New birth

53 Revelations

Revelation 51: Why we are called New Birth Christians.

July 10th, 1957 and April 4th, 1958.

Received by Dr Samuels

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I am here once again as the invisible and eternal leader of The Dr. Leslie R. Stone Foundation to be present at our meeting and to be able to make comments and observations in the light of what transpires therein. There was one question which was requested that I answer, which was what to call the type of Christianity on which the Foundation rests, and, of course, I do not hesitate to approve what the Rev. John Paul Gibson suggested, that we be called the New Birth Christians instead of Christians of the New Birth.

Now actually there is little or no difference between these designations, for they really mean the same thing, but what is important is the fact that the words New Birth have been added, for it is these words which give an entirely different meaning to the term Christian as it is understood today.

Now, when I went forth in Palestine to preach, I preached the New Birth unto Judaism which understood only the Law of Moses and the development of the human love bestowed upon His children with the creation of humankind. And thus the idea of Christianity was foreign to the Jews and awoke the same response which the words New Birth now awaken in the hearts of those who have no understanding that Christianity and New Birth really mean the same thing.

For when I preached Christianity while on earth, I was not preaching a new religion, nor did I mean to preach a new religion, but was merely teaching the people that the Father’s Love was now available to them and to all mankind. This preaching was that which the later Greeks and others of the Western world understood by Christ the anointed of the Father who brought salvation to mankind through his own personality. It was quickly forgotten, or misunderstood, that the word Christ stood for the Father’s Divine Love and that the New Birth through the Father’s Love unto eternal salvation was at hand. So that, originally, Christianity meant the New Birth.

So today, when we say New Birth Christians, we realize that the original meaning of the term Christian - or seeker of the New Birth - has so fundamentally changed that its way to supposed salvation is entirely foreign to what I preached as the Messiah, and that how necessary it is that the true way I taught while on earth to eternal life through prayer to the Father for His Divine Love be rediscovered by mankind and practiced for the peace of the world and the abode of each and all of the children of the Father be attained in the Celestial Heavens.

And thus the need that the words New Birth and their meaning of salvation through the Father's Love be added or prefixed to the word Christianity so that the true message I taught while on earth be given again to mankind.

I have been listening to your conversation with regard to the steps to be taken to further the work of the Foundation, and also as regards the title of the Padgett books which are now in print and I shall endeavor to solve the problems that have arisen with respect to each.

In the first place, you must know that your work of necessity has to be slow in that the stage in which you are now in is one of planting the seeds which the earth must receive for the plants to spring forth and the labors which are yours at the present result from the work of planting the seeds into the minds and hearts of man which I have referred to above as the earth. And this will take time to germinate as well as to sow, and the efforts which you put forth may thus not be seen too visibly for some period to come.

But I wish to let you both1 know that we are working and watching and will see to it that as the seeds are planted there will be those that take root and grow and eventually bring forth a plant filled with a soul desirous of the Father’s Love and Immortality. So do not despair but keep praying to the Father for His Love and He and His Hosts will guide and work for the success of the efforts that you put forth to turn man to Him and His Kingdom.

I shall stop here with my blessings upon you all and sign myself

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.


1 Dr Daniel G Samuels and Rev John Paul Gibson