True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

Jesus explains the difference in the work of Mr. Morgan and Dr. Stone and the importance of each, but his revelations can only be made through Mr. Padgett.

June 1st, 1920.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

Let me write a few lines, for it has been a long time1 since you have received any writing from me, and I am desirous to write you. You will remember when last2 I wrote that I told you that there are many messages yet to be delivered, and that you must get in condition to receive the same, and I now repeat that statement with emphasis.

As you have been told many times, these revelations can be made only through your mediumship and unless you become fully convinced of this fact, and act accordingly, these truths that are so important to man, and that we are so anxious to have come to the knowledge of the world, may not be made known. This I know may seem extravagant and hardly possible, but it is the truth and you must believe it. I am as much interested in the work as ever and also in the work that your two friends are now doing, as well as in that which they shall do in the future, and they also must realize this fact and believe what I tell them. The work of Mr. Morgan is one that is very important and causes the salvation of many souls that are now and have been in darkness, and he must understand that only he can so successfully do the work. As has been written him, there are myriads of these spirits who attend him when he gives his talks, and many more who make the effort to get near enough to him to catch the import of his teachings, but cannot get within the circle that desire the benefit of what he says. And as his spirit friends have told him, his band and others find much difficulty in giving the necessary attention to all those who have become interested in the truth because of what he says to them. But he need not hesitate to do the work because of this feature of conditions, for sooner or later, they will all have the advantage of the instructions of spirits whose mission it is to instruct in the way of life.

But he is mistaken when he thinks because of what some of his friends write, that he can start the great truths to be made known, because that is not his work. They must first be completed when they can be made known to the world, and then this great work will commence and continue. No, upon you depends the necessity of receiving the truths. No other can do this now, and until they shall have been received our book must not be printed or circulated, for the world must have all the truth that it is now capable of receiving and assimilating. Just here I want to say that while the great vital truth of the new birth is already known to you and can be made known to men, yet, you, in your day, will not receive all the truths of the Infinite. Always new ones will come to the knowledge of men, and the revelations of truth will never have a finality - and no man or spirit can ever be able to say that his knowledge is complete. Progress is the one law of the universe that exists always, and man, when he gets in condition, will always be the object and subject of that law.

But the messages that you have read tonight state a fact when they say that you are not in the condition of soul development that you have been, and are not in that rapport with the higher spirits that enables them to communicate. You must arouse from this condition and let your longings go out to the Father for his love, and your thoughts turn more to spiritual things. We are greatly delayed by this condition of yours, and as a consequence, some of the spirits who are engaged and interested in this work become a little impatient, and communicate their thoughts and encouragement as they did in the messages to your friends. I will come soon and resume my writing of the higher truths, if you are in the condition to receive them.

Now think of what I have said, and in thinking, realize the importance of your work. I will not write more tonight; and will leave you with my love and blessings. Good night.

Your brother and friend,



1 Initially this message was shown as June 7th in the tablet as received. This tablet was however not the original, but a typed out document. The message previous to June 7th was five days prior. Which would seem to be at variance with this comment. Yet both this message’s content and the previous message match the entry descriptions in the tablet, suggesting the dates are correct.

2 This was not contained in the message immediately prior, but was the subject of a great many messages. And particularly this one on March 7th 1920. From this I am deducing this message was actually June 1st, not June 7th, and that a transcription error has ocurred.