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How Can a Person Receive Divine Love Without Knowing About It? (Q&A Retreat)

January 31st, 2019

Gibsons. B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

God bless you, it is your teacher Augustine. Now that this instrument has made himself comfortable, we may proceed with another answer. Indeed, he does not take seriously his condition and these discomforts are a reflection of this, a flaw in his physical functioning, and as he ages, these conditions will worsen if he does not make an effort to correct them. A question has been asked as to why and how a soul may receive the Divine Love without the conscious understanding of its mechanisms and protocols to receive this gift. As you know, there are two major components to the motivations and expressions of the individual. One is of the mind and one is of the soul. It does not require that the mind has the specific understanding of these mechanisms and laws pertaining to receiving of the Divine Love. Though it is helpful and does lead more quickly to the receptivity of receiving the Divine Love.

The soul on its own accord can long for God and receive this gift as long as the mind does not obstruct this intention expressed by the soul. There are many in your world that have deep religious beliefs and spiritual aspirations, beliefs that do not concur with the teachings that have been brought forward to you. Yet the opportunity to receive God’s Love is not restricted by this. Though these yearnings of the soul from the individual may be interpreted by the mind in a different way, as long as the longing from the soul and the aspirations of the soul are released to God without being inhibited by the mind, this gift will be bestowed in that individual’s soul.

The mind may indeed restrict and inhibit and constrict the inflowing of the Divine Love. It does not mean that some of this gift cannot penetrate the soul or is allowed to penetrate the soul. There are many, many souls in your world who have experienced the gift of Divine Love, often not to a great degree, but it does have its place within those souls deposited by their soulful yearnings to God and is having its effect within that soul.

It is when a certain accumulation of Light and Love is present within the soul that a deeper understanding comes to the mind and the mind resolves to receive more of this gift. So many in your world who have indeed experienced the inflow of God’s Love have not the impetus or the ambition to seek this gift to any great degree. Many come to this understanding when they find themselves in the world of spirit and are more thoroughly educated as to how to receive this gift.

So for many the journey begins on the Earth plane in a very subtle way but may indeed find more powerful openings towards this journey when they reach the world of spirit. You see the seed has been planted. The experience lingers within the soul and therefore a door may be opened in the future.

For you beloved souls, as you continue to teach the way of receiving the Divine Love, I urge you to reach out to many who have a sense of the existence of this gift within them and a have a sense of God’s Love for them. Because they may have different beliefs, you must be sensitive and accepting of their stance by embracing others in love by accepting their individual journeys towards God. Continue to reinforce and ignite this desire for greater truth in the individual by your example, by your light.

God will use you, my beloved friends, in many ways. God will open many doors so that you may indeed express the Truth of God’s Love by your presence, by your love for them, and possibly by your testimony of Love shared with them. Yes many opportunities exist. Many are receptive to this Truth though they may have mental barriers and misunderstandings in the way of this, the soul still yearns for God and the soul at some point will reach its mark and forge that connection that will allow the inflowing of Love into their soul and bring the transformation that the soul longs for in this at-onement with God.

May God bless you, beloved souls. Continue to awaken your soul, infuse your soul with His Love making you a powerful beacon of Truth. Your teacher Augustine continues to assist you on that journey. May God bless you, beloved souls.

Note 1 We have actually asked several years ago “how many” Christians have Divine Love? The answer received did not directly answer that, but certainly indicated the number would be quite large.