Messages 2001

Jesus on soulmates.

October 11th, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your brother and friend, Jesus. Yes, I am your elder brother in the sense that I have prayed for and received the Divine Love for a great number of years, and have become transformed into a divine soul, at-one with the Nature of God’s Soul through the possession of His Substance.

I wish to come in answer to your question of the truth regarding the nature of the human soul, and the qualities that characterize it, and how this may result in the life you know of as a woman. Yes, it is a personal question for you because you have come to some understanding of yourself as a soul with qualities that find expression through your feminine nature, and you ask if you are not different from the counterpart qualities found in the soul nature of a man, what is the purpose of the soulmate love?

I want to bring the discussion to what the human soul is prior to incarnation. It is one whole thing, each soul unique from every other soul. God created the soul in this fashion after the Image of His Soul, which is also One whole Being. God implanted in the human soul the quality of love, the natural love, which would suffice to bring awareness and recognition to His creation of its real relationship with not only its Creator, but with all other creations, as well. This is an important consideration when one understands that, upon incarnation into the material body, when the soul chooses to individualize its personality, love is the highest quality it possesses, and it pales the gift of free will by comparison. I say this because it is love that will eventually draw the soul to its mate in the great hereafter. But, what of this unique difference between the male and female – is it only material?

This discussion must include the concept that the material world that the soul finds itself in is suitable to start the soul on its way to discover what the nature of itself is, particularly in relationship to its Creator. The newly incarnated soul first becomes aware of its mother and father, parents who have the privilege of loving a small creation of their own. One might see an immediate parallel in the purpose of God creating “children,” His beloved, the most wonderful of all His creations. Yes, the love of the mother and father for their child should serve to bring this soul into awareness of its own goodness, and see the fulfillment of love in the giving and receiving of the natural love of a family.

I underscore the word “love” for it is the one quality that will help develop the personality of the soul into its potential to be a reflection of love, immortal and divine, such as God possesses. God’s Will is that every one of His children become at-one with Him through love, His Love being the greatest of all loves that are demonstrated in the world around us. A mother’s love is such that she can love her child unconditionally, never failing to keep her child within her heart. A father’s love may also be such a love that provides the child with security and a sense of belonging. Ah, parents, who do you belong to? You belong to an eternal Parent who, by example, leads us into the bliss of unending love, more constant than the moving of the stars and planets in their great arc.

To continue, then, the natural love of the human soul seeks to fulfill itself by giving and receiving this love in all its expressions. There is goodness, safety, security, joy, peace and fulfillment, all fruits of love given and received. This love follows us through our development into adulthood, when we seek companionship with another human soul. It just so happens that the joining of male and female in a love relationship also produces the opportunity to parent, but what is the soul doing through what has been perceived as a biological reaction to procreate the species? Primarily, it is fulfilling its need to give love to another, first to its mate, then, to its children, gifts of their union.

Unconditional love is strengthened through the experience that self-love is shadowed by loving another. Ah, is this God’s reason, again – to love another? This is important to consider, friends, because this lesson stays with us even after death of the physical body. Here we are, in the new life of spirit, as a soul developed (or not) in the qualities of love, seeking its fulfillment. The truth becomes clear to us here, because our soul condition is the manifestation of who we are, and what we can be. Longing for love, seeking our fulfillment through love’s expression is not unfamiliar to us. We look to the Source of all love because God, alone, can satisfy the ache for the heaven of love’s peace.

Free will takes the soul to many various places, complex and rich with its many qualities that include the reasoning powers. Free will – gift and bane to our progress, depending upon our choices. The still, small voice speaks, never silent, because there is a resounding hum of Love in the Soul of God, seeking Its own, seeking the harmonious note of its beloved.

When we use the gift of will only to turn to God for love, and receive the reward of immortality, what is the one thing that God imagined would bring us complete happiness throughout eternity? To find our other half, one whose qualities and unique perceptions bring the puzzle of ourselves to completion. The other fulfills what we would not have, alone, but with the joy of loving another, brings us to see the truth of love, and its beautiful face, more clearly. Yes, it is God’s Will for us to become at-one with Him, but He has provided us with the treasure of loving another who will remain for us a window into the heart of love itself.

It is true that the Celestials enjoy the fulfillment of soulmate love more completely than in the natural heavens because the soul nature, and its qualities, have become realized. In the natural heavens the reasoning powers may still reign supreme in bringing enjoyment to the soul that seeks its pleasures through the pursuit of knowledge.

I bring you this message in such a way so you may understand that it was intended that life on earth be the greatest step toward knowing the truth. It was not intended that the true nature of the human soul not be revealed to us until we have passed into our spirit existence. Consider this with your soul’s desire for truth present in your mind and heart. Ask God to help you develop the qualities of your soul so that you may not see through a glass darkly, that you can see the Face of Love in yourself, in others, and in God. I am your brother and friend, and Master of the Celestial Heavens, Jesus.