53 Revelations

Revelation 45: I shall put enmity between the serpent and the seed of the woman.

April 20th, 1955

Received Dr Samuels

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I am glad to hear you state that you would not have been able to take the message on the attributes of God and man without having some of the Divine Love in your soul, and you are quite right in so stating, for such a message could not get across, or through, the brain of a medium in whom the Divine Love was wanting, and therefore I am happy that you realize the power which the Love in your soul has given you to take messages from me of this high order. And it is further proof that what you are receiving is not the creation of your own mind, although you may think it is, and that it comes from the spirit world and, in fact, from me, Jesus and, as I sign myself, Master of the Celestial Heavens.

Now, tonight I am going to write to you on the passage which struck your attention in the Catholic Quarterly dealing with the Messianic passages of Genesis, and the passage I have in mind is the one that states, “I shall put enmity between the serpent and the seed of the woman and the serpent shall bruise his heel, but the seed of the woman shall crush his head.” (Genesis, chapter 3, Verse 15)

This is a very important statement, because many Christians have pointed to it as the prophecy whereby I would be crucified in order to save man from his sins. I understand the importance of making clear its real meaning so that the misconceptions of the writers of the traditional Christians will not continue any longer to convey an erroneous impression concerning my mission and at the same time cause readers to harbor the illusion that I was born without the benefit of a human father.

When that statement was written in Genesis, and, as a matter of fact, when the entire book of Genesis was written, the Jewish nation had been definitely established and many views regarding the creation of the world of man had crystallized into a fairly definite form in that area of the world and, indeed, in the Far East, and one of these fixed ideas was that the world was balanced between the forces of good and evil. This seemed to man at this time to be borne out by such contrasts in nature as male and female, light and darkness, heaven and earth, land and water, and many other phenomena of a like sort.

And thus it seemed natural for man to conclude that good and evil were also forces that balanced each other or, I should say, were in conflict with each other; and as these people disliked abstract concepts, they sought to clothe these concepts and make them appear in a way that would be better understood. Thus they evolved in their minds the concepts of archangels, which were really forces that operate upon mankind, and thus they gave to God the appearance of a man, made in man’s image, and they also made in their concepts the figure of a disobedient archangel who warred against God and was thrown out of heaven and who thus used earth as his dwelling place and became Prince of Darkness, Master of earth. And to this archangel they gave the name “Satan,” and endowed him with the ability to change his form, and was cursed by God so as to become a serpent. And thus was born the myth that the serpent was symbolic of the Prince of Darkness, or Satan.

Now, the statement from Genesis has God using the seed of the woman to fight this serpent, and that a battle would take place over the centuries causing injury to the seed of the woman and the final destruction of the serpent. Writers and theologians have taken this to mean that I, as the product of a mother without a father, was thus the son of God, and that in the battle with Satan was fated to suffer death through evil, or shall I say, betrayal, but that eventual belief in me by Christians would in time cause man to stop sinning and thus overthrow the Prince of Darkness.

The reference to me is without doubt Messianic in that it refers to my coming to earth and eventually overcoming sin, but the interpretations connected with it must be corrected. In the first place, there is no Satan, for this, as I have shown, is the personification of all the evil found in mankind who, instead of looking into his own soul to find its existence, attributed to a power almost the equal to God and a Divinity in his own right. I should like to emphasize that not only is evil not such a power but that it is not Divine, but only a product of the human soul and the result of human will and desire. The war between the Messiah and such a power, therefore, is absurd; and the warfare that the Messiah came to wage was one between the human soul and its defilements and evil desires, which is the real and only Satan.

That I came from the seed of woman is true in this sense: that the Jews attributed birth, as a physical fact, as belonging to the realm of woman, for in those days it was impossible to prove who the father was except as the child resembled the parent, and the one real basis for birth was that a child was the offspring of a given mother. Hence the expression, “born of the seed of a woman” did not have the interpretation given to it by the writers of theology, who thought erroneously that their expression meant born of a woman only, and without a father. But it simply meant mankind in general, and no connection with parents in particular, for we must remember that the expression, “born of the seed of woman,” is a physical impossibility, for the female does not carry the seed but the egg, and it is the male who carries the seed. So that, if the writer of Genesis had meant to convey the thought “born of a woman alone without a man,” he would have said, “born of the egg of woman.”

The entire meaning of this important Messianic statement has thus been distorted to mean the existence of Satan as a Divine power of evil and has given sin the status of a Divine being, which is abhorrent and a blasphemy, and has also caused the beliefs that I was born of a virgin, which is utterly absurd and impossible.

The meaning of that passage was that a Messiah would come in the course of time, and in the usual manner, to give to all mankind the means to fight the sin in his soul, which he did not possess and would not possess until I came, and that this weapon to fight and overcome sin was the Divine Love. The words dealing with the bruising of the heel indicated that sin would not be eliminated from the soul without a great effort on the part of sin, which includes transgressions involving lusts and the pleasures of this world, and that it would take an effort on the part of man to eradicate sin from his soul. And it also referred to my death on the cross as a part of the struggle., but it should not - rather, cannot - be read to imply that this death in the manner that it did take place was foretold, but that this death would take place while carrying out the duties and undergoing the dangers incurred by the nature of my mission.

I think I have written enough for tonight on the subject, and I shall close with all my love to you and the Doctor, and I shall pray for you both to obtain more of the Father’s Love. And with my thought to you not to be discouraged but to have faith in the Father and in us, and in the efficacy of our help, I shall sign myself

Your friend and brother,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.