Messages 2007

A Dutch theologian finds the truth.

March 21st, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jacobus Arminius.

Yes, as you have gathered, I believe the way you believe. Indeed, life over here could only point me to the conclusion that the Calvinist view, that we are predestined to Heaven or Hell, is a blasphemous lie which makes a mockery of humanity’s dignity and freedom of choice. How people could believe such nonsense is a mystery to me, and indeed, to my fellow Celestial Angels as well. Yes, I found my way to the New Birth, praise the Lord! And what happiness is mine!

Thank you for your kindness in receiving this message. All your yearnings will be fulfilled, and all your dreams will come true.


Arminius was born at Oudewater, Utrecht. His father Herman (“Arminius” is a Latinized form of Harmenszoon, Herman’s son) died while Jacob was an infant, leaving his mother a widow with small children. A priest, Theodorus Aemilius, adopted Jacobus and sent him to school at Utrecht. His mother was slain during the Spanish massacre of Oudewater in 1575. About that year Arminius was sent to study theology at the University of Leiden by the kindness of friends (Rudolph Snellius).

Arminius remained at Leiden from 1576 to 1582. His teachers in theology included Lambertus Danaeus, Johannes Drusius, Guillaume Feuguereius, and Johann Kolmann. Kolmann believed and taught that high Calvinism made God both a tyrant and an executioner. Under the influence of these men, Arminius studied with success and had seeds planted that would begin to develop into a theology that would later compete with the dominant Reformed theology of John Calvin. Arminius began studying under Theodore Beza at Geneva in 1582. He was called to pastor at Amsterdam and was ordained in 1588. He was reputed to be a good preacher and faithful pastor. In 1590 he married Lijsbet Reael. (Source: Wikipedia)