Messages 2015 and 2016

The imaginings and ideas of men create falsehoods and misinterpretations

June 15th, 2015

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C.


I am Smith, Joseph Smith, and I was talked about not too long ago amongst you and the great Mormon faith which I founded and I wish to make some commentary upon your conversation. I am now in the Celestial Heavens. I have adopted the truth of Divine Love and though I had glimpses of this Truth while on Earth, I did not fully understand the workings of this Love, the importance of this Love. And yes the angels did indeed come to support me and influence me in my work in creating this great church. But now I see that this church and its workings have become too infected by the human condition. It is indeed a great machine desirous of consuming all of humanity in what it perceives to be the truth. And its workings are complex and its understandings unfortunately contain more error than truth.

And so it is with many religions that are organized in the world. The will of man usurps the Will of God. The imaginings and ideas of men create falsehoods and misinterpretations of the laws and Love of God and His workings and creation. And I wish to say to you, my son, continue to challenge that which you see is error, for if you do so in Love and integrity, you will make some changes which are necessary. And although you rail against a great structure that has great power and momentum, your voice will be heard amongst those who are in contact with you within that church. And I would urge you to pray earnestly for the Father’s Love. There is no greater blessing in all of creation, no more wondrous journey than this. And if you, who say you are a part of this church, become an example of Love and Truth within it you will have an opportunity to change the conditions within it.

Each soul has its challenges in the world. Some move independently and are not concerned about community, some seek community and long for that fellowship and are willing to abdicate their desire to seek truth in a clear way and adopt that which they are told to be truth. Yet I see amongst you a great Light and a desire for Truth. You not only seek this within yourselves but you seek it together and this is a true church, a church of Love, a community in fellowship that seeks Light and true understanding. And many of you realize that true understanding comes from the enlightenment of the soul and the enlightenment of the soul comes from the inflowing of the Father’s Divine Essence. Igniting the faculties within you which will give you the insight that you require to truly understand truth, to walk in truth, and to be truth within your lives and your consciousness.

To be a channel of God’s Love in the world is the highest of callings. And this does not require labels or positions within any church. It requires each individual to make this choice, to Love another, to walk in Love, to love yourselves, and to love God. And to do these simple tasks, to fulfill this soul desire, to be in this harmony with God’s Laws of Love is all that you are required to do, my beloved brothers and sisters. And I sought to develop a church based on Love and truth and in many ways I am saddened with the outcomes of this effort. But I see many lights within it and true soul desires for truth and Love. And so it is in any church and organization. There are those who truly understand and those who stumble blindly within their ignorant, willful, mindful desire. And this desire often is for power and recognition.

The source of the great fall of mankind is to be powerful, to not acknowledge the power of God, and to realize that we are all God’s children moving in a world of His creation, seeking the harmony to be within this creation in a way that is of Light and beauty and Grace. Walk that Path, my beloved brothers and sisters, and you will show many in this world what it is to be a true child of God. It is in your being and in your loving service to God that your great message will be felt and many will be drawn to you because of your trueness, your Light, and your Love.

I thank you for allowing me to speak and I thank you for the efforts you make in this world to bring truth and love, to bring God’s Truth and Love forward into the world. If you could see the great support you have in this effort you would be astounded and humbled. For much effort is being made and many, many, many spirits and angels are with you in this; to create a true fellowship amongst mankind that is based on the simple principles of Love, of Divine Love, and all that this entails. It is coming to mankind and you are the harbingers.

There is much work to do, my beloveds, much work to do. And I dare say that this work and the reverberations of your efforts will spread through time throughout this world. Many generations to come will feel the effects of a handful of true souls who sought to be channels of Love. And I thank you for what you have done and how you have conducted yourselves with integrity and Light, humility and Love. Continue in this vein and you will reach your goal, you will reach your goal to bring God’s Love to humanity in a way that they can acknowledge its blessing in a conscious and full way. It will come and I will be there to support you, my friends, my brothers, my sisters, I will be with you and many who have passed over who have been part of my church and now see the greater truth are with you as well. Great armies of angels and spirits are with you. Walk the Path Divine, the Path of Truth, the Path of Love and you will be carried and loved and surrounded in Light. God bless you. God bless you. I salute your efforts and I will bring my Love into your circle. God bless you. I am Joseph Smith of the Mormon Church. God bless you.