that you are transmitting from your soul, it will actually help reduce the static of their confused thoughts and feelings and help to clarify their purpose in that moment.

Mental or emotional imbalance may be triggered by a number of physical causes, but it is the soul (and its purpose) that always needs to be recognized in order to restore that balance. A person with such imbalance is particularly subject to the influence of spirits. Dark spirits are susceptible to denser physical energies, and you who love and who are still in the flesh have a beneficial influence upon these spirits – greater even than ours. You act as a conductor of higher thought, which can temporarily disconnect the rapport between the disturbed person and their unhelpful companions.

Your friend mentioned several times that she does not know how to be useful, and this is one indication that her own sense of purpose is not clear to her, which can contribute to her unclear thought processes. As love and harmony are broadcast within her environment, she perceives that harmony and will resonate with it, even if only on the subliminal spiritual level.

It is difficult to imagine that those who are so lost in their hatred, anger, and unhappiness would be able to perceive such spiritual energies, but it is true, and this is why prayer is effective. When you pray for someone it is like you are tuning your love radio frequency into that person and, no matter where you are physically located, they will “hear” your intention. This is aided by the greater Spirit of God’s Love, which boosts the reception (Mary smiles).

Thank you, my dear one, for receiving this message. I love you and will be with you any time you ask to give of my support and care. I am Mary, the mother of Jesus.