Messages 2021 and 2022

Augustine Dispels Reincarnation

April 10th, 2022


Received by Al Fike

May God bless you my friends, I am your teacher, Augustine. I have lived in the spirit world for several hundred years. I have grown within my soul and progressed into the Celestial Kingdom and have resided there for many hundreds of years. Am I to return to the Earth plane? What is the purpose of my progression, or shall I say digression, back to the material plane? I have no need for this, for my soul is expanded and transformed by the great blessing of Divine Love from God. God Has smiled upon me in Love and I have responded accordingly, by receiving His Gift of Love. Each of you have this opportunity.

Though you may see this world of yours as the most important and powerful expression of Life in God’s creation, I tell you now that it is a minor expression of God’s Creation. This world of yours, though precious and beautiful as it is, is not the ultimate and most beautiful sphere of existence. I cannot describe to you the wonderment of the Celestial Kingdom and the many spheres that are contained within it, for there is no reference in your language and your thinking that could possibly conceive of that which I might share. You see, my beloved friends, you are limited in your understanding. We call you children for a reason, for you are only beginning upon your journey of awakening, of soul progression.

Yet, you have chosen something wonderful: to not stagnate in thoughts and beliefs that do not bring you into greater progression and understanding of life. You have chosen to be with God and to receive His Gift of the Essence of His Soul, the highest gift available to me and to you. For, in all of creation there is nothing as magnificent and powerful and transformative as this Gift, which is the Essence of God, conveyed to you through the Holy Spirit into your soul. In this Gift, in receiving and continuing to receive this Gift, the answers will be written within your soul.

You may spend hours of intellectualizing, of speculating, of imagining the truth, but I tell you, there is not a man who possesses a mind that is capable of knowing the truth, for, the mind does not have this capacity. The mind is merely an instrument that God has given humanity in order to assess the physical world in ways that provide for him a safe and wondrous journey upon the physical world. Yet, those who have progressed beyond this world continue to believe and to assert that the only reality available to him is that of his mind. We in the Celestial Kingdom who have been coming to mortals for a very long time, bring a revolutionary idea to humanity, and that is, that the soul is the only instrument of the individual that can understand truth. Within the soul is a mind, a mind so different from the mind that you envision and experience, that indeed, you must continue to pray to receive the Gift of Divine Love so that you may awaken this faculty within you. Realizing this ability so that when you ask your questions, it will not be the words and intellect and reasoning of the material mind that you will rely upon for answers. It will be the mind of the soul in all its wondrous functionings and abilities to truly conceive, receive, and understand the Truth of God.

Those who cannot and do not acknowledge the capacity of the soul, and do not possess the knowledge of the soul, cannot stand forth with truth that is irreconcilable. For, you must know from the soul and understand from that place, if you are to stand forth as a teacher amongst men. I urge you, my beloved and beautiful friends, those of you who are earnest in your seeking of truth, those of you who have an inkling of the power of this Gift from God, of the Divine Love, to continue to pray to receive this Gift that will in time awaken these faculties of which I speak and will bring the truth to your understanding and acceptance.

In the experience of truth, in the beauty of the soul and the wonderment of the mind and consciousness of the soul, will come such depth that you will find a conversation of which you have had in the last several minutes, amusing. For, the mind can only speculate and imagine. The truth comes with the soul knowing and acknowledging that which God gives in His abundant Love and blessings upon the soul.

God has given you all that you require to know truth, and God will continue to assist you in its awakening and its surety and knowledge of truth. You will come to know the answers which you seek. I suggest to you, my beloved friends, that with humility, may you go to God and ask that God may provide for you the truth that you question or desire to know. In this way, with humility yet surety, coming to God, having faith that you have the answers within you, that indeed the answers will be given.

Yes, what you may receive in accordance to the progress of your soul, the condition of your soul, is limited. But indeed, what does come and will come will be the kernel of truth from which you may build the reality of God’s Creation as a personal experience and knowledge. True knowledge, my beloved friends, must come to each of you, and I promise you, you will know it. You will know it.

In the interim, you must take those baby steps towards truth. Not through questioning another, not through the words of another, but through your prayers to God and God’s response in His loving and beautiful Touch upon you. For in this way, all will come, at times flooding into your consciousness, at times small drops of awareness. But indeed, with every prayer that is sincere, with every time you receive this Gift, there will be something that will enlighten and awaken and transform you. This is the Law in action. We have witnessed and experienced personally this Law in our journey of life.

I urge you, my beloved friends, to be like a child. Be free of your doubts. Adopt the framework of faith and trust in God. In these simple ways, in this trusting of your Creator, the entire universe will open to you and you will come to know things that you cannot even imagine at this time. You will come to experience the universe as it truly is. The truth will grow and grow, expand and expand, until you will experience the laughter and joy and acknowledgement of what truly is in comparison with what you imagine is truth.

Yes, I must say that we find you, beloved children of God, often comical in your speculations, but indeed, we love you and acknowledge that you are struggling and reaching for truth. In this, we have deep love for you and deep understanding of the struggles, since each of us who are within the Celestial Kingdom, other than our beloved Master Jesus, has struggled with the same questions and have gone through the same process, until we have abandoned this cause of the mind and come to the truth of the soul. And so, you will as well, beloved souls. You will come to the truth of the soul. In this way, you will find the great joy and fulfillment that will flourish within your soul as its faculties awaken, as the truth becomes known and lives, truly lives within you.

We will be with you upon this journey, my beloved and beautiful friends. We will be with you, and we will welcome you into the Celestial Kingdom when that time comes. We will walk along the path, a path that we too have trodden in times gone by, and help you to see beyond your illusions to that place of truth and understanding. May God bless you, my beloved friends. May God’s Love continue to awaken you and show you the way to truth. For, in truth will come great wisdom, and with great wisdom will come your true service to God and to humanity.

God bless you, beloved souls, I am your teacher, Augustine. I must say, I could not resist the opportunity to come to speak to you in this way. I know I am direct, and this is my way of communicating, and I hope that you have come to greater understanding of the process and the path that each must trod towards universal truth. Blessings to you beloved souls, and know that I too assist you as you travel forward in love. God bless you. God bless you truly, fully and deeply, with His Love.

I love you all and I understand your struggles, and so we are together. So we are together upon the great path of life, this Divine Path that shall lead to onement with God and the fulfillment of truth. God bless you and keep you in His Love. We are truly brothers and sisters, family of God. God bless you. God bless you.