Messages 2002

St. Francis in the spirit world.

December 29th, 2002

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Joseph.

We move now from creative genius to sainthood. In this message I will write about St. Francis of Assisi. As you can well understand, he has reached the Celestial Heavens, and in fact, is in a sphere not numbered.

When he first came to this world of spirits, he brought with him the Divine Love that he manifested on earth. It was a very joyful reunion. As he suffered at the time just preceding his death, he was naturally grateful to be free of that suffering.

What he realized was that there were very few of his Christian contemporaries who could equal his spiritual development. After much time in this world of spirits, he conceived of the idea that perhaps the organized church wasn’t necessary; he had observed many church officials in darkness.

He gave a lot of time here in the spirit world to helping spirits less developed than himself. Because of his vow of poverty on earth, it was a little difficult for him to adjust to the liberality of the spirit world, where all spirits’ needs are met. But he reasoned that God loves us and supplies our needs, as He did for him on earth.

He also reconciled with his father, who was mortified to discover in spirit, the error of his ways. It was a long time before his father was able to speak with his son, because of his remorse. That is, he was overwhelmed by his mistake in thinking that his son had gone astray on earth.

Of course, as you can well imagine, Francis was at first disappointed not to find here what he had expected, but he is saying that it is so much better the way it actually is.

He recognizes the absolute, utter equality of humanity in God’s eyes. He has visited many of his contemporaries to better understand the life of his time on earth. He realizes that he was actually very sensible in doing what he had done, for it enabled him to inherit much happiness over here.

His was not an experience of suffering and darkness, though he had an adjustment to make in regard to his attitude to his body.

When your mediumship gets stronger, he will come himself and write more of his experiences. Let me close by stating that his experience was unusual and not typical in the least.