Messages 2014

Loving one another.

May 26th, 2014

Received by James R.

Maleny, Queensland.


Good morning my dear friends. I am still trying to settle after the gathering and all that is happening. I have been aware of snippets of communication with you and some longer messages. There were a couple of times when I felt that you wanted to speak in the gathering and I did not speak for you. I feel that the gathering went well and has raised many issues for the attendees and I feel that you have some messages for those who were there and that we will write them over the next time. I seem to be so busy for some time to come that I wonder when the time will be there. However I am sure that we will work it out well. (James speaking)


Good morning my dear brother. The work that you all put into the Gathering is bearing much fruit and will continue to do so for much time to come. All who were there for whatever time they were present, left with many things to consider and to deal with. It was truly a learning place for all who were present to the degree which they allowed this to happen. Gathering a group of people into one place is always an experiment as there is no certainty as to the outcome even given that we are very active in the situation. Human Free Will is a powerful element in living and is never to be denied or ignored. You have also been discussing discernment and this is an important element in everyone’s growth and development. Human living is full of influences from many sources and each one is required to apply free will in a discerning manner in order to maintain the desired pattern in their lives. It is quite possible to stray from one’s path and each needs care in this respect. There are many well-intentioned people who do lack discernment so everyone needs to keep their wits about them.

As you already know this is Richard who speaks with you. Francis is here with me and also wishes to speak to convey the message which you heard earlier.

Good afternoon my very dear brother. I was with you all of the time of your gathering and I wish to compliment you and the others on what you were able to create. You were most successful and were able to establish lasting connections on which you will be able to build. These will serve you well in the time to come. Also you were able to discover more about each other and to cement personal relationships in a loving way.

There is a most important message that I want to convey to all who were there. It is simple but I do ask all of you to give it deep consideration for your own individual benefit and for the continuing benefit of the links you are establishing. You are all desiring to live well in the knowledge and experience of the Divine Love and to manifest this experience in your own lives. In the group you have formed there are a number of areas of discord and feelings of resentment and judgment of one for another. In saying this I am not criticising or judging anyone. I am merely stating undeniable fact.

Moses was told long ago that all should love their neighbours as themselves and the Master Jesus bade us all to love all men as he loved us. These are the simplest of directions yet they are perhaps the most profound that are offered to mankind and the most often flouted and ignored.

I say to you that a person who lives their life in accord with these two directions and with no conscious knowledge of Divine Love can develop their souls in both Natural and Divine Loves to a greater degree that one who prays ardently for the Divine Love yet retains elements of discord in their hearts as they will then be hypocritical. However strong one’s desire to fill their soul with Divine Love and to offer healing to others this desire must function within the overall context of any person’s true way of living. Divine Love is a wonderful transformative element and the most wonderful in the universe but it will not actively overcome the Free Will of man. Each one must pay great heed to their own heart and their true care of themselves and of others.

The directions to love one’s neighbour and oneself is perhaps the most difficult to observe during existence on earth as it is abundantly apparent that this is rarely done to the fullest degree. The world is full of discord and war and greed. Even with all of this it is possible for any individual to attempt to live in accord with this direction with humility and acceptance of the difficulty of the challenge.

You all wish to rise to the highest and this you must do from your position of having your feet planted firmly in the mud where they will remain for some considerable time to come. So be it. It is from this base that you will create and prepare the basis of the whole of your existence physical and spiritual.

I speak to you with great love and with great firmness. My love for you will not allow me to endorse behaviour that is damaging personally to any of you who act in ways that are contrary to your stated intent. My desire is to smooth your path that you may all ascend to the heights you desire.

My life on earth was such that I was constantly very much in contact with the worldly elements while I constantly strived for the highest. Were you to have met me in those days you may never have given me a second glance as you may well have seen a quite dirty and poorly clad individual who might well have been cold and hungry. I was however never hungry for love for that I had in constant abundance and this sustained me in the most difficult of times. So if you had looked closely at this dirty individual you would have seen my light which I never attempted to hide. When you hold resentments and hard feelings to another you dim your light to an unacceptable degree - unacceptable to yourself. You also restrict the ease with which Divine Love may enter your soul and this none of you desire.

Please receive my words in the spirit in which they are given which is from my deepest love for all of you. I am most grateful to all of you for creating a situation where so many of us could approach so many of you as closely as we did. Such opportunities are rare and we seize them with great pleasure.

We will support all of your future endeavours. We have the great desire to assist you to build the best possible structure which needs to have the greatest purity that you can give it which means doing this from within your individual selves.

I am Francis and love and bless all of you.


Note : This message was received after the Australian Retreat.