Messages 2015 and 2016

Walk This World Guided By Father

Date: January 28, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Location: Hawaii


God bless you and I am with you because you have requested my presence, because you prayed to know the Truth, because within your hearts you know that you love God and within my heart, I love God. And there are many in the Celestial Heavens, all within the Celestial Heavens, who love God, for those who reside there are close to God, are seeking to be close to God through knowing Him and receiving His Essence of Love.

And yes there are many Saints within these Heavens, although they are no different from the others. For all commune together equally impassioned by their love of God, and the Love of God that resides within their souls. And yet there is one who outshines us all, it is the Master Jesus, whom is the head of the Celestial Heavens and closest to God. And through his Love and his wisdom we all are guided by him and we all come to know of the Father’s Will through the faculties of our souls, and we have glorious happiness in this place, beyond anything you can imagine here in this world, for we are far removed from this world. We live in a world that is filled with God’s Grace and Love, the beauty of His creation, the wonderment of all that is life, all that is Love, all that is of His power.

Beloveds, continue to seek for this Love, this Essence from God, for I began my journey to Heaven when I walked this Earth. I discovered this Gift through my prayers, through my supplications to my Heavenly Father. And it changed me, it changed me from a man so entrapped in the material conditions of this world, seeking the pleasures and allurements of this world and I renounced this and released these desires, for I found something higher, more beautiful, more alluring and that is my relationship with my Heavenly Father. And in this pursuit I learned much. I gained much wisdom. I gained the ability to love all that I met and what you call a channel of Love in the world, I became this channel. I embraced all whom I met. I walked this world guided by my Heavenly Father and His angels. And I had a deep relationship with my God and I was influenced by His Heavenly angels who taught me much and my deep love for nature grew and grew. And I walked in my Father’s Kingdom on Earth. The forests, His beautiful creation, and I communed with the animals and the plants and the beauty all around me.

And I found a different life, a life greatly fulfilling and beautiful, a life so different from so many and yet, this unique life which I lived brought me great happiness and fulfilment. I indeed struggled, as all do in this world, but beyond this great struggle came great rewards and spiritual awareness and a love for all and a love for myself and appreciation for what God has created, both within me and in this world.

I walked, I walked to many places. I reached out to many souls and I lived a humble life, a humble life whose simplicity and the power of love created a great Light which today still burns within the minds of many, for they acknowledge my efforts to be close to God. And I tell you, that it is this Love from God that was the key to my life, the power to my spirituality, the great opening to my relationship with my Heavenly Father that came from this desire within my soul to be with God, and He responded by touching my soul deeply, transforming my soul completely and showing me the way to at-onement with Him, the Way which the Master Jesus taught and as so few know this Path to at-onement in a conscious way.

But here, my beloveds, you beautiful souls, many of you understand this, you feel it, you know it and you pray for this Gift, so powerful. Continue to do so, beloved beautiful souls, and you too will walk a spiritual path that will open many awarenesses, shall clear that connection that you have to your Heavenly Father and you will know the treasures which He has to give to each one, each of His children who seek to know God, shall know God as their souls are enlivened by this great Love, His Essence, His Touch. And we in the Celestial Kingdom will pray with you and walk with you as you seek this Truth, this simple Truth, higher than all truths, more powerful than any other truth in the universe.

To come close to God in this way is to fulfill your deepest souls’ longing, for every soul longs to be with God and every soul has the capacity to be with God, if it is enlivened by His Essence, this Touch which you must pray for and open to. It is a choice, it is a beautiful Gift and I encourage you all to come to understand, to truly know this great blessing. It is available to all. It does not require churches. It does not require dogma. It is simple. It is a simple request - earnestly given from your soul, the very depths of your being. And in this request the answer is given, the Holy Spirit sent to bring to you the Essence of God. And this Essence will remain with you for all eternity, for those of us who reside within the Celestial Heavens exist for all eternity, this sure knowledge within us, for the Essence of God is eternal and the blessing of His Essence within us burns for all eternity and grows as we continue in our prayers and openings and desire for this Gift. It never ends and oh what glory, oh what wonderment we experience, the great and deep joy and peace within us that comes with this Gift, this wondrous Gift that opens our eyes and brings us to see God in all His Glory. And this opening and expanding and Light and understanding continues, continues as we ever seek our at-onement with God.

Beloved souls, I thank you for this opportunity to speak. I thank you for seeking God’s Love, for as you seek this great blessing you not only change you own selves through the actions of this Love, but you bring a special Light into this world which encourages other souls to seek. It rings the bell and the bell tolls and the souls have a flicker of awakening and respond. And so it goes in this world. There are great opportunities to be a channel of God’s Love, to bring this Love forward in your lives and for all those you meet. It comes, it flows, it washes over many. Beloved souls, carry your Love, carry your faith and be with God and allow God to bring His Love through your soul, into your soul and into your lives. Thank you, my beloveds, I am Francis and I love you, love you dearly, God bless you.