Messages 2015 and 2016

How Divine Love changes the Soul.

May 16, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, BC


I am Keea, Keea Atta-Kem and I lived in Egypt many hundreds of years ago and now reside within the Celestial Kingdom where all souls who are healed and redeemed by the Father’s Love reside. And we have great joy there and wondrous experiences which I could not possibly describe to you. We are so far from this Earth plane, so far from the reference you have from your lives, but I tell you all who walk this path and seek this Love you shall know the glories of Heaven, for this truly is Heaven, beloved souls.

I come to speak how the Divine Love changes your soul. You all have experience with the Touch of the Love within and how that has brought some change within you, a greater understanding and more openness to God, a greater capacity to love others and to love yourselves. And this touch of Love heals your wounds, brings a deep peace, a peace that passes all understanding into yourselves so that you may walk your path in life in harmony and peace, that you do not drag with you those pains and hurts, those conditions which every mortal collects within their lives and inherits from the human condition. No, my beloveds, you will shed these conditions, this heaviness that you all carry to some degree. It continues to fall away from you and you continue to feel the lightness, the unburdening of your souls. And there will come a day where all that is not in harmony with God’s Love will fall away from you and your souls are redeemed in Love, healed completely, nothing within you is of the human condition and everything is in harmony with the laws of God’s Love. This state of Grace brings a great power and strength and many Gifts and blessings come as the Grace of God changes you.

Each of you have many gifts within your souls which lie dormant without the Love’s influence and ability to awaken these beautiful gifts, and as you awaken, as your soul’s expand in this Light, as that which shields and encrusts your soul falls away and that Light shines through, you begin to see the world from different eyes, your souls begin to have more influence upon your thinking and doing and being. And the soul has different perceptions than the mind and they are different, the soul and the mind. The mind requires a certain way of deducing truth and perceives in certain ways that are very characteristic and mankind has developed their minds to a great degree. But the soul is often neglected, unrecognized because the mind does not see the presence of the soul to any great degree. It is through prayer and reaching to your Heavenly Father, it is opening that part of you that is not truly of mind that allows you to see this aspect of yourself, this reflection of God within you. And in this way you begin to see a different reality. You have different ideas your mind becomes more influenced and affected by the soul and the mind of the soul which is completely separate from the mind, the material mind, and from this evolution of your consciousness comes the new awakening, the new perceptions and you are able, each one is quite capable of knowing our presence and knowing the presence of God. And you begin to see the continuity of life, the wondrous energies of life, the wonderful colors of the aura, the beautiful Touch from God in His healing, the great insights which come from God into your souls that rise up into your minds and you begin to recognize certain truths, to understand God’s Creation in ways that the mind, the material mind is not capable of. And even in this you see but a reflection of the truth. For it is when you are fully redeemed in Love and continue to progress closer to God with greater portions of Love, that the truth is truly present and tangible and known.

So you see, my beloveds, a great journey is awaiting each one of you who choose to walk upon this Path to at-onement with God. It requires your prayers to receive this essence of God, His Divine Love and when you do, the change begins, the healing begins, the awakening begins and it is for you, beloveds to discover all these wondrous truths, to come to know God and to know your true selves as this Love awakens your perceptions and ability to understand. Love is the key. Love is the key, my beloveds. You feel it, you know its presence, you know that God wishes for you to have an abundance, an infinite abundance of Love. It is there for the asking, so ask. Take time and ask, “Dear Creator, fill my soul with your great Essence, your Love Divine and I will walk this Path as your child, ever seeking to come closer to you, ever seeking to receive this wondrous Gift, ever seeking to open my eyes and my ears and my mind of the soul so that I may know truly and wondrously who You are, who I am and the wonderment that is your creation, Beloved Father. I am ready. I am willing. I have a deep desire to know, I have a deep desire within my soul to love and I want to love, Father, in all the ways that I am capable of and to be your channel of Love in this world, to bring the Light of your Love into this world, to be in this wondrous flow and harmony, to know this great joy, profound and deep, holy and joyous. Father, I am with you. Be with me within my soul. Be with me now”.

Thank you, dear, beloved children. I am happy to be with you this night. I am with you often and I love you dearly. I am Keea and I am with you. God bless you.