Life After Death

Spirit who believed in reincarnation.

November 19th, 1916

Los Angeles, USA




Spirit Is it really true that I am well now? Can I talk? Can I move my arms and feet? Then reincarnation is true, because before I could neither talk nor walk. How did I get out of the child?

Doctor Intelligent spirits brought you here for help.

Sp. I wanted to come back and reincarnate in a child, and I got in and could not get out. I was so paralyzed that I could not express myself and I was in an awful state.

I was a Theosophist and I wanted to reincarnate to be great. I got into a child’s body and crippled it, and also crippled my mind and that of the child. I stayed in the child because I did not know how to get out. I acted as a child and I could not talk.

I know I passed out of my mortal body some years ago, far away in India, but I do not realize when it took place. I wanted so much to reincarnate and to come back to this earth life to live my other Karma.

Do not hold on to the thought of coming back. but look for something higher, for the state I was in was the worst torture anybody could have.

I lived in Calcutta and wanted to learn to be a Master and go through my Karma, but instead I am as you see me to be.

I reincarnated in a child and became crippled, and I also got into the vibration of the mother. It was very hard and I want to warn others never to come back and try to reincarnate through a little child. Leave reincarnation alone, because it is only a mistake, but the philosophy of Theosophy is very fine.

Look upward; don’t think of the astral shells, for they are of no use.

I was very selfish and wanted to come back to earth life just to be something great, but instead I got into a very low state. I had intended to show the Theosophists that I could come back and reincarnate in a child.

Madam Blavatsky should have taught differently. (Pointing to an invisible.) I will tell you, Madam, you are the one who is to blame for the condition I am in today.

Madam Blavatsky stands here trying to help me now. She is the one who gave me the teachings and thoughts of reincarnation, and now she is trying to show me the right way and states there is no such thing as reincarnation.

One gets all mixed up trying to enter another’s body for reincarnation.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. I cannot recall my name just now.

Madam Blavatsky was in India and taught Theosophy, had many followers and I was with her. I have also met Anna Kingsford and Dr. Hartmann, and he also was to blame for my condition.

They pushed me in here that I might be taught and freed. I am so pleased that I can talk again; that is something I have not been able to do for years.

Madam Blavatsky, Anna Kingsford and the Judge were all great lights, and now they have found out their big mistakes. They are all working to get their victims free, and so they brought me to this place for instruction and guidance.

I was in India, having been there for many years. My father was an officer in the Army. I spent most of my time in Calcutta, where I met all the great lights of Theosophy, and I joined the Theosophical Society. I liked Colonel Olcott; he was a great fellow.

I remember being very sick in India for some time. I have no desire to reincarnate again because reincarnation is a wrong doctrine. It creates a selfishness to come back.

One can learn without being reincarnated. What I suppose did I learn in my last reincarnation in the child? What did I learn ?

I believed in Theosophy and my Karma, and I thought I had to go through with it.

Colonel Olcott belonged to the Great Masters. He belonged to the spirit of Fire and Water-I mean the elementals of Fire and Water.

Dr. Have you ever heard of mediums?

Sp. They are only astral shells. Madam Blavatsky says we must all help those who try to reincarnate. She and the others have come to say they are trying to help and for that purpose have formed a big society.

I thought I had come to life when I came here, and that I could reincarnate and talk to them as I did in life. I did not know they had passed over. Teaching as they did, why did they not reincarnate the same as I?

Madam Blavatsky was a great missionary, as you know. She says she is now trying to make all her victims understand about the life after this as it really is.

She says that she was a medium at one time, but that she did not want anybody to control her. She thought you should develop your own self and mental faculties, and go through your Karma.

I should not have been taught the falseness I was.

Madam tells me that I should listen to this gentleman, (Dr. W.) and that he will explain things.

Explanations were given regarding life on the earth plane, the preparation for the life that is to follow, and the fact that the knowledge and wisdom gained here will be the light of understanding each one carries to the other side of life.

The spirit finally gave the name of William Stanley, and departed, grateful for the enlightenment he had received.


In these transmissions, the medium actually allows these spirits to completely control her body. She is apparently protected by a band of spirits who ensure the appropriate spirit is brought in the first place, and removed afterwards. This is an extract from “30 years among the dead” by Dr Carl Wickland. It is now out of print.