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Glenda Green’s soul meditation from her book “Love Without End” in order to “go within”

This meditation is absolutely perfect for someone wishing to “go within”. Because the object of going within here, as offered to Glenda by Jesus, is to enter the soul. The beauty and benefit of this is that God is soul and from your soul you are in intimate comnnection with God.

If you were not to do this, you risk merely going into the mind, and the mind cannot contact God directly. It has to go through the soul.

There are indeed many many people who achieve oneness with the Universe through their mind, but that is not the same as oneness with God. And it’s not even a stepping stone to oneness with God. That is the value of what Glenda has shared with us, and I offer this snippet of her book under the general allowance for small portions of quoted copyright material. Her book is listed and recommended by me here. From the top of page 160, second paragraph:

“In the depths of your being is your own sacred center. It is the still, quiet chamber deep within where you are one with the Father. Through this connection is your own indigenous power. Therefore, you cannot underestimate the value of this knowledge to your life. Priceless to your life is knowledge of the heart itself. This is a place you must go alone, for it is your sacred ground. The very act of being there is the essence of prayer. When I told my disciples to go into a closet to pray, I was being quite literal in two regards. Any quiet secluded place will do. The main thing is to select a place which is appropriate to the sacred chamber you are about to enter within your being.

“The Sacred Heart has an exact location in the body which can vary slightly in every person, but it is approximately the same. It is located in the space between the spine and the physical heart, anywhere from an inch above the physical heart to three inches below it. Although the physical heart is slightly to left of center, the true axis is centrally located. People who are living very physical lives, such as athletes and manual workers, often have a lower position of the heart vortex due to their need for physical balance. Scholars and musicians might need to look a bit higher.”

He suggested that I look a little higher because of my receptivity to aesthetic inspirations and frequencies.

“As you enter, you must release your attention into silence, letting it fall until it comes to rest. This is the way of quiet contemplation in which you may behold the oneness of all that is. This is your sacred place, for it is the pivotal link between the body and soul, the physical and the immortal, between yourself and God.

“When the heart is healthy andfully alive, it is the most natural place to be. But when it has been forgotten and abandoned, certain difficulties will accumulate around the prospect of re-entry. The most critical issue is that the heart carries an imprint of your true character and the love that you are. That is its only recognition of you. Therefore, when you attempt to enter with false identities, spurious agendas, impure thoughts, or excess baggage of any kind, you may not present a workable entry key. You are most worthy to be in the heart, for indeed it is your home, the center of your being. Nevertheless, as the defender of your immortal soul, its security system is formidable. By the will of God, that which is not you will not be recognized. All illusion, pretense, and judgment must be shed at the portal. Is this not also how you must enter the Kingdom of Heaven … as a little child?

“There are two ways to enter. The easiest way is to quiet your mind through surrender and resolve, allowing your attention to become like a pebble cast into a great, still lake. Then float away into the stillness and vacuity until you come to rest. The other way is more difficult, although each attempt will bring you closer. The process itself is cleansing and transforming. It involves opening and reentering the heart directly, and re-anointing it as the sacred center which it truly is. In this approach, you will locate the doorway through which the heart communes with infinity, the one spirit and the Father.

“To begin, you need to be aware that a circle of energy surrounds your body. It is much like a protective cocoon. Then establish within your mind’s eye a perceptual viewpoint on the back side of that circle, facing your spine. From that viewpoint, facing your back, scan the extent of your spine as if you were looking for the doorway to a cave. In looking for the heart’s doorway, you may at first find the opening very small, but as you enter, it will dilate and you may see infinity laid out before you. For some people the door may be sealed so tightly that its presence will only be sensed, and a large stone, figuratively speaking, will have to be rolled away before the opening becomes evident. Never despair … the opening is there. You will find it if you continue to look and it will open when you knock. Do not be shocked with your first perception. You may sense the cold, dark air of the cosmos. Often there is a chilling effect, for spirit is cooler than the body. Some may see a burning bush at the entrance; others may see the door encircled with flame. Others will see, or sense, a mighty angel with a sword guarding the entrance. You may hesitate to enter because of your perceptions of holiness and want to take off your shoes, symbolically speaking, or rinse off in baptismal water. Those who are not ready for this perception will deny it or run, for the holiness they perceive is their connection to God. By entering the portals of the heart in this way, you will inherit the wisdom which was placed there for you from the beginning. Your unfolding consciousness of the Sacred Heart will begin to revive many dimensions of intelligence that have been lost to you. At the very least, you will experience true relaxation.”

He explained that the heart is always guiding our lives regardless of whether or not we call upon it or even acknowledge it. It is our sacred link to the Father, and it is always working as our higher intelligence.

“The Father is with you always through your heart, yet every visit to the inner sanctuary strengthens your relationship to it and your Creator. Just being there is prayer. It matters not what you say, for the Father knows your every need and desire. The prayer I taught my disciples was worded especially to facilitate a strengthening of that bond between Father and child, Heaven and Earth. It is the heart’s function to honor the sacred bond.”

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