True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 2

Alexander Campbell did not understand the plan of man’s salvation when on earth.

October 28th, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am, Campbell.

I am the founder of the Campbellites. Well, I have spelled it as it should be spelled. I know my followers are called Camellites, but that is not correct.

But the name makes no difference, for I am the man, and these people are my followers.

I merely want to say that when on earth I did not understand the plan of man’s salvation, and I taught erroneous doctrines as to this matter, and I now see the great harm that I did, but, nevertheless, there was some good done also; for my people worshiped God as their Heavenly Father, and prayed to Him, and many of them received the ministration of the Holy Ghost. So I am grateful for what I taught, and also very sorry for the errors that I taught.

I am now in the Celestial Heavens and know that Jesus is a spirit and not God, and that his great work is still going on.

So when I say that I am a follower of Jesus, I mean that I follow his teachings and try to imitate his life here as on earth. I am a stranger to you but I felt that I must write to you, and so took this opportunity.

So thanking you I am,

Your brother in Christ,

Alexander Campbell