Messages 2017 and 2018

The Awakening of the Soul Giving Rise to the Harmonization of the Material Mind and the Soul

September 25th, 2017

Gibsons, B. C.

Received by A.F.


God bless you, beloveds. I am Matthew. I wish to address the subject of what you call reality, for mankind has a great desire to assert their perceptions of reality to make it firm and substantive, such that anything else that contradicts these ideas is considered fallacy.

I say reality is a fluid thing, as this dear daughter has experienced. Something happened that changed her perception, her ability to discern what she felt was real and what was not. These things were blurred in her consciousness. This is the beginnings of a deeper perception of reality. I wish to assure you, my daughter, that you missed nothing of the prayer, for you were a part of it as were all those who were meant to attend. This is a good example of when you all go out into the world to teach and to bring this Truth of Divine Love. You will be connected in many ways. Your reality will shift. You will feel as if you are present even though you are not present in the flesh. Does this not contradict the sense of reality that most have? Yet it is a reality.

There are many more experiences and manifestations of the capacity of the soul to be expressed in this world that cannot be explained by material signs. Yet there is a truth to it, a reality that is different from the material reality. So as you grow within your souls, as you continue to explore the reaches of your soul’s capacity express itself and to experience your life, there will be many other experiences, object lessons in what can be accomplished by your soul’s awakening.

The experience of the other night is just a taste of what is to come for each one of you as the perceptions of the mind and the soul merge together, blurring what you call material reality and your vision, your awareness, your understanding of life, of God’s Creation of your own being, of what lies around you and in this vast world that God has created, both of this earth and the spheres of spirits and the Celestial Kingdom. There is so much that you do not see at this time and yet awakenings begin to glimmer within your consciousness. It shifts, as your truth, your reality begins to evolve and change into something different.

Often the mind doubts itself for it cannot grasp the fluidity of existence. Yet the soul knows, the soul is comfortable with this fluidity and changing reality. So you must rely upon your soul, the capacity of your soul to understand these things. For as you receive the gift of Divine Love within your soul and it becomes awakened and these faculties and capacities are enlivened and come to the fore, one must expect differences, and changes in your perception of Truth and reality. Change comes with the power of Divine Love. Truth brings forth a clarity. Experiences emerge from the opening of your soul. Do not be frightened by this or overly concerned. Merely observe, accept and realize that as the curtain is pulled away from that semblance of truth that you have believed in for most of your life and where something new and different emerges, this is also a consequence of soul awakening.

Yes, each of you must adjust as these awarenesses grow within you. There is a time when the mind is confused and yet this too will pass. There will be a harmonization within you. As these new realities emerge you will find great value in them, deeper perceptions, a greater capacity to understand the wonderment of God’s Creation, the wonderment of God Himself, the wonderment of your own creation. This is what you have prayed for, my friends. You prayed to know the Truth, to understand and to see it. In order to be used as God’s instruments in an effective way. These aspects of soul perception, faculties must come to the fore. For you must truly understand of that of which you speak of and express in the world. In this way you may teach and show others how to emerge from the illusion that man has created, this life so burdened by the insistency of the mind and the price of neglecting the soul. Yet it must be a merging of these two aspects of your being, the soul and the mind, in perfect balance and harmony that will give rise to a new world, a new reality, one that is in harmony with God’s Laws, one that is seeking Love and joy and surety. 

So as the world changes, these illusions will be stripped away. You, my beloved souls, are beginning to see with the eyes of your souls and experience this new reality. So you must if you are to teach those who are confused, who stumble about in the dark unable to see clearly and insistent upon error over Truth and that which is truly real. Yes, this is challenging to the mind. It contradicts so much of what you believe. Yet you know within you the Truth of it, the rightness that is God’s Creation.

We will help you and assist you in your adjustments, your perceptions, your new reality. It is meant to come and it will come in increments slowly, gently but powerfully. Have faith in where God is leading you, my beloveds. Allow this awakening to take place. You will not lose your faculties. You will gain many more. The complexity of your own being will emerge as you continue to grow in God’s Love. Is this not exciting? Does this not intrigue you, my beloveds, to have these experiences and shifts of reality? Use the strength of your own faith to travel upon this journey of awakening. Be with God and all shall be well. There is nothing to fear in this. You will not lose yourself in some unusual world filled with falsity and illusion. No, you will gain great strength from these perceptions and experiences, soul awakenings that are coming. How beautiful you will be as you awaken thus in the Light and see clearly and Love in powerful ways. So many of you will be able to help because you can see the Truth clearly and know God’s Love. So much awaits you, my friends. You will experience many more manifestations of the awakenings of your soul. Welcome this with open arms for it is an overt expression of the power of God’s Love. You will come to know your true selves and come to experience the wondrous blessings of God’s Touch upon you, beloved souls.

God bless you and keep you always in the flow of His Love. I will continue to be with you for I love you so. Many more join me in this exquisite adventure, this wondrous work to bring the Truth of God’s Love to this world in ways that will enlighten and inspire many. God bless you. God bless you. I am Matthew. God bless you.