Life After Death

The Sleep State - extract from “The Gate of Heaven.”

This extract is from the book “The Gate of Heaven” by R.J. Lees and it has a diagram of the spirit spheres, and illustrates that the sleep state also has a specific locality.



The outer circle indicates the position of the Psychic Sphere. The “firmament” or heaven of Gen. i, 8. This, as described in the following pages, embraces every provision for the reception and maturing of the newly-born soul until it reaches the Spiritual condition of a son of God.

E. The Earth. Its position in the Physical indicated by the dotted circle.

I-VII. The Seven Spheres, or Intermediate State. The Schoolroom where the youth of the soul is passed in Spiritual preparation.

VIII. The location of the uncultured, or “nations that forget God,” in which they are suitably instructed and prepared.

IX. The Sleep State, where the sleep-life is spent by all mankind in communion with the departed. (Job xxxiii, 14-18.)

X. The Great Nursery, where children who pass away prior to birth, or before they “know to refuse the evil, and choose the good” (Isa. vii, 16), are developed and educated. -

This diagram is interesting, but I would caution about assuming any large degree of accuracy concerning it. But it does very clearly suggest that “sleepers” interact in a very specific location.

Considering this diagram, I have had a few thoughts. Firstly, it’s interesting that all this is in a sphere. Secondly, this layout leads itself directly to the point made in the Padgett Messages that there are Divine Love spheres, and Natural Love Spheres. Thirdly it does not feel right that the fourth sphere would be closest to Earth. Without really knowing if I am right, this is how I would see it:

It appears that Aphraar called the sphere that the majority of us enter on passing over, Sphere Four, and hence in his diagram, Earth is shown in the middle of that sphere. In this approach, he is adopting the view often expressed in spiritualist circles, where “Summerland” is said to be the Third Sphere. However in our messages it has been clearly explained that the First Sphere contains Summerland, and that that plane is at the top of the First Sphere.

The confusion arises because the First Sphere has two sub-spheres, and these are dark planes. If one numbers these separately, the numbering system is different. One might then expect Spiritualists to end up with more than seven spheres, however there is also the curious fact that three spheres are predominantly (to exclusively) inhabited by Divine Love spirits, and hence are probably not counted by those following a natural love (intellectual) path.