53 Revelations

Revelation 32: The first followers to receive the Divine Love, beyond the Second Death.

April 13th & May 5th, 1955

Received by Dr Samuels

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I am here tonight to write you on some of the issues brought up in the discussion between yourself and the Doctor regarding the bestowal of the Divine Love and the time when it was possible for mortals and spirits to obtain it.

The first thing I would like to clarify is the rebestowal of the Divine Love upon mortals, and I should like to reiterate that my disciples had no concise notion of what the Divine Love really was, and that the one who had the best approximate knowledge of it was Mary Magdalene, through a certain predisposition of her soul; and while Peter and John had obtained a small portion of the Divine Love, it was not until the Pentecost that the Love came to them in that abundance that they were able to understand my true mission while on earth.

It is not true that I said, as it is recorded in the Gospel of John, that if I did not leave them the Holy Spirit would not come to them, and that my going to my Father was a necessary prerequisite  for the comforter, or “Paraclete,” to make its appearance; and that I would send it to them from my position close to the Father. This statement, like so many others in the New Testament, is not true, for the Divine Love had been given to mankind with my anointing by John, the Baptist to open my ministry, and it was not necessary for me to pass over into the spirit world for the Holy Spirit to begin its conveying of the Love into the souls of my disciples and men willing to listen to my Glad Tidings and pray.

Actually, however, this is what occurred, because as long as I was alive on earth my disciples kept thinking of a material Messiah who would be King of the Jews in a physical sense; but when I passed over into the spirit world, my disciples were faced with the alternative of giving me up as the Messiah they were expecting or to look upon me as the Messiah in the purely spiritual sense. And with my resurrection, that is to say, with my materialization, my disciples rejected all idea of abandoning me as their Messiah and saw in me the Savior they had sought as the Savior over sin and the way to the Father through the commandment I had given them at the last supper, “Love ye one another even as I have loved you.”

And with my death there came to them not only the realization that my mission was a spiritual one, but they were very much affected by their sincere grief and sorrow, as well as pity and sympathy, over my passing in the brutal manner that had been imposed upon me. And this grief and love and sorrow was deep and continual, and it was this love and sorrow and grieving that turned their hearts and souls towards the Father in a great yearning of love and aspiration. And it was this that culminated in the great abundance of the Love that was conveyed upon them at the Pentecost, not that it all came at once, but it had been building up for those fifty days within their souls, until knowledge and possession of that Love burst upon them as with a great disturbance and a great wind. And it was thus that they obtained the Divine Love to that extent that they became keenly aware of its presence and qualities in their souls.

I should like to say that I never heard the word “Paraclete,” for this was a later addition of the Greeks to the term “Holy Spirit,” and the word need not have been added to convey the exact functions which it has, but its true functions were by that time misunderstood.

With respect to the spirit world, the situation was different, not with respect to belief, for there were a great many spirits in the spheres of the perfect natural man who were wedded to their religious views and refused adamantly to listen to anything that might upset their long cherished and accepted views of God and man’s relationship to Him. But there were many in these spheres who, being devoid of the errors and defilements of the flesh, were willing to seek for the Love once it had been proclaimed officially by me after my anointing by John, the Baptist. And there were some whose conditions of soul were such as to enable them to perceive the truth of my teachings and began to pray and to obtain the Love. And at the time of the Transfiguration there were some who, by the disposition of their souls, had sought for and obtained some of the Love, and among them were even some who were in the spheres below that of the Sixth, which until then had been the highest sphere obtainable for spirits. And thus it was that at the  Transfiguration, Moses and Elias, the leaders of that group of spirits who had understood and obtained some of the Love in their souls, appeared as representatives of this spiritual group; and the voice of the spirit who proclaimed, “Hear ye him,” was one of those who had obtained some of this Love and was Divine to that extent.

Once a spirit has obtained the Divine Love, and here I should add mortal, as well, regardless of the degree to which the Love has been given to him in response to prayer, a certain relationship between that spirit or mortal and the Heavenly Father has been formed, through the conveying of this Love, which cannot be broken; for this connection through the Divine Love is a link of the soul nature that cannot be broken. And the withdrawal of the Father’s Divine Love does not mean that this withdrawal is to be an act which would include those souls who, by their faith in God as their Heavenly Father and by their longings of soul, have obtained a portion of the Divine Love and have done the Will of the Father, who wants His children to come to Him willingly and seek at-onement with Him of their own free will and earnest desires.

Withdrawal of the Father’s Love will not be extended to those souls who have thus become His children in Substance, even if that Substance is small in quantity, but will include those spirits and mortals whose souls are in that state of dormancy or stagnation that they have no conception of, or desire to know, the Heavenly Father and His great Bounty and Mercy, and whose every intention is to attain the highest realm of the perfect natural man.

I have already written you also about those souls whose mates are in the Celestial Heavens but who are in the intellectual, or moral, planes of development. But under all circumstances, every effort will be made to bring to all souls the opportunity for obtaining the Divine Love through prayer to the Father before the consummation of time decrees the great separation.

I will stop now, for I think I have written sufficiently on this subject, and with my love to the Doctor and to you, and with my blessings and desire that the Father shed upon you both great portions of the Divine Love, I shall sign myself,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.


Received May 5, 1955

I am here, Jesus:

I have been listening to your discussion with the Doctor regarding the possibility that souls who have refused the Divine Love will never be given a second chance after the Divine Love has been withdrawn.

As far as is known today in the spirit world, the withdrawal of the Great Gift will be followed by the Second Death, in which those souls with the Divine Love will be separated from those without it and will be inhabitants of different localities in God’s Heaven - those in the Celestial Heavens, and those who will progress to the Celestial Heavens, and those who will inhabit the Paradise of the perfect natural man, and those progressing towards it through the development of their moral and intellectual faculties.

Now, in the course of time, those spirits of the perfect natural man will, when the Divine Love has been withdrawn, be forced to be content with the type of development for which their soul desires fitted them, and this development will at last come to an end, for it is finite. And these souls will, in the course of time, realize that there is something which they lack and cannot attain; and they will eventually realize, if God does not change the condition under which they live in the spiritual heavens, that this lack is the Divine Love. And their regret and remorse will amount to a gnashing of teeth, as the Scriptures say.

And it is possible that this may be God’s way of making these souls realize their great loss and make them ready to turn, at last, to the Divine Love of God, who, in His great mercy and loving-kindness, will be ever happy to welcome His prodigal sons into His mansions of Immortality. And thus it may be that some souls thus chastised by their first failure to embrace the opportunity to obtain portions of the Divine Love will, through consciousness of their lack, and remorse, if thus given another chance, will seek for the Divine Love of the Father. And it may be that the Father will extend His mercy upon those who then come to Him in earnest longing and prayer. But it may be that there will be souls that will still refuse the Divine Love, even if given a second chance, and remain content in their natural love for all eternity.

Though I do not know for a certainty, I know the Infinite Love of the Father to be convinced that souls who seek His Love, if given a second chance, will not be rejected but will be forgiven by the Father, whose Love and Mercy can hardly be turned from the repentant soul that thus is wiser, and in sincere longing of soul comes to the Father, eager for His Love and fulfillment of his soul’s longing and yearning.

I will stop at this point on this subject, and trust that you and the Doctor will understand that we must put our hopes and faith in the Father’s Love, and that if we come to Him repentant and eager for His forgiveness, we will never be disappointed.

Your elder brother and friend,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.