Messages 2017 and 2018


November 7th, 2017

Gibsons, B. C.

Received by A.F.


I am Augustine. You have had a discussion on the meaning of humility and I wish to make comment on this. Humility is evident when there is a form of grace within the individual, a grace that comes with harmony with the soul. That harmony may be established with the purification natural love or inflowing of Divine Love. The soul is not triggered by the conditions of the mind but is expressed with a sense of wholeness and clarity and peace that comes from the soul. That soul is aware of itself, its own beautiful condition, not with a sense of pride, not boasting of its condition, but it merely is. It is alive in this Light. The individual is at peace, the mind is not seeking recognition from others, it’s not seeking to be expressed in a way that will bring power or even a sense of accomplishment. Rather, there is a place within the soul that is at peace and is awake. This sense of being that is not reliant upon the conditions of the outside world brings the humility, a grace to that individual. For essentially the soul that is humble is a soul that is connected with God, knows God and knows of its connection with God. This is true humility.

The soul that is troubled, is struggling and has great difficulty with the world and with the inner world often does not have humility. This sense of deep peace within cannot thrive in this condition of the soul disturbed and in pain. One may judge another as having humility and yet within they may not have this peace. This is not true humility. This is an enactment of behaviour which you admire and judge as being humble. That soul may certainly have a quality about him or her that is beautiful, that is generous, loving, and kind. These are all qualities which are good to cultivate within, but true humility comes as a natural expression of the soul that is in Light, that has found peace, that is sure of itself and contained in itself. Humility must come with the blessing of Divine Love in the soul. It is an attribute of a soul awakened by God’s Love. It is a reflection of divinity. It is an expression and a presence within that individual that cannot be cultivated, but it is a marker of the soul’s progression in Light.

  True humility comes from a soul that is in harmony with God and in that harmony many aspects of that individual are expressed in Light, in grace and with humility. It is a condition you must aspire towards my beautiful students and it grows within you. It is present at this time, within each one of you, but often the mind overshadows this condition within you. When you have your mind in harmony with your soul, the condition of humility will be evident. It will shine forth in your being. It is a reflection of the maturity of your soul, the wisdom of your soul, the Love within your soul. When you meet somebody with true humility it is unmistakable. There is a quality about that individual that says, “I know myself, I am present within myself, I do not doubt myself, I am not confused or fearful, I do not judge others. I merely know that I am graced with life, a gift from God and I express my life with deep humility, a knowing from within that I am equal to all others and I am a Child of God’s Creation”. With this understanding, that deep humility shines through. There is no desire for power, control. There is no need for acknowledgement. There is no hunger for love. But all of these things come to that one that is truly humble, for without the desire for these things, they come unbidden because there is a deep recognition from others that that individual has great ability. They comport themselves with grace, they have a presence, an expression that is unique and beautiful. 

This is humility my beloveds, something to aspire to. In this humility, it is easy to give to others in Love and there is no ambivalence or confusion as to what is to be given, for the soul knows. The soul expresses itself in harmony, in wisdom, in Love. Humility does indeed grow within each one of you. As you set forth out into the world, as God’s instruments of Truth and change, the humility that is growing within you will flourish and be expressed in who you are. It cannot be any other way, my beloveds, for as you grow in the Love, so comes this attribute of humility. Those old mindful habits and patterns will be absorbed by Love so that there is no chance that humility can be thwarted by the human condition that is unloving and self-centred. Humility is a natural outcome of the Light within your souls. It is an attribute that God has put within every soul waiting to be expressed as the soul and the mind find harmony with one another, and a surety of itself, knowing who it is, knowing why it is here, what its life is about, and a true connection with the Creator. 

You are each coming to that place of knowing, of answering these questions, of being truly who you are, as the Father imparts His Love into your souls, changing and healing and developing these beautiful attributes. May you know true humility my beloveds. When you feel the presence of the Master, do you not feel his humility? Does it not shine through in such beauty, power and grace? This is your example. This is true humility. Your celestial friends, the angels of heaven, are humble, yet powerful in their presence and their Love. Love and humility go together my beloved. They reinforce one another in their expression and your being. Love and humility brings great Light, true peace and deep understanding. Often with humility comes compassion, a sense that you are a part of all your brothers and sisters in this world, understanding that each is equally gifted by God, blessed and given life. This too gives a sense of humility, that you are neither greater or lesser than another. You are equally loved by God. This gift of Love is available to all.

May you continue to grow in Love, beloved souls, and that every expression of your being, every moment of your life will have a touch of humility and grace, a beautiful Light indeed.