Messages 2001

Differences between the sexes.

August 19th, 2001

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you at this time, and I am grateful for the opportunity to write you. I am Mary Magdalene, and I am a true follower of my Master, Jesus, and one who loves him so completely, as a soulmate bound to him for all eternity. I have been praying for God’s Divine Love since while on earth, and although I am high in the Celestial Heavens, I am not so near Jesus at this time in my progression. One of the reasons for this is because he has had to stay close to the Heavenly Father in order to help bring the earth into a more loving condition, and his prayers and communion with our wonderful Maker bring him high up in the heavens that he rules with tender and merciful love.

I wish to write you in answer to the question of how to serve to bring greater awareness to others of the equality of the sexes, for it is true that there still exists a sense of superiority and dominance of the male over the female.

Interestingly, the solution to the problem of inequality requires the soul development of the woman, and her recognition of the greater attributes of her spiritual nature, and until this happens it will be impossible for her to clearly assert the truth of her place as man’s equal. The efforts that have been made to give women the same privileges and rights on the material level are certainly a step toward her feeling worthy of this place, which is rightfully hers, but the mistake is to assume that what a man does, a woman should do also. As long as love and peace are not demonstrated between all people, whether between man and woman, brother and brother, or sister and sister, the “goal” of equality will not be in accord with the harmony of God’s Laws, and, thereby, will not produce the desired result.

A woman’s strength is to love, as it is with the man. The demonstration of their love differs because of the unique qualities that each possesses. There have been studies of these differences, and it has been observed that their communication style, and what each one focuses on as “important” in any given situation, creates the sense that the two sexes will never understand one another. But, I bring the thought back to love, and what the nature of love brings to this relationship.

The natural love, which was implanted in our souls upon our creation, is sufficient to bring these two to harmony and happiness. Such was the case with Aman and Amon - the perfect pair. They have shared their experience of becoming aware of one another, and how their awareness of the goodness and beauty they each possessed brought them much happiness and well-being. There was a complete sense of respect that each was held in God’s Sight as a wonderful creation, endowed with qualities and abilities that complemented one another. They have told us that so great was their love that it served to cause them to feel no need for God’s Gift of Love. Just so, pride was born into the human soul. Pride served to draw their souls away from the greater Love which was their potential to receive. Our first parents, then, were left without this Gift and had only their natural love to comfort them.

The subjugation of the female to the male occurred over the course of many generations and, as you know, came to its worst manifestation when the human soul arrived at its most degraded state. The physical reality that surrounded them was their “superior,” and because they were in such discord with the purpose of their creation, they were left to survive in a world that was not only dangerous in terms of the creatures designed to prey upon weaker species, they were almost devoid of any powers or illumination to defend themselves from such predators. Thus, physical strength became “king,” and the male took his place as the superior to his weaker partner. Today this instinct to “survive” is still demonstrated in the natural sense of protection man offers a woman, even though there is no longer any need to fear predators.

The nature of pride, such as what characterized our first parents’ decision not to accept the Gift of God’s Love, makes us feel that we are more important, or greater in our own eyes, than what the truth merits. Aman and Amon made a mistake when they felt that their love was as great as the Love offered to them by their Creator. Pride remains the predominant factor in the disharmony between the sexes, as it is what prevents the soul from seeking for and receiving the immortal blessing of Divine Love.

How does pride manifest between a man and woman? At this time of human development, man still needs to find ways to exert his sense of power over his environment, evidenced by the violence that occurs among impoverished and subjugated peoples. In this case, the animal nature exerts itself over the spiritual, and guns, brutality, and violence become the “mark of a man.” But in a society whose laws and sense of order and justice outlaw such violence, man then needs to prove his strength in the arena of power over others through wealth and position. This is only a finer demonstration of the animal nature being put before the spiritual; there is less violence, but it is still a far cry from what is, indeed, the true power in this world, and that is Love.

So I ask you, as woman, to see the goodness in your spiritual nature. See strength in your kindness and patience. When you are devoid of pride you will be able to forgive and forbear the mistakes of others, and you will demonstrate humility as you recognize that God loves all of His children equally.

Stand up as the one who, along with your brothers in Christ, will bring to light the truth that Love is the only power that will bring this world to peace and harmony. Then will you see the violence and inequality cease, and the earth again become the paradise intended by God, fitted for such exalted creatures as yourselves.

I am Mary Magdalene, and a true follower of my beloved Jesus. I am most grateful for this opportunity you have given me. I love you, dear sisters and brothers, and I pray for your evolvement into the divine angels that I know you are.