True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 2

Ann Rollins - The belief in the unpardonable sin is slanderous and blasphemous against the Loving Father.

November 1st, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, your grandmother.

I have been listening to your conversation tonight and am much pleased to see that you and your friend (Dr. Stone) are growing in your conceptions of the truth.

The matter of the unpardonable sin is one that is of the greatest importance to the world, especially in view of the fact, that so many of the orthodox ministers teach that it is a thing of real existence and is so dreadful in its consequences. But thanks to the Master, that this teaching will not in the near future be permitted to go unchallenged, for the truth in this particular will be made so plain that men will cease to believe in it, and as a consequence will be relieved from a fear that has kept many a one from seeking the Love and favor of the Father.

I know that this revelation of the truth will antagonize many of these preachers who see that it is one of the strongest instruments that enables them to keep together their organization. But this antagonism will not avail, for the truth will prevail, and mankind will, when they come to think for themselves, embrace this truth with gladness and joy. How strange that the professed ministers of Christ should so slander and blaspheme the one loving Father, and cause men to look upon Him as a God of insatiable wrath, and one who, because a man refuses to believe in the doctrines of the churches, consigns him to eternal punishment and hell; and when he gets into such condition of hardness of heart that, as your preacher said, “even God Himself will have no power to save.” Oh, it is pitiable, that such erroneous and harmful doctrines should be taught, and worse than all, by professed ministers of the loving and lowly Jesus.

So my son, you and your friend, whenever the opportunity comes to combat this monstrous teaching, do so with all your strength and power of conviction and show and proclaim to the world that such teaching is not true, and that for every sinner there is opportunity for salvation, and that God Loves the man who will not believe on Him just as he Loves the believer, only the former may not partake of the Divine nature as does the latter.

I wanted tonight to write this, because I thought that the time was opportune to impress upon you the falsity of this great dogma that has no foundation in truth or in the plan of God for the salvation of humanity.

Well, I will not write more tonight as you have others present who may want to write, but before I close I want to say in fulfillment of John’s statement1 to you today that he is present and with him is his great influence of love.

So with all my love I bless you both.

Your grandmother.


1 There is no trace of a “statement” on this date from John. But as John was his special guide, it may just refer to a very short communication that was not diarised. The content of this message is curious. It is not really in error, in that there is nothing that Father refuses to forgive, yet we know from a great many messages that if the human refuses to receive the Father’s Divine Love, that results in that human ultimately facing the Second Death, by virtue of being shut out of the Kingdom when the “doors close.” See this message from Judas as an example.

This message is a composite of two, being published in Volume II on page 206 and Volume III on page 110. For more details see this page.