Padgett's Messages

The Padgett Messages 1915

The Messages of James Edward Padgett

1915 - September to December

Author Message Date
Martin Luther Luther denies the vicarious atonement, etc. Bible full of contradictions and errors. September 5th, 1915
Luke Luke asserts that the Gospel in the Bible is not the one as he wrote it. September 5th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins - The blood of Jesus does not save from sin. September 5th, 1915
Jesus Jesus states that his disciples never wrote many false doctrines in the Bible attributed to him. September 5th, 1915
Aman Aman makes a correction. September 7th, 1915
John John - Not the blood of Jesus but the Divine Love is what saves and redeems. Revelation of the Bible is not to be relied upon as true in many particulars. September 7th, 1915
John the Baptist John the Baptist - The time is now ripe for the Truths to be made known so that mankind can be redeemed from the false beliefs. September 7th, 1915
Mary Kennedy After a lapse of time, this is the second message written by Mary Kennedy. September 7th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins answers Mr. Padgett’s question on baptism. September 9th, 1915
Jesus Jesus denies that he is God, or that his blood washes away men’s sins. September 12th, 1915
Jehosephat Jehosephat of the Old Testament explains his status while living on earth. September 12th, 1915
John John - Denies the vicarious atonement. If men would have faith like the Apostles, healing and so-called miracles would exist today. September 12th, 1915
Samuel Samuel writes that there is no reason why Mr. Padgett cannot get the Divine Love of the Father. September 13th, 1915
Lot Lot is also trying to help Mr. Padgett. September 13th, 1915
Bunyan John Bunyan, the writer of Pilgrims Progress, now a Celestial Spirit, and a follower of Jesus. September 13th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen describes the discussion in the park between Dr. Stone and Mr. Padgett. September 13th, 1915
James Blaine Blaine, a friend of Mr. Padgett’s, praises him for his work and tells about his spiritual pursuits. September 14th, 1915
Shem The father of one of the tribes of Israel is now an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens. September 16th, 1915
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar writes that earthly position does not determine one’s spiritual abode. September 16th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen Padgett confirms that Julius Caesar wrote. September 16th, 1915
Andrew St. Andrew - Divine Love casteth out all fear. September 17th, 1915
Luke St. Luke of the Bible never said that Jesus came to earth as the only begotten of the Father, which is not true. September 17th, 1915
Jesus Jesus says his blood does not save men. Only the Divine Love or New Birth that he taught saves and redeems. September 19th, 1915
Helen Padgett A message sent by Helen. September 19th, 1915
John John: Let not your faith be shaken by what anyone says. September 20th, 1915
John the Baptist John the Baptist writes that there is no doubt among the Celestial Spirits that Jesus has selected Mr. Padgett to do the work of communication between earth and the spirit world. September 20th, 1915
Mark St. Mark reassures Mr. Padgett that the writers truly are who they represent themselves to be. September 20th, 1915
Stephen Saint Stephen is working to strengthen Mr. Padgett’s faith. September 20th, 1915
John John states that very soon a great effort will be made by the Christian spiritualist to spread the Truth. September 20th, 1915
Josephus Josephus affirms that Jesus lived in Palestine at the time he wrote of him. September 20th, 1915
William Meloy A brother lawyer explains his spiritual progress and is happy that Jesus is able to write through his old friend. September 20th, 1915
Samuel Samuel the prophet says that the only Way to redemption is through the Divine Love of the Father. September 20th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen confirms the various writers this night and they all were who they represented themselves to be. September 20th, 1915
Robert Ingersoll Robert G. Ingersoll is praying for the Divine Love. September 22nd, 1915
John the Baptist Not the blood or death of Jesus, but his living and teaching men the Way to obtain the Divine Love of the Father are what saves a soul from sin and fits It for Heaven. September 24th, 1915
A.G.Riddle Riddle, a former law partner of Mr. Padgett’s, is now a part of his band of workers as well as protectors from the spirit side of life. September 24th, 1915
Sebastobel An ancient spirit decides to search for the Divine Love, which he learns is the cause of the beauty and brightness of Helen Padgett, a Celestial Spirit. September 24th, 1915
John John describes the difference between the spirits of the Celestial and the spirit spheres and their happiness. September 25th, 1915
James Condition of spirits and their experiences and beliefs that are below the Celestial Heavens; how they congregate together. September 25th, 1915
Inaladocie An ancient spirit tells of his beliefs when on earth. Sacrifice to the Devil. September 25th, 1915
John John - Efficacy of faith in God. September 26th, 1915
Jesus Jesus - The wonderful power that may come to Mr. Padgett if he will only have sufficient faith. September 26th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen: Jesus showed his glory. September 26th, 1915
John Affirming that Jesus showed his glory, power and authority when writing through Mr. Padgett, and the wonderful blessings and faith that may come to him. September 27th, 1915
A.G. Riddle A. G. Riddle in a condition of wonderment after seeing Jesus showing such brightness and power. September 27th, 1915
Ann Rollins Mr. Padgett’s grandmother affirms that Jesus wrote and showed his glory and power. September 27th, 1915
Robert Ingersoll R. G. Ingersoll was present when Jesus wrote and showed his glory. Agnostic no longer - a most repentant believer now. September 27th, 1915
Helen Padgett & Mary Kennedy A joint message from Helen and Mary expressing their happiness that the Master will be with Dr. Stone with all his love and power. September 28th, 1915
John Garner Garner, the preacher, gives encouragement. September 30th, 1915
John the Baptist John the Baptist affirms that Jesus wrote. September 30th, 1915
Barnabas Barnabas says Mr. Padgett is the favorite of the Master on earth. September 30th, 1915
Luke St. Luke gives assurance that relief will soon come to Mr. Padgett. September 30th, 1915
Jesus Jesus confirms Luke’s message and that he is the representative of the Father to help His work on earth. September 30th, 1915
John John - Mr. Padgett is in special care of the Master. September 30th, 1915
John Wesley John Wesley’s affirmation. September 30th, 1915
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett refers to the many consolatory messages received. September 30th, 1915
John Layton John Layton - All that the spirits wrote about the magnificent power and glory of the Master is true. The revelation makes an epoch in the spirit world. October 1st, 1915
Saleeba Saleeba comments on the glory of Jesus as she saw him the other night. October 1st, 1915
Ross Perry Perry, an old friend of Mr. Padgett’s wrote about his suicide and his condition in darkness. October 1st, 1915
Robert Ingersoll Ingersoll regrets that he did not know the Truth when on earth. October 1st, 1915
Soloman Solomon writes of Mr. Padgett’s selection by Jesus. October 1st, 1915
White Eagle Astonished at the wonderful glory of the Master - Spirits were awed by the brightness and magnificence of his presence. October 1st, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen affirms that Solomon wrote through Mr. Padgett. October 1st, 1915
Jesus Jesus often went with Mr. Padgett to the church services that he attended in Washington and then wrote about the preachers belief and spiritual development. October 3rd, 1915
John John states the great importance of Jesus message in selecting his friend Dr. Stone to also perform a great work in behalf of the Kingdom. October 3rd, 1915
William Stone William Stone is happy that Jesus selected his son, Leslie, to perform special work in behalf of the Kingdom and he must not doubt. October 3rd, 1915
John John - Importance of prayer so that the soul can be developed and works will follow. October 5th, 1915
A.G.Riddle A. G. Riddle: Mr. Padgett’s old partner says that both he and Dr. Stone have correct ideas about spiritual Truth. October 6th, 1915
William Stephenson Can a man live and love and go into nothingness? And the answer is no! So says: William T. Stephenson. October 6th, 1915
Jayemas Jayemas, teacher of arts and sciences, writes about his lost continent and the high intellect that it possessed. October 7th, 1915
James the Lesser James the Lesser wishes to add his testimony to the Truth of the messages being received from the Master and the Celestial Spirits. He states he was the son of Mary and Joseph, and a brother in the flesh of Jesus. October 8th, 1915
John Caroll John B. Carroll - Mr. Padgett must believe in Jesus as a Saviour but not through the vicarious atonement. October 8th, 1915
Saleeba Saleeba progressing to the Celestial Spheres. October 8th, 1915
Mary Kennedy Mary Kennedy progresses to the first Celestial Sphere and gives a description of her new home October 8th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen writes about the love-making scene between the Doctor and his soulmate, Mary. October 8th, 1915
Jesus Jesus: Faith and how it can be obtained. October 10th, 1915
St Jerome Jerome: When on earth did not know of the development of the soul by the Divine Love. October 10th, 1915
Joseph Salyards Prof. Salyards writes on the effect of the Divine Love on the soul of spirits and its great power to purify. October 10th, 1915
Saul Saul, a member of Mr. Padgett’s band, is happy that he was selected to do the Master’s work on earth. October 10th, 1915
Gomeses Greek who lived in the time of Christ. Is now a Celestial Spirit. October 10th, 1915
Caligula Caligula, a Roman Emperor and murderer of Christians, finds his soulmate. October 11th, 1915
John John states that Mr. Padgett is very near the Kingdom and that Jesus is with him in all his love and blessings. October 16th, 1915
Saleeba Saleeba reports her progress in obtaining the Divine Love. October 16th, 1915
Martin Luther Luther - What man should believe in trying the spirits. October 19th, 1915
Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant has had his spiritual eyes opened and is seeking the Father’s Divine Love. October 19th, 1915
Wm. T. Sherman Wm. T. Sherman is the same as he was on earth; but seeing his former friends so changed by the Divine Love causes him to go with Mr. Riddle to learn the reason. October 19th, 1915
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett is grateful that through Mr. Padgett the two Generals were able to find out about the Divine Love. October 19th, 1915
Aaron Aaron gives his experience and what he now knows about immortality since Jesus came and taught how it can be obtained. October 23rd, 1915
Sarah Sarah is now a Christian. October 23rd, 1915
Luke Luke: Explains dematerialization of Jesus’ earthly body. October 24th, 1915
Carlyle Thomas Carlyle: Comments on what Luke wrote about Jesus dematerializing his body after crucifixion. October 24th, 1915
Jesus Jesus - The importance of man cultivating the soul perceptions. Spiritual things cannot be perceived by the material mind. October 25th, 1915
Caligula Caligula (Roman Emperor) overheard a conversation between Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone on operations of the soul development upon the physical mind after death. October 25th, 1915
Paul Paul of Tarsus denies the vicarious atonement - this belief doing much harm - Bible contains many false statements. October 26th, 1915
Peter Peter, the Apostle: Affirms what Paul wrote about the vicarious atonement. October 26th, 1915
Saleeba Saleeba descended to the third sphere to develop her soul. October 26th, 1915
Helene Hortense Hortense, stepdaughter of Napoleon, now knows the Way to the Celestial Heavens. October 27th, 1915
John John has written about a visit to a medium, although the spiritual forces were not too good, but the message from a four year child, Rosebud, that was attracted to Mr. Padgett and came home with him to tell him was absolutely true. October 28th, 1915
Alexander Campbell Alexander Campbell did not understand the plan of man’s salvation when on earth. October 28th, 1915
James The Truths are not to be refuted by any preaching or teachings, or any reference to the Bible, that are contrary to these Truths. October 28th, 1915
Samuel Smith Smith, an Englishman from London wanted to contact Dr. Stone to tell him that he is interested in his investigations into spiritualism. October 29th, 1915
Peter Byerly Byerly, a schoolboy friend writes about his experiences on earth and in the spirit world. October 29th, 1915
Morgan, Mrs. - mother of Eugene Eugene Morgan’s mother tells of her Mother’s love, his soulmate’s love, and the Divine Love of the Father. October 30th, 1915
Jesus Jesus says: Eugene Morgan is a very spiritual man. October 30th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen: Comments on message by Eugene Morgan’s mother. October 30th, 1915
Luke St. Luke - No unpardonable sin as taught by the preacher. October 31st, 1915
Charles Latham Latham corroborates St. Luke’s message on the “unpardonable sin”. October 31st, 1915
Paul Paul denies unpardonable sin. October 31st, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins - The belief in the unpardonable sin is slanderous and blasphemous against the Loving Father. November 1st, 1915
Napoleon Napoleon’s love of country is still uppermost in his thoughts. November 1st, 1915
Graf von Moltke Von Moltke: Spirits that are earth-bound, thoughts do not change when they enter the spirit world. November 1st, 1915
Larkin, Mr. John the Baptist held the time to write for a spirit that for a moment forgot his name. November 1st, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen confirms that Napoleon and Von Moltke were both present and wrote their messages. November 1st, 1915
Matthew Matthew: The soul and its relationship to God and future life and immortality. November 2nd, 1915
Cornelius Cornelius: Discourse on the soul. November 2nd, 1915
Semiramis Semiramis: Once a pagan and now a Christian. November 2nd, 1915
Saelish Saelish - No such thing as reincarnation. November 3rd, 1915
Leekesi Assyrian official who believed in many gods when on earth is now a Christian. November 4th, 1915
William Stone William Stone is happy to see his son’s wonderful development in his soul. November 4th, 1915
Saint Gregory - the great Pope A former Pope of the early days of Catholicism has now reached the Celestial Spheres; stresses the importance of soul religion. November 7th, 1915
Critcher Critcher, a brother lawyer, dropped in to pay a visit and explain his disappointment on entering the spirit world. November 7th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen attended a Church Service with Mr. Padgett and tells of the various relatives that tried to contact him that he never knew. November 7th, 1915
St Crysostom Saint Chrysostom wishes to be included in book since he is also helping Mr. Padgett in his work. November 8th, 1915
Jesus Jesus was very much interested in the way that Mr. Padgett helped to prevent two suicides by instructing them on the consequences of such an act. November 8th, 1915
Moses Moses: The importance of the Jews learning the truths of God proclaimed by Jesus. November 9th, 1915
Plato Plato, disciple of Socrates, is now a Christian. November 11th, 1915
John Padgett Mr. Padgett’s father writes about his friends present spiritual condition and the suffering that he must undergo before he can begin to see the light. November 11th, 1915
Morgan’s mother Mother of Eugene Morgan wishes to explain Jennie Lawson’s passing into the spirit world and the help that he gave her while on earth. November 11th, 1915
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett explains the effect on babies who come into the spirit world as a result of abortion. November 13th, 1915
William Stone First formal message from Dr. Stone’s father, William Stone. November 14th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen explains the sabbath and for Mr. Padgett not to take the pamphlet he was reading seriously, that is an Adventist belief. November 19th, 1915
John Carlisle John G. Carlisle writes about his suffering and darkness that he is in and is asking for help. November 20th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen tells Mr. Padgett why she called him to write. November 20th, 1915
Joseph Salyards Who and what is God. November 21st, 1915
Stephen St. Stephen - God can see and hear and know what the thoughts of men are. November 21st, 1915
Jesus The personality of God. November 22nd, 1915
Luke Who and what is God. November 22nd, 1915
Kate Stone Kate Stone urges Leslie to write his sisters on earth regarding spiritual communication. November 22nd, 1915.
John The spirits who have little development of soul can help those who have less development than themselves. November 23rd, 1915
William Stone William Stone: The publisher’s father states he is making earnest efforts to reach his wife’s home and be with her through prayer to the Father for His Love. November 23rd, 1915
Priscilla & Kate Stone Priscilla Stone and Sister Kate wrote a message of love to Leslie R. Stone. November 23rd, 1915
Mary Kennedy Mary is happy when she is permitted to write to Leslie. November 23rd, 1915
Jesus Jesus will cause Mr. Padgett to feel the Great Love of the Father for him. November 25th, 1915
Jesus Jesus says his mission in writing these messages is - his second coming on earth. December 2nd, 1915
James St. James was over-powered by Jesus’ great presence. December 2nd, 1915
John St. John said the Master had written and showed his great power and glory. December 2nd, 1915
Riddle A. G. Riddle: Affirmation that Jesus showed his glory. December 2nd, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins affirming that the Master wrote with such power and glory. December 2nd, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen Affirms that Jesus wrote and showed his glory and selected Mr. Padgett to do the work in receiving the messages. December 2nd, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen, Mrs. Padgett, answers a dream call from Mr. Padgett. December 4th, 1915
Luke Luke: Why spiritualism as now taught does not satisfy the soul in its longings for happiness, peace and contentment. December 5th, 1915
Jesus Jesus heard the speaker’s discourse on “Drama of St. Paul.” December 5th, 1915
Paul St. Paul’s comments on the preacher’s sermon, “The Drama of St Paul.” His experience when on earth. December 5th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen decided to scold the soulmates but without the cooperation of Mary. December 6th, 1915
Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson, one time President of the United States: Mr. Padgett doing a stupendous work and one which is of the greatest vital importance to mankind and to the destiny of mortals. December 9th, 1915
Daniel Webster Daniel Webster affirms that Jesus and spirits of the higher spheres are revealing the great truths of the Father through Mr. Padgett. December 9th, 1915
John Newman Methodist minister would like to tell his people on earth what he has learned to be the Truth about the soul. December 9th, 1915
Samuel Mills Mills, a brother lawyer, wishes that he was more religious when on earth, but now he is learning the spiritual laws to live by. December 9th, 1915
Jesus Jesus showed his great glory and gave his love to Mr. Padgett. December 14th, 1915
John Wesley Great love of Jesus for Mr. Padgett. John Wesley said the glory and power was so wonderful they knelt in awe. December 14th, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins writes on the great love of Jesus for him and his work of greatest importance. December 14th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen writes of the great love of Jesus for him and the interest he has in both material and spiritual work. December 14th, 1915
Jesus Jesus: The Master declares that he has selected Dr. Stone to do a work for the Kingdom, just as he selected Mr. Padgett. This work will be a labor of love, requiring much physical as well as spiritual exertion. December 15th, 1915
Helen & Mary In another joint message Helen and Mary jest about their love for their soulmates. December 15th, 1915
Swedenborg Swedenborg writes on the hells. December 17th, 1915
Herod Herod writes on the hells. Corroborates Swedenborg’s message on the hells. December 18th, 1915
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett confirms that Herod wrote on the hells. December 18th, 1915
John John -The truth as to the Hells. December 19th, 1915
Jesus Jesus informs Mr. Padgett that his soul has had a great inflowing of Divine Love. December 20th, 1915
John B Comeys Spirits’ experience when entering the spirit world and their progress December 22nd, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen tells Mr. Padgett about her new beautiful garment as a result of her spiritual advancement. December 22nd, 1915
Judge Syrick Judge Syrick confirms Helen’s beauty. December 22nd, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins - Description of some of the spheres. December 22nd, 1915
Jesus Jesus is not God, but an elder brother. Sin has no existence except as it is created by mankind and man must pay the penalties. December 25th, 1915
Mary Kennedy Mary continues to explain her soulmate’s love, but does not want to frighten him with her pursuit of this love. December 26th, 1915
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett does not approve of Mr. Padgett’s idea to send messages to a man that would not appreciate it. December 27th, 1915
Jesus Jesus does not think that that message could do harm and may do some good. December 27th, 1915
Jesus Jesus assures Mr. Padgett that when the messages that he is now receiving will be printed that they will be accepted. December 28th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen’s experience of joy and grandeur in the Third Celestial Sphere. December 28th, 1915
Jesus Jesus refers to Mr. Padgett’s wife’s description of the third Celestial Sphere. The importance of man seeking for the Divine Love. December 28th, 1915
Helen Padgett and Mary Kennedy Helen and Mary wrote a joint message to permit Mary to tell a secret to her soulmate. December 29th, 1915
Luke Luke on atonement, part 1. December 30th, 1915