Messages 2019 and 2020

Mary Magdalene is not Jesus’ Soulmate

January 29th, 2019

Gibsons. Canada

Received by A.F.

God bless you, I am Mary Magdalene. I have come to confirm the message that has been received recently regarding my relationship with the Master. My love for him is great. My respect and acknowledgement of his beautiful soul, this beautiful man who brought the Truth of God’s Love to mankind. I was close to Jesus during his time and ministry upon the world. He changed my life by his message and by directing my gaze toward God. For this, I am ever grateful for his efforts and his blessings of attentions upon me to teach me this truth. But I was never his soulmate, merely a follower, one who indeed who was close at times, one who ministered to his needs as he journeyed upon the Earth. In my own way, I gave to this beautiful man whose soul was bright and luminous in Love and Truth, but I was never his wife nor his lover nor anything but one who loved in innocence and gratitude, he who taught Truth and brought salvation to mankind in his message of Love.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I hope that I have come to dispel some myths and untruths of my character and role with the beloved Master. I continue to follow his teachings and am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom. My soul is bright with the Father’s Love and I have great joy and fulfilment in this. In each one of you I see that you are bright in Love and will someday join us in this exalted heaven. May God bless you upon that journey and bring your many gifts and blessings of the soul. I thank you for listening and may God bless you, my friends, beautiful souls all. I am Mary Magdalene and my love is with you all. God bless you.

Note. It has long been the opinion amongst Divine Love followers that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ soul mate. At least two previous messages have “confirmed” this. But in 2008 Nicholas Arnold received a message at odds with those. There the matter rested, but without knowing the background, Al Fike received a message in 2019 confirming that Jesus has no soul mate. It is really totally irrelevant to our messages one way or the other but it is instructive that even Divine Love mediums can be poor mediums of occasion, because no matter which side you back in this matter, some mediums are not “on the money”. One of the biggest dangers to inaccurate channeled messages is pre-conceived ideas. For sake of completeness here are the two messages at variance with this : Mary Magdalene: Personal Communication and Differences between the sexes.