New birth

53 Revelations

Revelation 34: God listens to all who seek Him in earnest prayer.

November 1st & 2nd, 1954 and June 23th, 1955

Received by Dr Samuels

Washington D.C.


I am here, John, the Apostle.

I have been listening to your conversation with the Doctor regarding some of the uncertain passages which are to be found in the Gospel that bears my name, and I must tell you that as you continue to study this Gospel you will find a great many false and confusing statements in it. And I should like to corroborate the fact that, contrary to what is written in chapter 9, Verse 31, "Now we know that God does not listen to sinners," that God listens to all those who seek Him in earnest prayer, whether that prayer be for the Divine Love or not, and surely the sinner who realizes he is a sinner and who comes to God to seek His Mercy and Loving-Kindness and pardon.

So you see how this false and misleading statement can cause, and has caused, untold injury to many who would have sought refuge in God, were they not turned away by the brutal and disconsolate passage I quoted above.

I just wanted to say these few words to corroborate what you stated in regard to this verse, and I wish to urge and encourage you to continue your work and obtain the truths which Jesus is giving you and suggesting to you as you go along. You are able to see, and should apply yourself through prayer to obtain such proportions of the Divine Love in your soul that errors and evil thoughts and desires will be as though nonexistent, and you will become a true disciple of Jesus, as I was when in the flesh.

So with my love to you and to the Doctor, I shall close and say good night.

John, the Apostle