53 Revelations

Revelation 48: The ancient origins of some of the miracles found in the New Testament.

February 3rd, 1955

Received by Dr Samuels

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I will say no more for the present concerning these Messianic passages, but will turn to discuss the subject of some of the miracles which are found in the Old Testament and which were incorporated later into the New Testament.  And the first is the raising of the woman’s son from the dead. And also the story in which  Elisha in the Book of Kings II feeds one hundred men with only the first fruits of some corn and bread, an incident which is just as false as the one in which I am represented as having fed five thousand. And again the story of the  angel in Genesis coming to tell Sarah that she is to have a son in her old age, a story that sounded supernatural enough to be used in the story of Gabriel coming to announce to Elizabeth the birth of (John) the Baptist.

In addition, the later New Testament writers turned to Greek mythology or some of their tales regarding my miracles and in that way they read that Poseidon, the god of the sea, walked on the water, which was sufficient for their imagination to have me also walk on the water. And in this way they secured the idea for making my mother a virgin by their reading of the Greek legends that told of a number of goddesses who gave birth to sons although they themselves were virgins, and I can name such instances of Demetrius and Danae who gave birth to Perseus without the benefit of a mate, and several others.

I should also like to call attention to the fact that the  story of the water to wine episode at the marriage at Cana was a story that was borrowed from the Greek account of Dionysius of Elis, the god of wine who would make jars of water turn to wine overnight by putting them into a concealed chamber.

All of these instances of miracles which were attributed to me were not done with any maliciousness of heart, but with the obvious desire to stress my supernatural powers to the point of making me a divinity equal with God, or God, Himself, and this was the result of the stress laid on the desire to institutionalize Christianity instead of keeping love of spirituality, and indicates that those in power wished to keep that power by making the priestly order and functions the dominant part of the religion. In this way, the church eventually fell into the same pit of ambition and worldliness which the church accused the Sadducees and Hebrew religious leaders of, and perpetuated a system entirely man-made, lacking in essentials of spirituality, as the Divine Love of the Father for mankind, which had been my paramount reason for my ministry and the cornerstone of all my teachings.