Messages 2017 and 2018

The Path of Divine Love is the Way of the Soul

September 20, 2018

FUSC, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso


Good to see you gathered in prayer in this beautiful sanctuary, this Centre of Light. Indeed, you had a conversation this evening that you base on many aspects. What happens in this Circle of Light? What is this journey all about? It is good to hear each of you share what you have come to know, the truth that sits upon your soul, those teachings that you have tested and have taken as your truth. This will continue to grow and develop. Greater understanding will come to your soul, but also to your minds.

The path of Divine Love is the path of the soul. It is the way of the soul. As your soul is touched by the grace of God’s Love, this Essence of the Creator, your light grows brighter, emanating from it great light and imbued with truths and teachings. In the beginning, this can be where a lot of questions come from the mind. This is natural, as you have been conditioned to nurture your mind, to develop your intellect. The path of Divine Love is to come to know of the mind of your soul, knowing its purpose and its mission, acting from this great Love, living in harmony and in alignment with the laws of creation. It is a journey that requires your discipline, you to choose to sit and be with your Creator, to give time to develop your souls in this Love, and to come to know the One who has created you. As this Love trickles in and releases conditions that are not in harmony with these laws, you will have your personal evidence of your journey, your soul growing by the grace of God’s Love.

This is a simple, yet profound path and it is encouraged that you simply add this prayer. Sit before your beloved Creator in the Presence, offering a simple prayer, opening up your heart, opening your souls for the inflowing of the Love of the Creator. As you feel this Essence touch you, it brings great light to your soul, brings healing to your physical bodies, and great peace to your minds. This can be done in any moment in time throughout your day. Bring your attention to your heart centre and walk with God, developing a rich, close relationship with your Creator, Who desires to nurture, to tend to, and to care for all of your needs, developing the beautiful gifts that are imbued upon your soul. As these are developed, there will be a desire to serve your brothers and sisters, by this great gift. So you are encouraged to sit daily, allowing God to bless you, bringing the peace that passes all understanding. Bring this into your very being and yes, allowing your mental state to be soothed and the very busy activity that living in the material world puts upon your mind.

Beloveds, you are greatly watched over and many angels come around those who do pray for Divine Love. This is one of the great gifts that God bestows upon His children of the earth. Those who pray for this Love have Celestial Angels close. We desire to serve you and to be close to you so please continue to reach. Reach from your souls. Reach from the tenderness of your heart, allowing the beautiful Creator, the Bestower of all good and perfect deeds and gifts, to bless you mightily.

God bless each of you. I am your teacher, Augustine, and I thank you for allowing me to speak this evening. God bless you.