Messages 2008

Francis of Assisi’s Soul Condition.

July 30th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Francis of Assisi.

It is true that when I died, my soul was very near the seventh sphere soul condition. After long acquaintance with the spirit world, I was forced to concede that many of my theological ideas were false.1 But I did understand the spirit, the inner kernel, of the teachings of the Master, and it was this that enabled me to overcome.

You are thinking now that you mischanneled this about my soul condition. You don’t see how it’s possible for a spirit to get that far and still have error in his or her beliefs. You are thinking that it would have made more sense for me to have been nearer the third sphere at death.

But that is not the way it it was, for once I made the radical commitment to leading a life devoted to the Christ principle, I spent every waking moment in prayer and sincere longing. I thus accumulated an unusual amount of Divine Love. This process was greatly accelerated because there were no earthly distractions whatsoever. And in fact, that was my central message, to live a life completely separated from the material world, and completely integrated with the spiritual realm and God. So you can see that many years in that way of living would necessarily bring a great soul development, which I did possess, and therefore a great intuitive understanding of Jesus and God.

My erroneous religious beliefs were things of my mind; in my heart, in my deepest soul, I was on fire with the things of God. People saw that. Some were threatened, and others were inspired. But it was undeniable, and it was very much present to my contemporaries.

There have been those who have adopted a monastic life of poverty and obedience, and who nevertheless did not have a soul on fire with the divine things. But I had it in abundance.


1 This medium tends to read very little of other medium’s works, so possibly he is unfamiliar with the message that Mother Teresa passed high into the fifth sphere even as she too was a Catholic, and believed in many of their teachings. His contention that untruth retards advancement is correct in general, but it very much depends on exactly what false beliefs are retained.