Padgett's Messages

The Padgett Messages 1915

The Messages of James Edward Padgett

1915 - January to August

Author Message Date
Priscilla Stone First formal message from the mother of Dr. Leslie R. Stone. January 1st, 1915
Jesus Jesus writes, that Mr. Padgett’s prayers have been answered and is now ready to receive Jesus’ teachings on the Truths of the Father. January 5th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins confirms that Jesus wrote the preceding message. January 5th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen writes about her progress from the Third Sphere to the Fifth Sphere. January 7th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins tells about the errors in the book that he was reading about hells. January 8th, 1915
Helen Padgett and Rose Helen writes that she was impressed with what Mr. Padgett said to Dr. Stone about the Love of God flowing into the heart; also locates Judge Syrick’s Soulmate. January 9th, 1915
John Padgett Mr. Padgett’s father informs him that his soul is developing very rapidly. January 10th, 1915
Jesus Personal message to Mr. Padgett from Jesus. January 12th, 1915
George Harvey George W. Harvey, friend of Mr. Padgett’s, asks for help, so they compare notes with old friends in the spirit world. January 12th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen confirms writing and is a go-between. January 12th, 1915
Jesus Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life for all mankind to believe in. January 13th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins again writes on the Kingdom of Jesus being closed to all those that do not receive the Divine Love of the Father. January 15th, 1915
A.G. Riddle Riddle writes that he considered Jesus to be a mere man when on earth, who had received a large conception of the Truth, and attempted to teach it. But now he writes that Jesus is the most wonderful of all spirits. January 20th, 1915
Helen Padgett First message for Dr. Leslie R. Stone from Mary Kennedy, his soulmate. January 23rd, 1915
Jesus Jesus is not God or to be worshiped as God. Explains his mission. These messages that Mr. Padgett is receiving is his “New Gospel to all men, to both mortals and spirits.” January 24th , 1915
Helen Padgett Helen describes an incident in her work of finding the soulmates of spirits. January 27th , 1915
Helen Padgett Helen writes about the sudden passing of a friend and how she tried to convince her that she could not reenter her body, which was similar to her own experience. January 27th , 1915
Jesus Mr. Padgett received the second formal message from Jesus only a few days after, on his Father’s Nature as my God and your God. January 31st , 1915
Ann Rollins A message from Ann Rollins. January 31st , 1915
White Eagle White Eagle under Jesus’ direction helped to correct Mr. Padgett’s digestive organs, as a result of his prayer to the Father for help. February 15th, 1915
A.G. Riddle Riddle has progressed to a new sphere and is now seeking more help to further his spiritual progress. And has received it with the help of Jesus. February 20th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen writes that Riddle’s soulmate has a wonderful influence over him and is leading him to the Greater Love. February 20th, 1915
Helen Padgett A beautiful love letter from Helen, telling about one love (soulmate love) that is in store for them as they both seek the Divine Love of the Father. February 22nd, 1915
Joseph Salyards Prof. Salyards: Various experiences of spirits when they arrive in the spirit world. February 25th, 1915
Jesus Jesus: God is a God of Love, and no man can come to Him, unless he receives the Love of the Father in his soul. The time will come when the privilege of obtaining the Divine Love will be withdrawn from mankind. March 3rd, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen tells of her great happiness in her progress. March 3rd, 1915
Jesus Jesus - On the love of man. March 4th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins’ experience in progressing from the third sphere into the Celestial Heavens. March 5th, 1915
Jesus Jesus - The power of Love to redeem men from sin and error. March 6th, 1915
Jesus What Jesus meant when he said: “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” March 9th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen describes her home in the Celestial Spheres. March 10th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins corroborates Helen’s experience and tells of the happiness of spirits in the Celestial Spheres. March 10th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen’s experience in trying to show a spirit the way to God’s Love. March 17th, 1915
Eugene Crowell A spiritualist author writes that he now knows that Jesus was more than a mere medium when on earth. March 17th, 1915
John Padgett Father of Mr. Padgett has been selected by the Higher Powers to be the guardian angel of his son as long as he may live on earth as a mortal. March 17th, 1915
Samuel Phillips Samuel R. Phillips, a brother lawyer, in darkness, learned that Mr. Padgett was helping spirits in darkness and thought that he would not refuse to help him. March 19th, 1915
James Garfield James A. Garfield has been seeking truth with his mind. Mr. Padgett tells him about seeking truth with his soul. March 22nd, 1915
A.G. Riddle Mr. Riddle comments on Mr. Garfield’s writing, and his own progress. March 22nd, 1915
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett confirms that Garfield wrote. March 22nd, 1915
Ann Rollins Grandmother of Mr. Padgett says that the Master had a great love for him. March 23rd, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen writes on the Law of Compensation. March 23rd, 1915
Jesus Jesus admits that his power is limited in some things and does not always know the answer without going to the Father, the Source of all knowledge. March 24th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins writes that the Master is so close to Mr. Padgett to make him feel like a true brother. March 24th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen writes that she is happy that the Master wrote and he was so loving and brotherly. March 24th, 1915
Jesus Jesus says, that it is that degree of belief that enables you to know a Truth. And that faith is the only thing to make you realize that I am who and what I declare myself to be. March 26th, 1915
Laura Burroughs Mr. Padgett’s cousin seeks his help, which she has learned about in the spirit world from the dark spirits that received his help. March 29th, 1915
Judge Syrick Judge Syrick confirms many things that Mr. Padgett told him about life in the spirit world. March 29th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen explains Judge Syrick’s spiritual condition as well as their cousin Lerna, who was not known to either on earth. And spiritual attractions are different from those on earth. March 29th, 1915
A.G. Riddle Mr. A. G. Riddle, a former law partner of Mr. Padgett, has progressed sufficiently in receiving the Divine Love of the Father to be able to help other spirits in the lower spheres. March 30th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen writes about her experience with some spirits that Mr. Padgett sent to her that did not believe in prayer, although one said that he did pray as a child. March 30th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins: Forgiveness. March 31st, 1915
Jesus Jesus was praying and helping Mr. Padgett to receive the Divine Love of the Father to permit the writing to be received by him. April 1st, 1915.
Joseph Salyards Prof. Salyards is prevailed upon to write his prose or poem as he mentioned in an earlier writing. April 1st, 1915.
Charles G Groveneur. A spirit who is suffering intensely comes to Mr. Padgett and begs him to help him to find his lost soul. April 1st, 1915.
Helen Padgett A message from Helen. April 1st, 1915.
White Eagle A message from White Eagle. April 2nd, 1915
Helen Padgett A message from Helen. April 2nd, 1915
Jesus Jesus assures that he himself is writing and refers to a spirit who claims he has lost his soul. April 3rd, 1915.
Helen Padgett Helen comments on the preceding message and confirms Jesus’ identity. April 3rd, 1915.
Jesus Mr. Padgett’s declaration of belief in Jesus has advanced his spiritual development. A New Church will arise: And the Love of the Father will be the foundationstone of its establishment. April 4th, 1915.
Helen Padgett Helen: Affirming that dark spirits were helped. April 5th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins reassures Mr. Padgett to have faith in the Master, the true Jesus of the Bible, and others truly are who they represented themselves to be. April 5th, 1915
Mary Kennedy Mary writes that only the Father’s Love is important tonight for her soulmate, Leslie. April 5th, 1915
Jesus Jesus - The result of Mr. Padgett’s declaration. April 6th, 1915
A.G.Riddle A. G. Riddle: A former law partner of Mr. Padgett tries to help a lower spirit to understand spiritual progress. April 6th, 1915
Jesus Jesus is amazed at the power that Mr. Padgett has with the dark spirits and approves of his work in this respect. April 7th, 1915
Jesus Personal message. Holy Ghost not God. Jesus still doing the Father’s work. April 9th, 1915
Jesus Jesus advises Mr. Padgett to give more time to prayer and that the Father’s Love is coming into his soul. April 12th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen says, that as her love increases for the Father so also her love increases for him as well. April 12th, 1915
Prof Salyards Professor Salyards writes about the great work that Mr. Padgett is doing and will help him also. April 12th, 1915
Prof Salyards Laws of the spirit world. April 13th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen comments on Mr. Padgett’s fatigue. April 13th, 1915
Helen Padgett/Mary Kennedy Helen relinquished part of her message to permit Dr. Stone’s soulmate, Mary Kennedy, to express her love and happiness in the work that he was performing with the dark spirits. April 26th, 1915
Ann Rollins Mr. Padgett’s grandmother describes her home in the Second Celestial Sphere. April 27th, 1915
Prof Salyards Laws of the spirit world continued. May 3rd, 1915
Judge Syrick Judge Syrick at a later date confirms what Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone told him about the Spirit World and reports on his experience there and progress to date. May 6th, 1915
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett tells of preparing conditions suitable to permit Judge Syrick to write his long letter to his friends. May 6th, 1915
Queen Elizabeth A great Queen in her day confesses freely to the violations of the Law of Compensation which she committed and reveals a soul full of remorse and contrition. May 12th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen says that Mr. Padgett’s mother will help the Queen. May 12th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins’ experience in seeking the Divine Love of God. (Includes a physical description of Jesus) May 13th, 1915
Jesus Jesus: His description by Ann Rollins is correct. May 13th, 1915
Jesus Jesus writes on faith and glory of the Father. May 18th, 1915
Jesus Jesus: The condition of the world when Jesus came to teach. May 24th, 1915
Prof Salyards Prof. Salyards: Affirmation that Jesus wrote. May 24th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen corroborates Jesus wrote. May 24th, 1915
Jesus Jesus: The real truth of the life on earth, and what it means to mortals. May 25th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins comments on the message Jesus wrote Mr. Padgett. May 25th, 1915
Jesus Jesus - The meaning of immortality. May 28th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins corroborates that Jesus wrote on immortality. May 28th, 1915
Saleeba Saleeba, ancient spirit of the sixth sphere, seeking help. June 2nd, 1915
Jesus Jesus - Many of the ancient spirits are not in the Celestial Heavens. June 2nd, 1915
Jesus Why men must receive this Divine Love in order to be admitted to the Celestial Kingdom. June 4th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen comments on Jesus’ important message. June 4th, 1915
Jesus Jesus recognizes Mr. Padgett’s grandmother’s capability in writing the Truths of the Father. June 5th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins describes several spheres and the different kinds of spirits inhabiting them. June 5th, 1915
Jesus Jesus - The Holy Spirit is not God. No unpardonable sin. June 6th, 1915
Jesus Description of birth and life of Jesus up to the time of his public ministry. June 7th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen: Affirming that Jesus had written through Mr. Padgett. June 7th, 1915
Jesus Jesus continues his description of his birth and life up to the time of his public ministry. June 8th, 1915
Prof Salyards Prof. Salyards comments on Jesus’ description of his birth and life up to the time of his public ministry. June 8th, 1915
Jesus Jesus - Why men should believe he is the true Jesus, and why he writes through Mr. Padgett. June 15th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen expresses Jesus’ disappointment that he could not deliver a message. June 15th, 1915
Joe Shellington Shellington, a friend of Mr. Padgett’s, was helped out of darkness by his wife, Helen. June 17th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that Joe Shellington wrote. June 17th, 1915
Thomas Paine Thomas Paine: The skeptical writer of colonial days, called by contemporaries an infidel, admits he was mistaken in some of his beliefs. June 20th, 1915
Abdullah ben Caliph Abdullah ben Caliph, a Mohammedan priest, tells of the kind of life that they live in their sphere. June 22nd, 1915
William Richards Richards describes his life in the spirit world. June 24th, 1915
John St. John corroborates that Jesus writes through Mr. Padgett. June 27th, 1915
Paul St. Paul explains his thorn in the flesh, his experience on the way to Damascus. June 27th, 1915
Soloman Solomon’s position in the Celestial Spheres. June 27th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen refers to John and Paul and Solomon writing. June 28th, 1915
Jesus Jesus was never in India and Greece studying their philosophies as some claim. June 29th, 1915
Saleeba Saleeba progressing and soon will be above the third sphere. July 5th, 1915
Henry Ward Beecher Henry Ward Beecher: Immortality. July 5th, 1915
Jesus Jesus affirms that Henry Ward Beecher wrote the message on “Immortality.” July 6th, 1915
Martin Luther Martin Luther, one time monk and reformer. July 6th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins describes her home in the Second Celestial Sphere. July 6th, 1915
Socrates Socrates: Writes his experience in his progress. July 8th, 1915
John St. John - Divine Love should not be confounded with the natural love. July 8th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins’ experience in the Second Celestial Sphere. July 8th, 1915
Jesus Jesus - The efforts of spirits to show men the Truths of the Father. July 8th, 1915
Helen Confirmation that Socrates wrote through Mr. Padgett. July 8th, 1915
Jesus Jesus Assures Mr. Padgett in one of his early communications that no spirit writes in his name and that Dr. Leslie R. Stone will receive the Divine Love of the Father in great abundance. July 16th, 1915
Andrew Confirmation by St. Andrew that Jesus writes through Mr. Padgett. July 17th, 1915
Peter Confirmation by St. Peter. July 17th, 1915
John Confirmation by St. John. July 17th, 1915
St James Confirmation by St. James. July 17th, 1915
St Jerome Confirmation by St. Jerome. July 17th, 1915
St Antony Confirmation by St. Antony. July 17th, 1915
Helen Padgett Confirmation by Helen. July 17th, 1915
Stephen Confirmation by St. Stephen that Mr. Padgett is chosen to do the work. July 18th, 1915
St Barnabas Confirmation by St. Barnabas that Mr. Padgett is selected by the Master. July 18th, 1915
St Thomas Confirmation by St. Thomas. July 18th, 1915
Luke Luke Gives His Testimony. July 18th, 1915
John Wesley Confirmation by John Wesley. July 18th, 1915
A.D.Riddle Confirmation by A. G. Riddle that the Master and Apostles have communicated. July 18th, 1915
Ann Rollins Confirmation by Ann Rollins, amazed at the great assurance given to Mr. Padgett. July 18th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen is very happy that great spirits have confirmed Mr. Padgett’s selection. July 18th, 1915
John John gives encouragement to Mr. Padgett - The wonderful love the Master has for him. July 20th, 1915
Matthew St. Matthew will be a part of Mr. Padgett’s band. July 20th, 1915
Mark Confirmation by St. Mark that the Master is doing the great work through Mr. Padgett. July 20th, 1915
John John confirms the thought that he is the St. John of the Bible. July 20th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen writes about the importance to receive the Master’s Truths. July 20th, 1915
Daniel Daniel writes his experience in the spirit world, and his life on earth. July 21st, 1915
Samuel Samuel: His teaching and experience when on earth. Did not get the Divine Love until Jesus came to earth. July 21st, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen Padgett: Affirming that Daniel and Samuel wrote. July 21st, 1915
St Sebastian St. Sebastian interested in the work of the Master through Mr. Padgett. July 22nd, 1915
Vespasian Vespasian, Roman Emperor, gives his experience. Why he learned English. July 22nd, 1915
St Chrystostom St. Chrysostom, gives his testimony on the errors of the church in not knowing about Divine Love. July 22nd, 1915
St George Confirms the Master communicating through Mr. Padgett. July 22nd, 1915
Jesus Jesus had all his disciples and apostles and those called saints attend his writings to convince Mr. Padgett that he really selected him to do his work on earth. July 22nd, 1915
Franklin Mackey Mackey is grateful and never will forget Mr. Padgett’s kindness in helping him to see the light. July 22nd, 1915
Hugh Taggart Taggart is grateful for what Mr. Padgett has done for him and the wonderful results that followed from the advice given to him. July 22nd, 1915
George Harvey Harvey wants to know why Mackey and Taggart have changed so: Was it because they have received the Love of God? July 22nd, 1915
Anaxylabis The designer of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, in Egypt. July 22nd, 1915
Anabalixis Anabalixis, of Atlantis promised to come again and write on the lost continent. July 22nd, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that the ancient writers were just who they represented themselves to be. July 22nd, 1915
Nicodemus Nicodemus - On the importance of the New Birth. July 30th, 1915
George Washington George Washington is a follower of the Master and has progressed to the First Celestial Heaven, and is still interested in the individual souls of men as well as their spiritual welfare. August 1st, 1915
John Brown John Brown gave his life for the freedom of the slaves and the purification of the nation; and is still fighting for truth and liberty in the spirit world. August 1st, 1915
Lafayette Lafayette, the lover of liberty, and a friend of Washington and our country, expresses his thoughts regarding France as well as Germany and the outcome of the war. August 1st, 1915
Otto Von Bismarck Bismarck disagrees with what Lafayette has just written about the German emperor, but claims that the war was forced on him and of course made the wrong prediction as to its outcome. August 1st, 1915
Jesus The truths may be understood by the simple - Does not require a highly developed mind. August 3rd, 1915
Samuel Samuel gives his experience in the sixth Sphere and his progress to the Celestial Kingdom. August 5th, 1915
Robert Colyer Colyer the preacher gives his beliefs; denies the trinity. August 5th, 1915
Lazarus Lazarus says he was not dead when he was raised by Jesus. Confirms that Jesus writes through Mr. Padgett. August 5th, 1915
Robert Ingersoll This writer, called an infidel by contemporaries, tells of his religious views when on earth and is caused to visualize some bright spirits of the Celestial Heavens. August 5th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the previous message. August 5th, 1915
Prof Salyards Prof. Salyards has progressed into the Seventh Sphere and never ceases to thank God for His Love and Mercy. August 6th, 1915
Ann Rollins Grandmother (Ann Rollins) gives reasons why so many of the higher spirits wrote on Divine Love. August 6th, 1915
Saul Saul: Woman of Endor was not a wicked woman as many believe. August 7th, 1915
St Augustine St. Augustine says that many of the teachings of the Bible cannot be relied upon. August 7th, 1915
George Whitefield George Whitefield: Changed his erroneous beliefs that he taught on earth and is now in the Celestial Heavens. August 8th, 1915
John Garner All sin and error will eventually be eradicated from men’s souls. August 8th, 1915
Peter Saint Peter gives advice to pray. August 8th, 1915
Josephus Josephus affirms that Jesus is a true son of God, and lived on earth and was crucified. August 8th, 1915
St Celestia St Celestia the martyr. August 8th, 1915
Loyola Loyola is a follower of the Master and an inhabitant of the Father’s Kingdom. August 8th, 1915
Seligman Seligman: Contrasting the Mohammedan heavens and the Christian heavens. August 8th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen: Confirms that a spirit was enabled to visualize Mr. Padgett’s grandmother. August 8th, 1915
John the Baptist John the Baptist is now the harbinger of the Master as he was on earth. Confirms Jesus’ writing through Mr. Padgett. August 10th, 1915
Leytergus Leytergus, an ancient spirit, wrote a book - description of creation and of the fall of man - Genesis was copied after his writings. August 10th, 1915
Amos Amos the Prophet prefers the version in the Bible. August 10th, 1915
Lot Lot: Adds his testimony and experience in the spirit world. - Jesus is the ruler of the Celestial Heavens. August 10th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen affirms that Celestial Spirits wrote. August 10th, 1915
George Washington George Washington, first President: Affirming that the ancient spirits wrote, and many came from the Celestial Heavens and the lower spirit heavens. August 12th, 1915
Salaalida Salaalida, a moslem, helped to defend Jerusalem from the Christians, is a very happy spirit and a lover of God. August 12th, 1915
Selim Selim, a Mohammedan is happy in his paradise and no longer hates Christians. August 12th, 1915
Aaron Aaron was a very powerful man when on earth. August 12th, 1915
Hugh Latimer Hugh Latimer in the Celestial Heavens. His beliefs when on earth. Jesus came and told him he was not God. August 13th, 1915
Grover Cleveland Grover Cleveland comes to Mr. Padgett for help. August 13th, 1915
Saul Saul: A Biblical king who is now a Celestial Angel encourages Mr. Padgett in his work of helping the dark spirits. August 13th, 1915
Leetelam Leetelam a Tartar lived in Tibet 1,000 years ago and writes of his beliefs while on earth. August 13th, 1915
Jesus Jesus explains the phrase: He that liveth and believeth on me shall never die. August 15th, 1915
John St John - It was not ordained by God that Judas should betray Jesus; Judas was not a bad man. August 15th, 1915
Samuel Samuel - Describes the Celestial Heavens. August 17th, 1915
Jerome St. Jerome - The truths of God must not be sought for in his writings or those of the disciples as contained in the Bible, because of many errors therein. August 17th, 1915
Paul St. Paul denies the efficacy of the vicarious atonement. God was never a god of wrath but always of love. August 20th, 1915
Selim Selim wrote later that he does not know what the New Birth is. August 20th, 1915
Aleyabis Aleyabis, a follower of Zoroaster, overheard previous conversations and since he does not know about the New Birth, would like to learn. August 20th, 1915
Jesus Jesus relates the importance of getting the New Birth in order to become Immortal. August 23rd, 1915
Samuel R Smith Mr. Padgett once called an old friend “a man with a ponderous mind”; came back to tell him of the wonderful help that he received from his band of spirit helpers. August 23rd, 1915
Judas Why Judas betrayed Jesus. August 23rd, 1915
Jesus Jesus tells Mr. Padgett that he will reveal the Truths of the Father which is now timely to do so, and was not as a result of any previous instruments or writers. August 24th, 1915
John John explains that even Jesus can lose power of communications when it is exhausted according to Law of Communication. August 24th, 1915
Luke St. Luke also mentions that even Jesus in his writing can exhaust his power according to spiritual laws. August 24th, 1915
St Sebastian St. Sebastian wants Mr. Padgett to know that he is in condition to write. August 24th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that those who wrote were actually who they said that they were, because she knew them. August 24th, 1915
Luke St. Luke was the first to compile material now contained in his Gospel, which is not the same as he compiled it. August 28th, 1915
White Eagle White Eagle discusses the health of Mr. Padgett that he is constantly watching. August 28th, 1915
Aman Aman, first parent, reveals his temptation and fall. August 29th, 1915
Jesus Advice given by Jesus in attending church service. Jesus was present with Mr. Padgett. August 29th, 1915
John John comments on the beliefs of the preacher (early message). August 29th, 1915.
St Clement St. Clement: Errors of the Church in which he was a member must be destroyed. August 29th, 1915
Paul St. Paul wants to write what he now knows to be the truth. And also correct errors in his epistles as contained in the Bible. August 30th, 1915
Amon Amon, mother of all human creation, gives her experience. Her temptation and disobedience. August 30th, 1915
John John affirms that Aman and Amon, the First Parents, actually communicated through Mr. Padgett. August 30th, 1915
Jesus Jesus writes about the increase in the love for the Father will help Mr. Padgett both materially and spiritually. August 30th, 1915
Samuel B. Southard Spirit who believed in the creeds and his awakening to the truth after he met Jesus. August 30th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen refers to Jesus’ Love for Mr. Padgett. Affirms that Amon wrote about the creation of the first parents. August 30th, 1915
Amoulomol Amoulomol, a resident of the North Pole when it was green and warm. August 31st, 1915
St Camelia St. Camelia, a Catholic nun, is no longer a nun or a Catholic, but a Christian redeemed by the Father. August 31st, 1915
St Salatia Saint Salatia is now in the Celestial Heavens and a follower of Jesus, but began in the spirit world in darkness and suffering because of a false love as a teacher. August 31st, 1915
Paul St. Paul’s comments on the preacher’s beliefs. Perfection is a relative term. August 31st, 1915
Jesus Jesus attended the church service with Mr. Padgett and commented on the people’s belief. August 31st, 1915