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What is the most precious substance in existence?

This is a sermon by Rev Dave Lampron, first delivered across the Internet, using FireTalk in early 2000.


My dear brothers and sisters, I bid you greeting. I refer to you all as such because, in the eyes of God, that is precisely who we are in relation to one another. As the children of our Creator, we are all, without exception, equally loved and truly created brothers and sisters.

Tonight, with your kind indulgence, I would like to pass on to you a little sermon for your consideration. I believe an appropriate title for it would be, “What Is the Most Precious Substance in Existence?”

And, to begin, what may I ask would be your answer to this question? In terms of earthly standards, no doubt some of us might think of gold, others perhaps of diamonds or platinum, and still others of a more scientific or spiritual bent might suggest either atomic energy, on the material side of things, or simply the human love we share with and for one another in the way of a spiritual emphasis. And I must say that all of these answers certainly have some merit, depending upon where our individual hearts have attached themselves. For what we love in our hearts, that is where our treasures really lie.

But the question is not simply what may be the most precious Substance to you or to me, but rather, “What IS the Most Precious Substance in Existence?” What I am suggesting here is that, whether one might immediately believe this or not, this question does have a specific answer that would never be refuted by anyone who was fortunate enough to discover this answer in Its absolute Purity and Truth.

Now, before I go any further, you all know that no preacher worth his salt would ever absent God entirely from his or her sermon, and I must confess that I am no exception. And if I were to say to you that God is Love, I doubt that many of you would give me any strong argument to the contrary because, most of us in our childhood, or at least sometime in our lives, have been taught this and have come to truly believe it. Yet, one may still indeed ask, “But what has this got to do with the so-called ‘most Precious Substance in existence?’ Are you not straying from the point you are presumably trying to make?”

Well, to satisfactorily reply to this question, perhaps I would do well to back up a bit and suggest to you the possibility that some form of love, rather than more tangible things I formerly mentioned, might lie at the heart of the true answer to the question posed. And I would ask that we consider this together for a moment or two.

The first thing I would like us to agree on is that love, like any other emotion, is a uniquely felt experience. That is to say that all emotions we feel are uniquely our own. For while we may love mother, father, brother or sister, we are still only equipped to feel the emotions they stimulate within us or we create for ourselves. And while each of these family members may love us, so too, their particular feelings are uniquely their own. We can infer and assume that they love us by their kindness, or tenderness, or facial or bodily expressions, but we can still never actually feel the love they may have for us within themselves. And why? Because human emotions are not directly transferable from one human heart or soul to another. Indirectly and inferentially, yes. But directly, likened to an infusion, no.

But let us now turn to God and the teaching that God loves us too. Truly, what do we make of this? Is God’s Love like the love mother, father, brother or sister may feel for us, only greater? Is the Love that God feels for us also only uniquely His Own? Well, my dear sisters and brothers, I may surprise you when I venture an answer by saying, “Yes… and no !”

I have not the slightest doubt that the extent of God’s Love that He Alone feels for us, His children, is so immensely strong, yet also so unspeakably tender and beautiful, that we simply cannot imagine the enormity and exquisiteness of It. But God’s Love truly transcends the human capacity, not only in degree but also in kind. For while human love is not directly transferable into the heart and soul of another, God’s Love conditionally is! Yes, you have heard me right, my friends. God can, will and does infuse His Divine Love directly into the human soul through the carrying Messenger of His Holy Spirit, provided that one small but also very challenging condition, if I may put it that way, is met. The one condition? That we pray with all our hearts and souls for this Divine Love, this Greatest Gift, and yes, this most Precious Substance in existence!

For, you see, this Divine Love is truly a Substance, albeit a Spiritual One, and One that all human beings can potentially perceive and actually tangibly feel within their hearts and souls. And what is more, what is much more, this Divine Love has an unspeakably beautiful purpose and ultimate effect upon Its sufficient accumulation in the human soul: It transforms the human, finite soul over time into a divine, immortal soul, partaking of the Very Substance and Divinity of God’s Soul Itself! And, so, what is the true significance of being “born again,” often spoken of but not always clearly understood? It is precisely this transformation process of which I speak that leads to a new birth of the soul from the mortal into the immortal! And while many of us have always thought that God’s greatest creation was a human being, possessing a soul made in His Image, Jesus and so many others now know that the greatest of God’s miracles is not the human being but the transformation of the human into the divine!

Of course, it goes without saying that the actual confirmation of this Divine Love being the most Precious Substance in existence cannot be affirmed by my words; only by experiencing this Visitation within your very own souls. But assuming an honest and sincere desire among you to learn whether there may be some kind of much higher human authority (than your humble speaker here) to give much greater weight to the assertions just made, in the Bible, recall that Jesus himself often spoke of God’s Love being directly within him. Furthermore, he often prayed that the Love that was within him might also be imparted by God to his disciples, which ultimately began to take place in great abundance in the Pentecostal Love Visitation reported. Recall in John, chapter l7,verse 26, Jesus’ prayer to the Father, “And I have declared unto them Thy Name, and will declare it; that the Love wherewith Thou hast loved me may be in them…” And so It was in that upper room!

In body, truly, Jesus remained a man, but with the rebirth of his soul through the repeated in-filling of God’s Love in response to his fervent prayers, in soul, Jesus became like unto the Father. Thus, when Jesus’ disciple, Phillip, asked to be “shown” the Father, Jesus could soulfully and quite accurately respond, as in John, chapter 14, verse 9, “he that has seen me hath seen the Father.” But by this, he did not mean, as it has been inaccurately taught, that he was God incarnate or equal to the Father. Rather, quite simply, he meant that the Love Nature of the Father manifested through him! All that really could be “seen” of the Father was this Love that resided in, and emanated from, the transformed soul of Jesus.

And what did John, Jesus’ most beloved disciple have to say about this declaration of Jesus after he too experienced inflows of this Divine Love in response to his own fervent prayers for It? In I John, the epistle, chapter 4, verses 10 and 16, he said: “Herein is Love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us. God is Love and he that dwelleth in this Love dwelleth in God and God in him.”

Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, John had confirmed that the Love Jesus had received and beseeched everyone to seek for themselves through fervent prayer to the Father was also obtained by him and was alive and glowing within his own soul. And I would like to share some additional information with you who have been kind enough to stay with us in our little chat room. Not only Jesus, not only John, the beloved disciple, but ever since Jesus had taught of this Divine Love of God and how to obtain It, myriads of souls have sought for It and have received It since then, both on earth and in the spirit world. I have received It and there are those in this very chat room at this very time who will affirm to you upon request that they have received It as well.

And so, dear ones, if any of you have not yet found the bliss of God’s Love burning or glowing within your own souls, we are here to affirm to you that this Great and Transforming Love is available to you as well. Go to our dear Father in prayer and humbly ask Him to bless you with this Love. And don’t be discouraged if you are not immediately successful. Pray and pray again until you are successful! For upon Its receipt, you too will shout from the housetops, as many of us already have, that the greatest Substance in all existence is the Divine Love of God. Become the true, transformed child of the Father He wants you to be, for He Loves you with all His Great Heart and wants ever so much for you to become His divine child, at-one with His Very Own Soul!

I thank you for your kind attention and may God bless you all with the “Pearl of Great Price” - His transforming and exalting Divine Love!