Messages 2015 and 2016

How to Walk upon the Path Divine

May 2nd, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada


I come to be with you in your prayers for the Father’s Love. This wondrous Gift that is given to each soul that yearns for it to enter into themselves and to reside there for all eternity, this great Gift of Love from God. It is His essence that flows from Him and is always yearning to flow into you, my beloveds. Open yourselves to this Gift. Allow its touch to heal you and comfort you and bring you deep peace and open your eyes to your Heavenly Father so that you may perceive and know in deep faith His existence, His presence and His Love.

Beloved souls, as you set forth each day upon your tasks, as you grasp those opportunities to nurture others, to love others, whether it be your children, or the elderly or those in deep need, ask your Heavenly Father to make within you a channel of Love. Ask that it may flow through you to those who you are with and that you may increase the blessing and the benefit that is given through your efforts as God uses you as His channels of Love. His Love enhances all that you do and all that you are. His Love brings a quality, a presence, a power to your efforts that is like nothing that a human and mortal may do on their own through the action of the natural love that they possess within them.

No, my beloveds, this Gift of Love, this flow of Love, and the influence of Love Divine gives a certain quality and depth and power to what you do in love. It adds to what you make in efforts to serve others. It enhances and touches the soul of another. Through you God touches other souls if you ask to be used as His channel of Love in the world. It is a simple prayer. It is a prayer that comes with your prayer to be open to the inflowing of this Love, and in this you benefit and those around you benefit and all are given a gift, a Divine Touch, through your desire, your deep soul desire to serve others. Ask for this Gift to be present, to flow through you, to touch those around you, to touch your soul and you will feel its quality and presence, which is unmistakeable my dear, beloved souls. It is unmistakeable and unique and beautiful.

Your souls recognize this Love. Your souls yearn to be in the flow of this Love and your souls are the gateway to this Love that may flow into this world. Come to know this, beloveds, come to expect this in your faith, in your dedication to serve mankind, and all will flow with this Love. Many blessings will flow with this Love. Many insights will come as this Love flows through others and much healing and comfort will manifest in this loving act of embracing another soul, of being pure in your intentions, of desiring to be an instrument of God’s Will in this world, and of allowing His Love to burn bright within your soul. This is in essence how one walks upon this Path Divine, by being within this flow of Love, by knowing and recognizing it, by desiring to be a channel of this flow, by allowing God to use you as His instruments to bring Light and change and love and comfort to those you meet. It is simple. It does not require a great deal of study or analysis or effort of the mind. No, my beloveds, this is the effort of your souls, this is the natural immediate response that comes from your soul’s desire to serve God, to be with God and to be in harmony with God’s Love. It comes easily when you allow it, when your minds do not hold back, when you are not fearful or judgemental, and when you walk in faith trusting in God’s Will, allowing upon God’s Will to manifest in every part of you and in every aspect of your mind.

Beloved souls, in your life this is coming ever stronger within each one of you as the Light burns brighter within, as you become in greater harmony with the Laws of God’s Love. These laws are unique and they will overcome and over-ride other laws which you may have had to experience and work with as you grow in your souls. My beloveds, you may over-ride the Law of Compensation through this Love. It heals you without having to deal with all of those things that you have done in your life, and all of those errors within your minds. No, my beloveds, this Love washes away these aspects that are not in harmony with love. It washes it away. It touches you deeply. It heals your souls. It heals the deep pain that resides within each soul. But you must allow this, accept the power of this Love. Yearn for its touch and be immersed in this great Love that is the greatest Gift, the greatest Gift from God.

Beloved souls, be at peace and know that God is with you. What a blessing it is for you to know of God’s Love, to yearn and pray for this great Gift to be given and will be given to all who yearn for it, who ask and who are willing to allow this Love to carry them upon a journey of opening and discovery and to at-onement with God.

Beloved souls, I am with you in your prayers. I am with you when you love those around you. I am with you as you struggle to overcome those issues which hold you back in pain. I am with you and I pray for you. My prayers for you are constant. My prayers for you are for you to find that liberation and freedom from all that which holds you back from God. And you will come to that place, beloved souls as your souls draw you ever closer to at-onement, to harmony and deep and abiding peace. Bless you, beloved souls, bless you in all that you do. Bless you in your desire to grow in Love. Bless you in your prayers to be close to God and you will come to know the truth of my words and the promise that God will give you what you truly desire. God will bring you close. God will bring you the peace that passes all understanding. God bless you. I am Mary and I love you. I love you.