Padgett's Messages

The Padgett Messages 1918

All the published Padgett Messages sorted in date order for the year 1918.

Author Message Date
John John - Laws of rapport, continued. January 4th, 1918
Jesus Jesus - Mr. Padgett’s soul condition. Gives encouragement to continue in prayer for the Divine Love. January 6th, 1918
Elizabeth Elizabeth, cousin of Mary, mother of Jesus. The work that Mr. Padgett is doing, which is the real second coming of Jesus. January 6th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen - Confirmation that Jesus and Elizabeth wrote the preceding messages. January 6th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen comments on Billy Sunday’s sermon, to the effect that his teachings are directed towards the progress of the soul and the perfect man. January 9th, 1918
Ann Rollins Mr. Padgett’s grandmother encourages Mr. Padgett to press forward to the goal. Refers to the great love of Jesus and that he is still praying for more. January 12th, 1918
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy says that no matter how many wives Leslie may have had, none of them can be his soulmates, only little me. January 12th, 1918
Frederick Frederick the father, agrees with what Bismarck has said about freedom of the German people from one man rule and that the end is very soon. January 22nd, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen comments on St. John not being able to finish his message and the two German writers’ predictions on ending the war. January 22nd, 1918
Elias Elias encourages Mr. Padgett to get into condition of soul to enable the Master to write his important messages. January 27th, 1918
John John expected to complete an important message, but the soul condition of Mr. Padgett did not permit it. January 27th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that both Elias and John were anxious to deliver important messages tonight but could not due to improper soul conditions. January 27th, 1918
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy: How small is the human mind, even of the most learned, as compared to that of the spirit who possesses in its soul the great Love of the Father. January 29th, 1918
Auguste Comte A French philosopher that is not interested in the Divine Love of the Father, but is willing to put his faith in reason and investigations. February 1st, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen comments on spirit who wrote and went with Prof. Salyards. February 1st, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen tells of the false beliefs of Mr Colburn. February 13th, 1918
Jesus Jesus is very much interested that Mr. Padgett get in that condition of soul to be in rapport with him again. February 19th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen arranges for Mr. Padgett to see her in a vision with all her beauty and love that she has for her soulmate. February 22nd, 1918
Jesus There is nothing in existence or in the knowledge of man comparable to the Bible - except the truths that Jesus and the Celestial spirits have written through Mr. Padgett. February 23rd, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen was also present at Rev. William Sunday’s services with many others including his special guardian, John, and is happy that Jesus was able to make a good rapport with her husband. February 23rd, 1918
Jesus After death, the judgment. What it is and what it is not. February 25th, 1918
John Many things in the Bible John says he never wrote. John was mistaken about the kind of kingdom that Jesus came to establish. March 2nd, 1918
Jesus Christ may be in you - what it means. March 3rd, 1918
John Men or prophets cannot tell what will happen centuries ahead - it can only be known by the Father. March 10th, 1918
Ross Perry Ross Perry has progressed sufficiently out of darkness that he is now helping other dark spirits that are going through the same conditions that are similar to his. April 3rd, 1918
Mary Kennedy Spiritual help given to Dr. Stone in his healing prayer for the side. April 4th, 1918
Kate Stone Kate Stone is pleased with the help given to her brother, Leslie R. Stone, by Dr. Campbell. April 4th, 1918
Baruch Spinoza The celebrated philosopher discourses on reason and states that reason per se is not a reliable guide to truth. April 14th, 1918
John Does not recommend receiving at this time such messages. April 14th, 1918
Jesus Jesus is with Mr. Padgett often and prays with him to help his soul development to permit him to receive his writings. April 18th, 1918
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins confirms what the Master said and encourages him in his work. April 18th, 1918
Luke Religion is the relationship and harmony of men’s souls with the Soul of God. Difference in the results of the teachings of the various churches. April 25th, 1918
Ross Perry Perry is very happy to tell Mr. Padgett that he is praying to the Father with all the longing of his soul for an increase of His Love, and that he will soon be in the Third Sphere. April 27th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen: Glad Perry wrote. April 27th, 1918
James James writes about his visit to Church with Mr. Padgett. April 28th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen writes of the ignorance of preachers to explain the Truth of the Gospel. April 28th, 1918
Mary Kennedy Mary is progressing all the time (now a Celestial Spirit where only Divine Love exists, and spirits cease to have brothers, mothers or relations, only one great brotherhood, whose nearness and unity depend upon the amount of Divine Love.) May 1st, 1918
Charles Wilson Charles T. Wilson: A dark spirit seeks the help of Dr. Stone, he knew him while on earth. May 16th, 1918
Jesus Jesus refers to the prophecy in the Bible (Matt. 24) May 20th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen - Confirmation that Jesus wrote. May 20th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen writes that a large majority of men will exist in eternity as perfect men and enjoy the happiness which it brings, hence it is important that men should know the moral Truths of Divine Love. May 21st, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen is with me at Harry’s and at the Colburn’s May 22nd, 1918
John John explains the writing received by Mr. Morgan and the relative importance of each, and that their work will become more important after Mr. Padgett finishes his work in behalf of the Kingdom. June 7th, 1918
Mary Baker Eddy Mrs. Eddy did not know the truth that has been revealed in the messages that Padgett has received. June 13th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen affirms Mrs. Eddy’s message. June 13th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen explains the sudden passing of their daughter, Nita, as a result of a serious operation, and the great progress she is making in the spirit world. June 20th, 1918
John Wesley John Wesley attends the services over Mr. Padgett’s daughter’s (Nita’s) remains. The Master was shedding his love and influence over the mourners and near ones. June 21st, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen tells about her daughter’s demise and that there were Celestial Spirits present, casting over the people love and influence that only Celestial Spirits can give forth. Baby was with me. June 21st, 1918
John St. John approves of Mr. Padgett reading the book by Stainton Moses as there are many things in it that are true. July 5th, 1918
Jesus Jesus comforts Mr. Padgett regarding his daughter’s sudden passing into the spirit world and the love that now exists between them, and the greater love of his soulmate wife. July 8th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen wants Mr. Padgett to know that “Baby”, their daughter that just passed into the spirit world is with her and sends her love to him. July 8th, 1918
Charles Russel Preacher Pastor Russell finds that the teachings of a lifetime were false. July 31st, 1918
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett confirms that Pastor Russell wrote, and is in much darkness as a result of his erroneous teachings while on earth. July 31st, 1918
Stainton Moses Stainton Moses, the medium whose book Mr. Padgett was reading, explains why his book “Spirit Teachings” did not contain the Truth of the “New Birth” as taught by Jesus. September 14th, 1918
John John says: That the most effective way of reestablishing the rapport is by praying more sincerely and frequently to the Father for the inflowing of His Love. September 23rd, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen urges Mr. Padgett to bend every effort to get in condition as John has written. September 23rd, 1918
Nita Padgett First communication from Mr. Padgett’s daughter, Nita, that is also known by Baby, tells of her progress to the Third Sphere. October 14th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen explains that the power of communication can be shut off by the instrument as Mr. Padgett did for a while to even prevent his closest love tie to write. Explains the progress that is being made by their daughter, Nita, now in the spirit world. October 14th, 1918
John John - Laws of rapport and communication, continued. October 22nd, 1918
Jesus The reasons given by Jesus as to why he selected Mr. Padgett to do the work of receiving the messages. October 25th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen - The epistles in the Bible are not the same that the Apostles wrote. Very little in the Bible explaining the New Birth. October 29th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen informs Mr. Padgett that his reading about the old prophets had little effect on his soul, because our Father never had the feeling of wrath against His children as the Bible quotes. October 30th, 1918
Stephen What is the meaning of the Divine nature which the soul of man partakes of upon the transformation of that soul by the inflowing and possession of the Divine Love. November 13th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen - affirming that St. Stephen wrote on the meaning of the Divine Love, etc. November 13th, 1918
John Wesley John Wesley: The condition of man is such that it is of the utmost importance for them to learn the Truths. November 15th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen: Affirmation that John Wesley wrote. November 15th, 1918
Francis Bacon Comments on an article written by James Hyslop on Christianity and Spiritualism regarding laws which operated in certain miracles of Jesus. November 20th, 1918
Longiticus Longiticus tells of his spiritual progression, but knows nothing of Divine Love. November 25th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen mentions the fact that Mr. Padgett was not satisfied with what the wise men were writing about. November 25th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen explains Divine Love, natural love, soulmate love and other loves. November 26th, 1918
Peter St. Peter on forgiveness of sin. November 29th, 1918
Francis Bacon Francis Bacon explains the difference between the spiritual and material elements. December 1st, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that Francis Bacon wrote on the subject of the spiritual and material elements which are purely scientific. December 1st, 1918
Matthew Matthew:The Salvation that Jesus taught. December 16th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen enlightens Mr. Padgett on the closeness of spirit and mortals during the earth holiday festivities, which Jesus does not participate in. December 24th, 1918
Jay Hudson Jay Hudson: The Truths that an author has learned since passing into the spirit life. December 26th, 1918
Nita Mr. Padgett’s daughter, Nita’s second writing could not be the long letter that she wanted to write to tell of her experience in passing into the spirit world, but happy to wait for a better time. December 29th 1918
Helen Padgett Helen confirms their daughter’s “Nita’s” progress and the Truth of Jesus’ second coming on earth. December 29th, 1918