53 Revelations

Revelation 37: False beliefs regarding Jonas and Father Abraham.

November 29th, 1954 and June 21st, 1955

Received by Dr Samuels

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I wish to tell you to continue to pray for the Divine Love with more and more intensity of soul longings and to continue your work of reconstructing a New Testament minus the errors that now abound in it and you will be helped by the high spirits to give you the spiritual insight to learn the truths.

I wish to tell you tonight about what I said concerning  the sign of Jonas to the Jewish scribes and priests as a sign to be taken from Heaven attesting to my Messiahship. I did not refer to Jonas as having been in the body of the sea monster for three days and that, therefore, I would be in the bowels of the earth for three days also. This was simply an interpolation that occurred many years after my death and should be stricken out of the New Testament as completely false.

I should like to state at this time that Jonas never was in the belly of any sea monster, as I have spoken to him and he has told me that the sea monster, or fish, was simply a fanciful way of describing the ocean and, in truth, Jonas was for three days and nights alone on the ocean and the waves did seem to pass over him and cover him with seaweed, and the tide did finally bring him to the shore; but he was not literally vomited out of the belly of the fish, for this was merely the picturesque way of describing the ocean.

I did talk to the Jews in Jerusalem concerning Father Abraham and how he would have welcomed to see my appearance in Palestine. Now, the fact is that Abraham did have some inkling of the advent of a future Messiah, and the later prophets, like Moses and Isaiah, and the Psalmists who wrote about my coming provided added information concerning me to Abraham. But he had no knowledge of the Divine Love or in what manner I was to come, outside of the information he received from the Scriptures.

When I appeared on earth and preached the Glad Tidings of the rebestowal of the Divine Love, he was able to grasp the meaning with his soul and obtain a sufficiency of the Father’s Love through prayer. So it is true that he was glad to see my day, but not as might be construed in the Gospel to mean that he was able to see me, except as spirits living in the spirit world are able to see mortals.

As for my seeing Abraham,  I never saw Abraham until I passed over into the spirit world, regardless of what the Gospel declares that I said. And the writer of the Gospel at this point who, of course, was not John, my Apostle, meant that I had been living with God as a part of His “Godhead,” without beginning and that, therefore, I had been in existence since all eternity in the past. I had been able to see Abraham from my place “alongside of God,” and this, of course, was in accord with the ideas of the Greek trinity, of which I was considered the second person, or logos. And, therefore, the whole statement regarding my seeing Abraham is a fictitious one which I never said and which was recorded by a later writer imbued with these Greek ideas who sought to make my person accord with these ideas.

Never did I say that I had seen Abraham, nor did I say that before Abraham was, I am. This is an insertion which was put into John’s Gospel a hundred years or more after John had written his original work, and is false. I never claimed to be a part of the “Godhead” or that I had ever had a conscious existence before my incarnation. I do not know when Abraham’s soul was created, nor when my own was, or whether they were created before or after the foundation of the world, although I believe God created the human soul when He saw that it would be possible to sustain life in that form which would permit the soul to inhabit it, which would be untold millions of years after the formation or creation of the earth.

I will not write more for tonight, but considering the circumstances, I think you have been able to receive in good condition what I have attempted to convey. And so, with all my love to you and Dr. Stone, and with my prayers that you pray more to the Father for His Love and encouragement, I shall say good night.

Your friend and elder brother,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens