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Reincarnation and the Perception of It Proliferated by Many Yogis and Gurus Of The East

January 31st, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

God bless you beloved souls. I am Yogananda. The question was asked regarding how does one know about past lives and confer this knowledge in their present life? As you well know, there is no such mechanism as reincarnation. So why do many individuals believe and have had some experience to make them believe that reincarnation exists?

I too believed in this experience of multiple lives and this was taught to me at a young age as part of my culture. Of course, the mind is predisposed to believe that this is a reality and seeks to have confirmation of this experience through their spiritual lives and pursuits. Every soul, every individual upon your world, is influenced by spirit, many different kinds, levels of spiritual attainment and persuasions come to influence mortals as a result of the Law of Attraction. There are many spirits who endeavour to influence mortals in the truths that they know, the understandings and beliefs of their experience and life. For those who are spiritually attuned to meditate and awaken various gifts within them, they may feel a very deep rapport with these spirits who come close to such a degree that they feel that they are those individuals, that this duality comes into play, a sense that they are both. Thus, with the belief in reincarnation, they come to believe that this is proof of such and desire to know more, to awaken greater understanding of this experience and a greater reinforcement of this belief.

You must understand my friends, that the veil between the flesh and the spirit is not so great, that each mortal is influenced over and over again by outside spirits and thoughts that are in the atmosphere in which you live. This layer of existence and influence is rife with many aspects of spiritual understanding. Because the mind is powerful in its ability to attract and be influenced by these conditions that lie outside of the mind, there are many ideas and concepts, visions, formulations and understandings that penetrate the mind and influence and awakened various ideas and beliefs. The more sensitive is the individual who is receptive and yearning for greater knowledge and truth, the more they are blessed with these influences. Some are of a high calibre and bring higher truths and some are not, depending upon the control and the desires of the individual in their spiritual life.

So in my tradition of India, there are many yogis and teachers and others who are highly sensitive to these influences. The beliefs are reinforced because they draw to them those spirits with the same beliefs. Indeed they feel as if they have been a part of that personality that comes. With their beliefs of reincarnation, there is no other logical explanation than this, therefore, these beliefs are perpetuated by the minds of those who live on earth and who experience these close connections of various spirit influences. Indeed, these spirits may come so close that the mortal believes they are one and the same as that individual.

It is the soul that knows Truth, my friends. I have discovered this since I’ve come to accept the Truth of the Divine Love transforming my soul. The soul who knows Truth, who is awakened in this way, is more cognizant of the mechanisms and dynamics of influence related to communication and rapport with spirits. It no longer is a mystery or shrouded in mental beliefs and understandings of these workings in the world. Until these spirits, who are well meaning and have in their way a firm understanding of certain dynamics which unfortunately are in error, until they come to a place of deeper soul awakening, these ideas will continue to be perpetuated. There are many spirits who are waiting their time to reincarnate into the material world believing that their growth depends upon this experience, that there are no other opportunities to truly spiritually grow and expand in light than to come back to earth to test their ability to withstand and to come to truth in a world that is challenging.

Yet, in the world of spirit, these challenges and opportunities for growth are great indeed. I would say far greater than that which is ours, for the earth plain is a low vibrational existence and it is difficult to be in a state of light and high vibration. It is much easier in spirit once one understands the laws and dynamics in regards to spiritual growth. The progression of that spirit in the world of spirit through the planes of spirit can be swift indeed once there is a desire and the knowledge to do so.

My friends, in your world, there are many misconceptions and beliefs regarding spiritual progression. When the angels say that you must seek for the highest, they truly are perceiving the Truth in regards to your journey because the awakening of your soul is the highest pursuit, where many believe that is the perfection of the mind, the body and the spirit, that these are the areas in which one must focus and yearn to be in that exalted state, perfect in every way. Yet the soul remains unrecognized and barely understood. You have taken the other route, the other choice to spiritual attainment. This, I can tell you my friends, is an easier road in many respects. For the energy it takes to be spiritually uplifted in the natural love and the natural way of the mortal, for the spirit, it is an arduous path indeed, taking much time and focus and effort. I can attest to the fact that though I was gifted in many ways, it took many trials and tribulation, tests and efforts to come to a state of spiritual awakening. Yet, I knew there was something more to attain. I was gifted with the knowledge of the Divine Love when coming to this world of spirit. I met with the Master Jesus and we spoke. He clarified many questions that I had and directed me towards the light of my own soul, and helped me to understand how my soul may attain more light and expand in love. It was my teaching and pursuit of the power of Love, the power of God that drew me to our beloved Master who exemplifies such teachings. The Master calmed my mind, helped me to release those things that were not of Truth and set me on the path towards at-onement with God to receiving His Love. No greater joy that I have than this knowledge and awakening, releasing my expectation of perfection, and gaining the joy that comes with my relationship with God, the Creator. All fell into place and seemed easy and beautiful and rich and fulfilling.

I continued upon this journey until I too entered through the threshold of the Celestial Heavens, thinking I had reached the end , but then coming to the realization that this progression continues on for all eternity. What wonderment has God created in this ever-increasing joy, this expansion of awareness and Love and Truth. How God must love us all, giving us this gift, this gift that brings all gifts, this blessing that opens the door to all blessings. I am truly grateful, my friends, to have come to this Truth and to have released those things that are not of Truth. My illusions have been banished and in their place comes Truth and the power of Love that brings such capacity to know Truth. How gifted are we all to know this Truth, to come in joyous gratitude to God, opening to receive His Touch and Blessings in us.

May God bless us all, my friends, and may you come to know the never-ending journey to at-onement with God and along that journey may you experience all there is to experience, know all there is to know, feel all the depth of joy and awakening that comes as God blesses you deeply within your soul. God bless you. I am Yogananda. God bless you indeed and Thank you.