Messages 2015 and 2016

Lessons on Forgiveness and Compassion

December 9th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.


I am Luke and I have come to speak to you about the topic of compassion and forgiveness.

As you know the world is rife with difficulties, conditions created by mankind over many, many thousands of years and it is unavoidable for the soul that incarnates into this world not to be influenced by this and to absorb some of these conditions. Rather than love, these conditions have become the birthright of humanity and this, my beloveds, is why you strive and we strive to turn the tables so that indeed love is available to all and will bring peace to the soul and light to the soul.

For this to take place, for you to expel these conditions within yourselves there must be an acknowledgement of the presence of these conditions within you and often you are repelled or repulsed that these things are active within your souls and thus you must forgive yourselves, come to a place of compassion for you own condition of the soul. And this comes with the strength of the Father’s Love, that inflows within you and allows you to release these conditions, and allows the healing to take place from God.

Rather than self judgement, rather than turning away, ignoring or pushing down these realities within you beloveds, love yourselves and ask God to take these conditions from you and have compassion for yourselves as you are subject to the conditions of this world. This does not mean that in every case you are responsible for those conditions that reside within you, my beloveds. Remember that often these conditions are passed down from one generation to another, so they accumulate within each soul and are a part of these family groups. Often they are cultural; you are taught and you are shown error and this is a pervasive condition in the world. And there are those times when your choices bring on unloving conditions within your souls. Choices that are often born from these inherited and taught conditions. Choices that are made from fear and ignorance and a lack of love.

God has compassion for all, my beloveds. He wishes for the healing of mankind. He wishes for you to release all that is not of Him and His laws and His love and in order to do so, you must have compassion for yourselves. To recognize that you are not evil in any way but because of the pervasive consciousness of this world at times you do evil, at times you act in ways that are not loving, at times you express things that have consequences within your souls which create a dark and unloving condition. But you are not alone. Millions upon millions of your brothers and sisters carry these conditions within and, of course, there is always choice and there is also, in many respects, a compass within your soul that indicates whether you are indeed performing a wrongdoing, thinking a negative thought, expressing anger and other inharmonious emotions.

Yet humanity persists. It continues to embrace negativity as if some sort of satisfaction comes from the anger and the judgement and the negative thoughts and the unloving deeds, yet all this does is to perpetuate these conditions in the world. You, my beloveds, have chosen something different. You have turned to face God rather than humanity in this way. You have rejected the common course of expression of mankind and come to realize that the expression of God’s Love and the power of that Love within your souls is what you wish to adopt, to express, to be a part of, this wonderful flow of Love. What made you chose, my beloveds? What was it within you that turned your face to God? And in that decision, you came to know your Heavenly Father and he has taught and nurtured you in the ways of Love. Something within your souls cried out and God answered your prayers, your longings and put before you the opportunity to change, to turn this tide of negativity around, to be in the light, to understand what it is to choose, to understand the power of love, to help you to choose light.

Now there are many, many souls in the world who are still entrapped in these negative conditions. Their lives are primarily governed by fear and judgement, by a desire to gratify those material needs and in a way, they deny their true selves in this pursuit. You must have compassion for them, my beloveds, you must pray that the world changes towards light, and towards God.

Far too many, far, far too many suffer from the lashes of the negativity inherent in the human condition. Too many through ignorance and a desire to belong to the human race adopt unloving behaviours and thoughts. They are fearful of rejection and they do not understand that there are other ways of being, even though they too possess this moral compass, this understanding of right and wrong as you call it. Yet often this is ignored because the desires for gratification, accumulation, power, well-being in terms of the mental concepts play their part influencing those in the world and on top of this there is the influence of the negative spirits who are drawn to each soul who is expressing negativity. The Law of Attraction works in this way.

There are many, many factors which contribute to this deplorable condition amongst humanity, but you, my beloveds, though you do deal with the conditions of the world, your inner conditions which are being cleansed and healed as we speak, you are learning and growing so that you will be unassailable by the negativity of the world. You must, however, have compassion, compassion for yourselves, for your families, for your brothers and sisters of humanity in the world. Even the most degraded of creatures that lives amongst you needs your compassion, your love. You need to see them as God’s children, a soul created by God, indeed lost, indeed suffering, yet there is great potential for light and goodness.

God will bring all souls to light eventually and God needs you to help him in this, for you to express compassion and love in ways that He will guide you to do so. In ways where you will see the opportunities to infiltrate that crack within the armour of each soul and bring a bit of light. Yes, the process is often slow, the journey is long, incremental, tedious at times, yet as examples you must show that way towards light, towards goodness and self love.

Beloved souls, you carry this light and this truth and this love within you. Do not hide it, express it wherever you go. Be this love, be this compassionate soul filled with joy, liberated from the tyranny of the human condition, expressing the truth of the light within your souls with every breath and every step. In this way you do God’s work. In this way your life brings on meaning and purpose and a powerful beacon of light that will reflect upon the world and yes, many will not see or understand or acknowledge your light and why your light exists but many will notice, they will notice. For as you pass by you will emanate a condition like a breath of fresh air and this will draw souls, it will peak their curiosity. Their souls will be moved by your condition of love and God will place before you many opportunities to bring love and truth, a touch of comfort, compassion to those who suffer and those who are curious and those who are eager for the truth.

Every day is an opportunity to express compassion and love and forgiveness. For yes, there will be those who wrong you, who malign you, who are just expressing their own pain within the orbit of your life. You must forgive them, have compassion, for what they express reflects their inner darkness or confusion, pain and suffering.

Often it is reflexive to judge and to withdraw from those who are particularly hurtful and difficult. You must strengthen yourselves in love so that when you are near a person in this condition you can give love in a way that is not hurtful to yourself but beneficial to those who hurt you. You must also stand up for truth and sometimes that stance is merely a look of compassion, a nod of acknowledgement of another’s pain, sometimes even a smile will affect those who are in pain, for the normal response would be anger or defensiveness and judgement. When there is no judgement, where there is no hurt within yourself, rather there is love, this is startling to the individual who is projecting negativity, it sends a message, it sends a profound message and in this way you will have called upon that individual to cease their negativity, to take heed of the condition of love within you and it will neutralize those conditions for a time. Thus you will become immune to those who would do harm in some way towards you and you increase your strength as you are tested in these conditions. When you have compassion for those individuals and you have not reacted negatively towards them, you have adopted a stance of love, of saying you are my brother, you have a soul, I have a soul, we are children of God.

Beloveds, do not judge, do not react, do not project negativity, do not indulge yourselves in anger. You may perceive a truth about another or about yourselves but in that perception adopt compassion and love and when you act in a way that is not of love, forgive yourselves and learn from those circumstances and ask God to help you to change your behaviours, to turn them around so that you are truly expressing love and harmony in your lives.

Yes, each moment is a choice, each thought is a choice, each reaction is a choice and now that you carry within you a glowing light of God’s Love you must come to a place of love, acknowledging that which is within you and be compassionate, forgiving and express love. It is within you; you have the power to do so. You are no longer a part of this terrible flow and reality of the human condition. You have chosen something else, something beautiful and powerful and you’ve chosen to heal yourselves through Love as God touches your soul. Remember your choice, beloveds, remember that you have chosen truth over darkness, joy over pain, forgiveness over judgement, love over hatred. You have chosen this, you have changed your heritage, you are contributing to the flow of humanity with light, as a channel of God’s Love.

Your ambitions and desires and prayers are to change the world. To bring the world to this place of love. If you cannot express compassion and forgiveness in this, then you are truly not changing the world, you are joining the world in a place that is not of love. And yes, indeed you are still human and these vestiges of behaviours and reflexive reactions, emotional responses and thoughts bubble up within you. These are opportunities to change, to redirect these thoughts and actions into something else and to do so with self compassion, to understand that what you have asked of yourself, what God has asked you to do is not an easy task for you as you run against the current of the earthly conditions, this is not easy. It requires strength, requires that you be aware at all times how you are in the world, what responses you have, what thoughts.

But with the strength of the Father’s Love guiding you through, His hand upon you and the support of the angels, it is quite possible that you will succeed to let go of the last vestiges of negativity within you, those things you inherited long ago, those conditions that were poured within you as a vulnerable child and from those choices you made at times in your life. All these conditions, my beloveds, are being influenced and healed by the Father’s Love; the miraculous power and glory of this gift to heal the human soul and make it into the divine soul is acting within you at this very moment. It is possible to take these steps which I have described and I implore you to choose light, to bring a strength and a positive condition within you, to express the love within your soul in all things, to catch yourself when you are about to react in old ways and to change those patterns of thought and action and reaction. You are strong enough. And if you feel you are not, then ask God to help you, pray for strength and love, compassion and forgiveness and you will find that within you there is a solution, a correct course to take to bring greater light within yourselves and greater light within your world.

The power of the human soul transformed by the Divine Love is immense but for this great power to be unleashed within you, expressed in a pure way, you must exercise the power of forgiveness and compassion. To truly love yourselves and to love all those around you, not as a mental exercise but as a truly deep and authentic expression.

Please, my beloveds, please love one another, love all those you meet, be an expression of love. There is much love within you, you carry this light. Be the light, live the light, carry the light wherever you go and pray that the light will increase with each day and each moment of your life. There is much work to do and you are on the verge of a beautiful expression, a powerful journey of service, of giving love and compassion to the world, a channel of God’s Love. Please, my beloveds, release those conditions that hold you back and walk in light, beautiful light that comes with God’s Redeeming Love.

God bless you beloved souls. I am Luke. I love you and I walk with you on this journey. Continue in your deep and abiding prayers to God, all else will unfold with this connection with your Creator and His Love flowing to you. Beloveds, God bless you, God bless you.