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How Do You Know You Are Receiving Divine Love?

April 25th, 2022

Holland America Retreat

Received by Al Fike

I am Augustine, your teacher. I wish to address an issue that is common amongst mortals who seek and pray for the gift of Divine Love and yet often do not feel its inflowing or some signal that they are receiving this gift. Even with their dedications and commitment and consistency in prayer, there is no true sign that it is having its effects and that there is some sensation of the soul that indicates to the individual that they are indeed receiving this Love.

For many who begin the journey of receiving Divine Love, within their minds there is an understanding and the joy of acknowledgement that this is a Truth. So they set about their efforts in prayer to receive this gift and yet, for those who have been praying for many years, they are well aware of this blessing and they speak of it as something that is a surety within their experience with God. Yet the seeds of doubt are sown within the mind when no such surety or experience happens with the individual who is what you may call a beginner. It is not always the case. There are some who are very sensitive and who feel physical, emotional, mindful, spiritual sensations indicating a shift of experience in their spiritual life. Yet indeed, as we’ve told you many times, the conditions of your earthly plane are not conducive to this experience. Because of the harshness of your world and the distractions of your world, many are protective and have barriers to being as open as one might be in this state of prayer and reception. Thus, the subtle feelings of the soul and all that come with it, are not readily recognized nor are they readily accessible to the individual.

Many begin the journey of receiving Divine Love but their interest wanes as there is no indication that the work of receiving Divine Love is accomplished. So their minds drift and their attention drifts towards other things. At times they feel unworthy. At times they feel numb. At times they are in great distress because they feel as if they have not received it, that God has abandoned them and not touched their soul deeply, as has happened for their fellow Divine Love prayerful groups and individuals. Yet, God does not abandon His children. God continues to send His Holy Spirit to infill the soul with His Love.

There are always restrictions to this, for each individual has around their souls, encrustations of a lifetime of experience and conditions. Many are filled in their minds with various thoughts that will divert the attention from the soul to the mind. Thus, any subtitles of receiving the gift of Divine Love are thwarted by mindful concerns and some are not psychically sensitive and therefore, the experience of receiving Divine Love does not relay a palpable expression into their consciousness.

Yes, there are many obstacles to the experience of receiving Divine Love and yet we work diligently to assist you in having those conscious experiences, and God, of course, responds to your prayers in relation to the intensity of your prayer and the openness of your soul. Many may mouth the words of a prayer, thinking that they are sincerely asking but the yearning of the soul is not present. This too is a barrier, for understanding the yearning of the soul is important. It is not a mindful thing, although certainly that yearning is transferred to the mind and translated by the mind in prayer, yet every soul yearns for God. But that yearning to be in alignment with God and the presence of the Holy Spirit requires a conscious act: the act of asking for the gift. For it is not bestowed upon the individual unless it is asked for.

So the struggle of recognition, of understanding, of experience, continues with every individual upon this earthly plane. There are none who do not engage in this struggle to some degree and there are many who engage in it intensely, continue to struggle for that conscious experience, that physical manifestation, that blissful touch from God within the soul, and indeed the struggle is worthwhile. For in time, there will be something. There will be many experiences that will come to that individual, provided they are not obsessed or completely engrained with the mental condition which often has deep expectations as to what this experience is. If the individual continues to obsess within the mind about the experience of reception of Divine Love, then they have set for themselves a formidable barrier to the experience.

When you sit and pray for God’s Love, do you not sit in a comfortable chair or some other place that is comforting to you and relax and allow yourself to drift into prayer, to put aside the mental conditions, to put aside the daily concerns of life and to be with God. As one is with God and a prayer longing for His love rises up within you, which may not be verbal in nature but merely a sensation, a feeling that rises up from the soul and is sent to God in supplication and acknowledgement that God is the Source of this Love and God will instill His Love within you. Asking simply, sincerely, is all that is required of you and if in the first or second or hundredth time of prayer that experience that confirms that you received the Love does not come, do not fear, beloveds, for it shall come and it is bestowed, given your sincerity and your effort.

That old saying that “Rome was not built in a day,” indeed, the faculties and awareness of your soul does not come overnight. But it does build as you continue to pray to receive the gift of God’s Love and in time, the sensitivity that is required, the mindset that is necessary, the senses and sensitivities will come and manifest within you, beloved brothers and sisters. You will come to know this gift from God as a powerful benediction upon you. Indeed, as you pray in faith and desire, so these things will be replaced with experience and awakening. For, your faith will be transformed into something else, such surety, such understanding, such strength and knowing of its existence that it will not be merely a hope within, a small flicker of light, but something powerful and beautiful and graceful, a touch from God acknowledged, desired and filled with peace.

All comes from that first step, that step into the journey of Truth. And, as you continue to step forward with faith and express your desires to God, there will always be a response. Whether you, within your bodies or your minds can acknowledge this is not the point. The point is that you, with faith within, the desire of the soul has stepped forward and said, “Dear beloved God, I need your presence in my life. I desire your Love within my soul. I desire the transformation that I know will come and the blessings of your beloved touch upon me. Help me to understand, to know, to feel, to acknowledge your gifts, your blessings, your Love in my life. And I understand that because I am unique, that experience will be mine and mine alone and I will cherish this for all of my days. Beloved God, know that I love You, that my love for You is great and I know that Your Love for me is greater. May we come to this understanding together, this true knowing, Soul to soul, and be in your grace, a harmony of love, always as I walk upon this Earth.”

If you recite this prayer with sincerity and longing, God will respond. God will give you what you need and require, not necessarily what you think you need and require but what is truly needed, and this is where you must have faith that God knows you and will respond accordingly with His infinite wisdom and set you upon your particular road towards atonement with Him. Your part to play is to set your mind and your soul upon this road and act accordingly.

May you be truly blessed, beloved, beloved souls. May you be truly blessed and know that God is touching you with the deepness and clarity of His Love, the wonderment of this gift that awakens all within you in time. God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine, and I love you. God bless you.