New birth

53 Revelations

Revelation 40: Why Jesus taught in parables; how his disciples were able to heal.

October 25th and November 2nd, 1954.

Received by Dr Samuels

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

You did not believe that I would come again tonight, but since I see that you are continuing to pray to the Heavenly Father with real and true earnestness of soul, you will soon be in a condition to take earnest and formal messages of the kind which I and the Celestials were wont to write through Mr. Padgett. And you must believe that you will be able to receive them as Mr. Padgett did when he was in that condition of soul which enabled us to make the rapport with him on subjects of the greatest magnitude for the salvation of mankind. I am here tonight to enable you to seek continued inspiration in doing this work, which I trust you will continue to do.

Tonight, I would like to write to you confirming the conversation which you entertained with Dr. Stone in the park this afternoon regarding some of my sayings which were attributed to me in the Gospel of Matthew, and which I actually did say, if not precisely in those words then in terms which actually conveyed that meaning and which dealt with the new wine in old jars or casks, and the new cloth which is tied to old suits.

And here I would like to say that I was not referring to wine or rags in the literal sense but in the spiritual, or symbolic, sense only, and it was to the effect that the new wine really symbolized or represented the New Birth, or the Divine Love which, when poured out into the human soul would destroy that soul and its sinful and evil excrescences; and the same could be said of the piece of cloth applied to the old suit made of rags which would fall apart and be destroyed; and this old suit represented the human soul which, full of evil, could not remain but would be rent asunder under the coming of the new cloth, or New Birth, or Divine Love which would cause the making up, or constituting, of another suit, or soul - the soul as a Divine soul, of the very Essence of the Father.

And these sayings were used by me in order to introduce a new subject, unfamiliar to the Jews of the time, with things of everyday life that were all familiar to them, and constituted a method of my teaching technique. And in that way I sought to introduce more vividly the truths of the Father concerning the Divine Love, which the Jews of my day had absolutely no knowledge of.

And let me say, further, that when I sent forth my disciples in pairs to teach, I did not enable them to heal the sick and cure the blind and the lame, and otherwise crippled, because it was not in my power to do so. For such power could only be obtained as a result of the consequences of the Divine Love being possessed by their souls to such an extent that they would be possessed of the power to cure through the Heavenly Father, whose power would then be used in obedience to the prayers for healing on the part of the disciples having the Divine Love in that abundance in their souls. So that, the New Testament is wrong in that particular, as it has been shown to be wrong in many others, when it states that I empowered my disciples to heal. They could not heal at all until the day of the Pentecost, when the Divine Love came to them in that abundance that they were enabled to heal as a consequence of the power which the Divine Love in their souls gave to them.

But I did advise and instruct my disciples regarding their circumspection and conduct in preaching the New Birth, which they did not wholly understand with their minds but could grasp only with their soul perceptions; and they did preach and make converts who showed themselves later to be real believers at the time of, and after, my death.