Messages 2015 and 2016

Natural Love and Divine Love

September 2nd, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Frankfurt, Germany


I am Augustine, your teacher, I was once the Bishop of Hippo many, many years ago and I have spent many centuries in the world of Spirit and I now reside within the Celestial Heavens, for my soul has been redeemed by the Father’s Love.

Precious souls, you have had an important conversation amongst yourselves brought upon by the visitation of a beautiful soul who has expressed his beliefs about Divine Love. This soul does have Divine Love within him, yet he does not clearly understand the differences between what resides within his soul and the understandings of the love that is of the natural kind, the human love.

And this is understandable, for many of you and many, many in the world do not see the difference, they do not discern the difference between the Love of God and the love of man. For when you experience love you feel the upliftment of this condition of love. You enjoy its experience. You are not thinking of what to attribute this experience to, merely to experience what it is in your life and so it is with most of mankind. They experience different emotions, feelings, aspects of love, the love of their parents towards them, the love they feel for their mates, the love they feel for their children, and all of these are beautiful attributes of the natural love not to be denied nor to be pushed aside as something inferior. No, my beloved children, the natural love is a beautiful manifestation which each soul in this world is capable of experiencing and expressing in a myriad of ways and it is a gift from God.

The Divine Love has a quality, a substance, a certain texture of experience within your being that is unique. It is of its own something that only a soul yearning and open for this blessing can experience in a full and rich way.

And for you, my beloved souls, who are familiar with the natural love and your life experience is rich with this love and coupled with that is the experience of the mind and all of its attributes, so it is difficult to delineate between the mind, the natural love, and soul experiencing the Divine Love.

For the beginner this is a difficult dilemma, for they feel the yearnings of their souls for this experience, they reach out like a child to its parent, “Love me” but this reaching is from your soul to God. Love me, bring your love into me, help me to know that I am truly loved and you are truly there touching me with your Love.

This is a deep and profound relationship between your soul and the soul of God and often it is difficult to come to that level, that depth of knowing and experiencing for it is so different from the experience of your mind in the natural love.

But in the power of your yearning and your prayers these conditions which are natural to you and inherent in your experience are able to be put aside so that you may experience something from your soul. This unique experience to know God in his Love that quality of this Love, the texture of this Love, is unique, powerful, beautiful and inexplicable for there are no true words to explain, to transfer to you the experience of this Touch. It is for you, you individually, to come to know, to acknowledge, to consciously feel this wondrous blessing.

I urge you, beloved souls, those who have not truly experienced this wondrous gift, even though you may indeed possess it within your souls, but unknowingly so, that you come to a conscious awareness. When you come to God innocent as a child reaching for this gift, this Love in that place of vulnerability, of yearning, a pure soul longing, you will know this gift in a way that is undeniable, unshakable, powerful, and transformative. It is the beginning of true faith, true soul awakening, true understanding and it cannot be through another, it is only through you and your relationship with God. And God yearns for you to be touched in this way, your soul yearns to be touched by God. Make this wondrous connection, beloved souls, and you will begin your journey of truly understanding yourselves, understanding your purpose, the wonderment that is the creation of your being and the wonderment which is the existence of the Creator.

Walk with us upon that path and I assure you each one will have the unfolding, glorious experience of being touched in Love, awakened in Love, to know that great peace, to feel that great excitement and joy within you, to be sure that the Heavenly Father loves you completely and that God has his hand upon you.

What more can you aspire for, my children? What more can await you than this mystical, glorious experience that is God’s Touch of Love within your souls? God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you and may God envelope you. I am Augustine and I know the Touch of God’s Love and I know of what I speak, and I will join you in your experience of Love. God bless you and I love you. God bless you.