Messages 2008

The true soulmate of Jesus

February 11th, 2008

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold

I am here to present a message to shed light on Jesus’ relationship with the Father. The perfect soul-mate for Jesus is the Father. The Father created the soul Jesus, without a soul-mate which differs to the way the Father creates all souls that are to become mortal once their incarnation on Earth has transpired - this teaching is entirely consistent with the work that was conveyed through James Padgett. All mortal souls are created in the image and potential to be at-one with their soul-mate in Divine Love. What was not revealed in the work with James Padgett is that it is in the Father that all of Jesus’ soulful needs are met. Jesus is so close to the Father and in the Father’s Love the soul of Jesus abides and this is very evident when one has the pleasure of meeting with him.

Jesus has his own residence well in the Sphere that is well into the Celestial Heavens, and it is from here that he moves throughout the Spheres to teach and introduce the Divine Love of the Father. Jesus is not the Father although in his soul he is so at-one with the Father and in the Father’s Soul and Love, Jesus receives all that is necessary for his spirit life and purpose and progression. Jesus knows more than any other living soul about the Divine Love and Its workings in the soul and he is still receiving this Love and learning about the Father that he and we all love and share in. There is an element within Jesus’ soul that responds so comprehensively to the Father and this commitment fulfils his soul and he stands alone as a mortal soul in this Truth and way. Once again, it becomes very clear when one works along side him that there stands no other and to no other mortal soul is he committed to in the way of a soul-mate and like other mortals are.

It has been previously mentioned in this work of awareness of Divine Love, that he is entirely approachable and he is, and one can feel the presence of the Father Eternal with him and this presence is always very well received by those who have commenced their New Birth with the Inflowings of Divine Love. We all know that he knows more than we know and he holds no secrets when teaching. If a spirit asks a question, he will try to provide the most appropriate answer so that the inquiring soul can learn more about their own personalised relationship with the Father. Jesus knows that the more Divine Love is known and related matters concerning is known to others, then the Father is more widely known and this makes him happy.

Jesus in his spirit body is a glorious Celestial sight and he will never incarnate into the mortal flesh again. Those who believe such a thing possible and those who believe an individual who believes such a thing possible are in error to the teachings of Jesus, for as he taught, once a soul is confined within its spirit body, it is impossible for that soul in a spirit body to incarnate again. Important in this is love, and many people like to know that in their future they may meet up and see loved ones, who live as spirits and this happens. The personality of an individual is always retained to the soul and the spirit body reflects this personality and love. In the Father’s Soul in the Divine Love of the Father, Jesus is at-one and this Truth is known throughout all Divine Love Spheres and he continues to help souls learn and become aware of Divine Love so that each may enjoy the Father’s Soul.

Thank you for this opportunity to convey this message of Love, 
Your friend and Celestial teacher, 

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