53 Revelations

Revelation 53: God is not a Father - Mother God.

July 28th, 1955 and March 13th, 1959

Received by Dr Samuels

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

Yes, I am here again tonight, and wish to thank you for the opportunity to write you once again. I realize it is very hot, and that your desire to receive messages from the spirit world has decreased markedly as a result due rather to material conditions than to the spiritual exhaustion of your powers.

The Doctor has been anxious for you to receive a message regarding the concept of a Father-Mother God, for he is justifiably disturbed by the knowledge that such a view can cause considerable harm to an understanding of who and what God really is, and His relationship to His greatest creation, the human being.

Now, Mrs. W____ is a very sincere person and imbued to a certain extent with the Divine Love; and her interest in spreading the Glad Tidings is a notable indication of this Love. And, as a matter of fact, it is this Love in her soul that has attracted me, as well as other high spirits of the Celestial Heavens, to her, and I have sought to impress her with my thoughts and to encourage her with my love and blessings. And this should not be surprising to those who have experienced the Divine Love in their souls, and Mrs. W____ has had on a few occasions an intuition regarding my presence.

This ability to attract the higher spirits, however, does not enable the spirits to write messages through these mortals unless they have the mediumistic ability to remain passive and allow the spirit messages to pass through their brains as the pencil is manipulated. And the fact is that Mrs. W____ has a very active and imaginative mind which diminishes the spirits’ ability to cause messages to flow through her brain, and it is for this reason that the message regarding the concept of the Father-Mother God is a product of her own creation and not the result of any spirit efforts, whether that spirit be me or another who may have sought to give authority to his writings by using my name.1

The fact of the matter is that Mrs. W____ wrote what she thought was a message from me, in which she simply affirmed in writing what she had previously concluded as a result of her own deductions based on what she had read in the Padgett messages regarding soul mates, and certain feminist impressions which had come to her from certain writers about the first decade of this century about the renewed dignity of the female sex and women’s rights. Her thinking was influenced by their exhortations in favor of restoring to women their pristine position with respect to man, and also shows the thoughts which proceeded from a comparison of the created human being and the creator.

Mrs. W____ felt that since the human soul was created duplex - male and female - therefore the creator must necessarily also be male and female within one unit. And here it is necessary to explain some details about the constitution of the soul and the soul’s relation to the soul mate and, finally, the difference between their created love and the love which the creator entertains for His created children.

While the soul is created duplex, each part is complete unto itself, and the attributes which each possesses are complete as to its own self. The unity which it has in respect to its soul mate is not in the completeness of attributes which one gives to the other, or which they give each other, or because of the complementary nature of each one’s attributes with respect to the other. But this unity resides in the attraction which each has for the other as a result of the strong natural love which causes this attraction to operate. The greater and more intense is this love, the greater and more intense is this attraction, and it is this love which brings about the oneness of their souls.

As far as their attributes are concerned, there is no such factor as complementary attributes, for, as a matter of fact, these attributes may be very similar, or again, dissimilar; but their attributes are affected by the harmony which exists between their attributes, and this harmony results from the peculiar character of the love which causes the operation of the attraction they thus have for each other.

Thus you see that souls are made dual only as a result of the love functioning between them, but as far as completeness is concerned, each soul is complete unto itself and has no need of the soul mate in order to live and progress and experience the great joy and happiness of the spiritual and Celestial Heavens. And thus you see that Mrs. W____ ’s views about soul mates were based on what she had read in the Padgett messages, and you see that I could not have written her as I am supposed to have done in the message about the Father-Mother God, one or two years ago.

You must remember that when I wrote Mr. Padgett these messages, I had in mind bringing to mankind the great truths of the Divine Love through earnest prayer to the Father, and that everything else was done very sketchily and merely as an adjunct and supplement to the great truths I wished to convey through him.

The Nature of God, therefore, unlike the nature of the human soul, is not dual at all but One and Indivisible. God, the Heavenly Father, created male and female souls for the purpose of providing for the happiness of His children spiritually, and also to provide a means by which, in the flesh, conception could take place through their physical union and receptacles engendered for the placement of other souls in human bodies. When the soul leaves the human envelope and is eventually freed of the physical desires of the earth life, of which desire for the opposite sex constituted the most dominant characteristic for most men, then this material desire of the flesh disappears and only love which is spiritual and distinct from animal passion begins to assert itself; and there is no thought of the carnal.

In God, the attributes are all Divine, and His Love is Divine and devoid of anything related to sex or to family relationship, which is based on sexual functions in which various types of love are entering. But nothing of the natural, and therefore pertaining to the human categories, are in His Divine Love, which is creative, and causes His created souls to partake of His Divinity through the inflowing of His Nature into these souls.

The souls that are filled with the Divine Love love other souls not because of their relationship to these other souls, such as father, mother, brother or sister, but because of the Divine Love which these other souls possess; and the intensity of this Love is measured by the amount of Love it possesses in its own soul.

The Heavenly Father, with His infinite Divine Love, loves all His children, but whether His Love enters their souls and makes them at-one in Essence with Him depends upon their willingness to let it come into their souls through earnest longing and prayer. We use the term “Father” to indicate the fact that we are at-one with Him in nature through the possession of the Divine Love and not because any concept of maleness or masculinity is involved; and also to indicate the distinction between this kinship in nature and the term “servant of God,” which was used by the Hebrews, because they knew instinctively that no matter how hard they tried they could not acquire in any way any of the Essence of God, which would have permitted them to use this term “Father” in this sense.

So you see, when I called God “the Heavenly Father,” I used the term in the sense of relationship in Essence; and the term in its human meaning in connection with physical procreation is a mistaken and erroneous concept of God and His Divine Love. God is our Heavenly Father as the creator of our souls, and no limit, such as a sexual idea, such as Father-soul or Mother-soul, in the natural meaning of the terms, can be in truth applied to Him.

I know that you are tired, and I should write more on this subject but I shall stop and thank you, again, for permitting me to come and correct these impressions which were produced as a result of the thoughts entertained by Mrs. W____.  I would like to have you tell her that I wish to bless her, and send all my love to her, and would like to encourage her to pray for more and more of the Divine Love. And, with my love also to you and the Doctor, I shall say good night.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.


1 Jesus has advised us that there are many spirits who actually have his name.