Messages 2001

Following guidance.

June 4, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your wondrous Love. Thank You for providing us with ministering angels to protect and guide us; we want to become better examples of Your Love made manifest in our daily living. We’re striving to make “unconditional love” our motto and guideline.

I feel like one of our guardian spirits is interested in delivering a message, even though I haven’t posed a question. I’m sure they are aware of our quandaries.

I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love at this time. I pray that I will be able to put aside my forethoughts and be a clear channel for a message from a Celestial angel. I pray for protection from negative spirits. I want to do Your Will in my life. I aspire to be baptized by the Holy Spirit and to be born again in Divine Love. Thank You for Your Love and blessings. Amen


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and you did pick up on my thought that now would be a good time to receive a message from us. We see your often-asked question about whether or not you are “following our guidance.” I will answer that by asking, “Are you being moved by your love in everything you do?” because if you are, then you are following guidance. It is the movement of your love that entitles you to say that you are doing God’s Will in your lives.

As you know, events unfold depending upon choices and actions preceding the unfoldment. There are many schools of thought revolving around certain events and issues and even though you do realize that there are higher spiritual truths and laws which apply in higher realms of the spirit world, you have the opportunity and privilege of bringing yourselves under the purview of the higher laws by your elevation of soul condition in God’s Divine Love.

In the earth life all levels of spiritual awareness and of soul development abide together on this plane of probation. Like attracts like and souls gravitate to one another according to their interests and rapport and “chemistry,” so to speak. This attraction is created by your condition and attitude, by your desires and expectations. You do the set-up work and bring yourselves under certain governing laws as a result of your “preparation.” The attitude of striving to manifest unconditional love in your daily living will bring you to an opportune position of evoking higher spiritual laws to work on your behalf and will attract greater harmony and joy than lesser desires would.

Please do not worry about striving for “perfection” … in order to reach a great majority of people in the world we will need to speak about how spiritual progress can be made starting from lower, mundane levels of awareness. Start by reaching out to God for Help and Love. Learn to accept yourselves as God’s beloved children, loving yourselves so you will be able to love others more fully.

Commonsense has its place in everyday living, but you also need to learn that there are higher spiritual laws which do not fit into the framework of reason. This realization needs to be taken into serious consideration and accommodations for its reality need to be activated in your awareness. For example, if you are aware of the fact that there are billions of spirits still earthbound who can and do influence people in the flesh on an ongoing basis, that they have the ability and wherewithal to “manifest” or manipulate material happenings, then you will have a better understanding of all manner of sightings, haunting, and other peculiar unexplainable events.

You can evolve as a result of your greater acceptance of spiritual laws working in your mundane world. Everyone has psychic abilities, everyone has spirit companions. When a child is born he is “assigned” a guardian spirit. Actually there are many “volunteers” waiting for the opportunity to be someone’s guardian. These usually are relatives, “family spirits” not always very highly developed, but who have a strong desire to protect the child from harm. Of course there are many negative spirits whose desire it is to cause harm, create chaos and destruction in the world and we see much evidence of their influence being successful in the world today.

Everyone has a free will to choose which pathway to follow. One may try to convince oneself that there is no choice, perhaps the rapport with the negative spirit is too great, but we must ultimately take responsibility for allowing ourselves to be influenced in these negative ways. No one is forcing us to become evil, to make the unloving choices. We can decide to seek help and allow our conscience to be our guide.

Even though you say in jest, “It’s all my mother’s fault,” we are aware that the sins of the parents are passed down to the third and fourth generations. There is always a way out - there is the Grace of God’s Love to bring you up from the depths of despair. You do have the power within you to change your patterns if you turn to God for His great redeeming Love.

It does seem that some of us “give up” or remain satisfied with the status quo, even though we know in our hearts that we are not really satisfied at all. Let the seekers of truth know that they do not have to remain dissatisfied. Let them know that the Grace of God’s Love has the power to bring peace and joy into their souls. You are following guidance when you reach out with love to progress spiritually; to help others learn about the opportunity they have to grow and change and become more than they could as mere human beings. Teach them that they can be born again in the Grace of God’s Love and become divine souls, where they will no longer be subject to the temptations of negative influences, but that they will experience the fulfillment of peace and joy and contentment which are the accompaniments of God’s Love.

I will leave you now and wish to thank you for being a channel for my message, even if a slightly reluctant one. I am satisfied that you received the gist of what I wished to write this morning and I surround you with my love and blessings. You are under protection and guidance at all times. Keep up your good desires and outreaches and you will continue to be blessed and guided.

I love you, and am one of your guardian angels, Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus and a follower of his teachings. Amen.