My Spiritual Journey.

What started it for me?

What started this for me? Well, like many before me, it was stress. In this case business stress. But I also recognised I had neglected my spiritual development for many years. I was facing a meltdown. I would have to fire a number of members of staff, all of whom are very dear to me. I was not sleeping at nights. I would always wake with stomache cramps. For some unknown reason, I appealed to my mother to help me. She had been dead some five years. The cramps always subsided, and I was able to get a few hours sleep, until I would wake with cramps again. I thought about this, and decided it was not my mother’s doing. So who was it? Only one answer. So I prayed with all my heart to God, to not just resolve my business problems, but to solve the problem of my spiritual life. I had been a lapsed Catholic for many years, and I wanted to know where to go to find God. Intuitively I did not want to go back to Catholicism, but equally I did not much want to go anywhere else either.

Having prayed I had a feeling I needed to pay attention. In hindsight it would be correct to say I was receiving guidance. Suddenly business prospects that had been dormant started getting serious, and business was looking like survival was quite possible. Then a book arrived on the dining room table. I KNEW I had to read it. Don’t ask how I knew this, but I was more certain of this that anything I have ever thought about. The book was “The Book on Mediums” by Allan Kardec. I asked my wife if I might read it, and I devoured EVERY WORD. I didn’t like it in parts, but I was determined to read every word. Somehow I felt that Truth lay in that book. Well I finished it, and realised that Truth was not in that book, but suddenly I did know, that Truth existed. For the first time in my life I realised that spirits can communicate, and that some of them have great knowledge and wisdom. I simply had to find it. Again I have no doubt this was guidance.

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