Messages 2021 and 2022

Orion addresses Truth and Untruth

February 19th, 2022

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

Greetings, my friends, I am Orion. I sometimes wonder where my home is. Is it on the planet from which I inhabit or is it here on the Earth plane for I spend much time with you all dedicating my time to educating and uplifting my friends who are receptive to my presence and my influence?

Indeed, such dedications are well-worth the effort, for it is important. There are those upon your planet who are uplifted and know the truth. The truth of God’s creation and universe is so great and so varied that indeed it will take you a very long time to understand even the Laws of Creation and the Laws of Love which God has set forth in all its intricacies and details.

I wish to address one great issue that many of you are struggling to understand. I address this because I understand that these two instruments had somewhat of a difficult time with the gathering which they addressed describing my being and presence in their lives and those of my cohorts and how they had great concern for my two precious friends regarding implants and connections and the dangers thereof. I wish to assure them and assure all of you that when you come in rapport and communication with higher beings, whether they be incarnate or discarnate, they will not lead you astray for they cannot. They are of a higher order of being and existence that ensures that they cannot lie or manipulate another being. This would be contrary to the laws and truth of their existance so we cannot express that which is an untruth.

This is not to say that through an instrument some truths may be somewhat distorted and unclear but the intention of what is given is always present and clear. We act in love. We act for the benefit of you and of all mankind. We act to uplift and to be in alignment with God’s Will. That which is difficult to understand and often leads others to judgment and disbelief rests within the challenge of your mental consciousness, which because of the millennia of your development and journey as a species, has caused you to divide your consciousness into three minds, which has been discussed previously by your angel friends. Whereas, in our consciousness, we have one mind. That mind is a reflection of our soul consciousness but also the integration of all consciousness within us. Until you have come to that place where your consciousness is whole and one, then it is difficult for you to understand this concept for you travel between these three centers of consciousness constantly and weigh and assess the experience of each one in accordance to your life’s experience and what has been shared with you as well as what is discuss amongst you, and those truths that have been shared with you.

Each center of mind will give you a different perspective. These perspectives are not always congruent with one another. Thus, we urge you to continue to grow and develop in your souls so that in time the power of the soul mind will absorb all else and create a unity of which we enjoy and utilize to a great extent so that we may understand the great Laws and expressions of God’s Creation, and know the Will of God which is expressed through us always and forever more.

I do not mean to be patronizing but I must say that you are all babes in the woods. Your understanding of these things is quite rudimentary indeed. But I believe that you understand that your journey just begins, this journey of awakening and understanding of your true self, nature and being. Indeed, many of your elder brothers and sisters, whether they be of another world or of your world are endeavouring each and every moment to help you come to higher levels of consciousness, awareness and truth and that love is what indeed envelops these efforts and brings you to higher levels of consciousness. The great Essence of God is what is being implanted within you as you continue to pray for this gift. This strengthens your soul and awakens you. As you give each breath to God, to your spiritual upliftment, development, service and love so you are opening the way to this integration of consciousness.

Before you prayed together, these beloved souls listened to great concern from a beloved sister regarding the issue of reincarnation. It is an issue that within the mind, at least the minds in which you carry your consciousness, is a troubling and imploring issue that the mind tends to accept and to analyse to find the truth of the matter. Yet, as I have explained to you in the past, we live for several hundred of your Earth years upon our planet and may experience in that time all of the experiences that one may have upon a material plane. In this reality and in the efficiency of God’s universe, how would it be that we would reincarnate into another form upon our earthly existence again and again considering that we have already lived a very rich and full life?

Indeed, the potential for the beings of Earth to live in this way exists because, as you are aware, that the template of God’s creation of various souls scattered throughout His universe is somewhat similar. Why would God create an environment for reincarnation on one planet and not the other since consistency and harmony is crucial for the workings of God’s universe?

There is a sphere within your spirit spheres called the first plane. This is very close to the Earth plane indeed. Once the individual incarnates into the spirit world and often goes to a place of light and refreshment before they travel to that place that is in harmony with their own condition and soulful awareness, some will descend to this first plane which is almost identical to the Earth. It is identical because of those heavy conditions of mind which creates this reality. For those who have a deep belief in reincarnation, they are drawn to these spheres that are close to the Earth plane and believe that they have indeed incarnated into another body and place. But in truth, they are still spirits although their spirit bodies are dense and become engage in an earthly life so to speak. Thus, this idea of reincarnation has validity for those who have deep belief in it and have desire to be drawn back to the earthly life.

No, they do not start as children. Although, some who are so determined and have deep belief in this process will indeed formulate a reality in which they are a child. They may formulate a reality that they may be of a different sex and colour, etc. Thus is the power of your material mind, my friends. It is a powerful entity which has shaped and created your physical world, not in reflection of God’s creation and intention, but a reflection of human intention and creation. Thus, you are challenged daily and constantly with the reality of the human creation and condition in which you inhabit.

With this example that I give, you can see that the power of creation, human creation, is so complex, varied, and powerful that realities can be created outside of the earthly plane, which again is contra-distinct from God’s creation. Thus, the many spheres and levels of reality around the Earth plane are a result of these conditions and of the mindful efforts and applications that are available to humanity both conscious and somewhat unconcious. As one continues to grow and awaken spiritually, then these realities become more refined and closer to the harmony of God’s creation. But indeed, those spheres that are close to the Earth plane are very reflective of the human condition and reality.

You have a great challenge ahead of you because you move against the tide of humanity and the reality that humanity has created upon this Earth plane. This is why you receive a great deal of help and assistance, so to help you to sustain the reality of the soul and to grasp it, to live it, to be an expression of it in every way. As you continue to move closer to God’s Truth and reality, so you will be misunderstood by many, so your truth will be considered untruth. Your perceptions will be frowned upon by those who are fully immersed in the human condition. Your understanding of God will deepen and widen with each day that you are receiving the great gift of Divine Love, as you call it, as this Essence continues to clear away the fog of the human condition and understanding of reality and pull the scales from your eyes so you may see beyond this fog into the truth.

The dichotomy of human life will become very apparent indeed. It requires a great strength and faith from all of you to accept this and to support one another in this emerging truth which comes to you. Many of you at this time are stuck at the threshold of coming to this truth because you believe that you have come to the truth and all that it entails in regard to the messages and teachings that you have been given. It is difficult to cross the threshold from the mindset of your reality to something that is very different indeed.

Some have done this in the past and have lamented of the great challenge and pain that comes with this unfolding reality that is so different from the human condition, a reality that sees the human condition with a great intensity and perception and depth that makes for a somewhat horrifying tableau of human behaviour and condition. Indeed, with this awakening, you too must look at yourselves and see that which is in alignment with the human condition and that which is in alignment with God, for these two realities exist within you simultaneously. But they cannot exist forever. You must continue to endeavour to go beyond the human condition, to inch your way more fully to the reality of God’s creation.

Thus, you come to the threshold but there is great angst within your mind that what you may align yourself with is so contrary to the human condition that you would lose everything within this truth and reality. In fact, God will not push you through that threshold. It is your decision and your choice. You may come to the threshold as often as you like before you make that first step beyond it. Indeed, God is patient as are we and all who are there to assist you because it is apparent, very clear indeed, that to cross that threshold is a very major shift in your reality and truth. It cannot come until you are ready and strong enough to accept it and be truly a part of it. For once you have stepped forward, it is very difficult to return. Although you will try, for it is easier to be blind than to see. It is easier to accept the falsity of the human condition than to be in the true reality of God and live in this reality.

It is not that you will give up the understanding of the earthly life and all that it entails. Rather, you will progress and evolve and adapt to this new reality as it comes to light. It is within God’s great Love and mercy for each of His children, that you are not thrust within the cold waters of truth. Rather, it comes gradually so you might adjust gradually as well. But as we have told you many times, the truth needs to come to the Earth plane, your earthly existence. It will come whether you are ready or not for it must come in order that your world may remain intact and that the future of your generations will be ensured.

Each of you are being tested each day. I would like to assert that each of you feels the challenge of this dichotomy that is presented before you, the line that is in front of you that you are contemplating crossing at times and at other times have a deep desire not to cross. But as I say, it is not that when you cross this line that all will change and be transmuted. But indeed, the fog will lift somewhat gradually and the truth will emerge somewhat gently. But it will emerge, and it often will not be pleasant in terms of your perceptions of your life and yourself.

Indeed, there must be the forerunners, those who are strong enough, those who are able, those who are gifted, those who put love before all else so that they may show the way to their brothers and sisters. They must speak the truth of this dawning threshold of reality which God is subtly bringing to the world. That subtly will transform into a powerful transformative truth and reality that will come to all of humanity in time. Not because God wishes for the harshness of this to be imposed upon humanity, but because the ongoing trends and power of human existence in your world continues to push the limits of endurance of your world, threatening to bring all into such disarray and disharmony that there is no turning back.

This cannot be, for God cherishes each and every one of those beautiful pearls of life in the universe and will not allow the dissolution of His precious creation at the hands of humanity. So, many harsh lessons and powerful transformation and awakening must come to humanity. Yet, as we have told you, there will be a choice given to each and every soul. That choice will be crucial to whether they remain upon the Earth plane or continue on in the other realities of existence that is of your spirit world.

All of the human realities of which I have spoken must be transformed and dissolve into truth in time. The Earth plane and reality is the forerunner and all else will follow. The idea that it will be transformed instantaneous and that it will happen in one moment is false for it will take time. God gives each soul time to adjust and to move forward for the laws must be obeyed. The Laws of Activation, the Laws of Progression, the laws towards light and harmony will always be that which must be expressed and become a reality in all life.

Humanity will no more be able to hide behind the veil of their own creation. The veil will be lifted. You are being given a great opportunity to adjust gradually to this new reality. I urge you to continue to forge ahead for the time is short. It is time for you to focus upon this decision, this line, this threshold, this truth so that you may allow and embrace the great transformation that is coming to each of you.

You are strong. You are all capable. You are all dedicated. But it is time to integrate all that has been given, to make your reality that of one mind which is of the highest mind, the mind of the soul. This requires much prayer and much introspection, and you must desire this, pray for it, and accept the gift that God gives, the gift of truth. For as He bathes you in Love, so He will open the door to truth. As He uplifts you, so He will give you the vision to see beyond the human condition to that of His creation.

Much will be given in support and upliftment, in assisting you to let go of the error and to step forward in truth in such a way that you will become a powerful and beautiful light in the world. You will emanate all those characteristics of the soul that you have thought and understand and are seeking. All those gifts that God has implanted within you will shine forth and be utilized in order to help humanity step forward into greater light and harmony.

These things come on the threshold of a new world. You have been incarnated at this time to help usher in this great and wondrous transformation. You feel within yourself a purpose. Many of you have felt this from the beginning of your life, that you have a special purpose in the world. Acknowledge this more fully and be in alignment with it for now is the time to get serious, as you would say, to be fully committed, to be in alignment, to be true to your true selves and to your Creator.

May God bless you on this journey, my beloved friends. I apologize for taking up such time but I feel that this clear and plain talk is important at this time to help you understand the struggles that you are engaged within and to help clarify some issues that have come up in your discussions with others. The human reality, though fascinating as it is, is fraught with so many flaws and errors, that all must be healed and transformed and given new light and new beginning. So it shall be, my friends, and so it shall be.

God bless you on this journey. We will continue on this journey together and seek greater heights of awareness, deeper understandings of ourselves, greater love for all, and greater love within. God bless you. I am your friend Orion. My love for you is great. Indeed, if I must live here for a period of time, then I shall do so for if I might help and assist you all then I am here for your benefit and upliftment, my beautiful friends. May God bless you deeply, fully, and completely. Thank you.