Messages 2015 and 2016

Expiation and Purification of the Soul.

July 13th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Abbotsford, B.C. Canada


I am Seretta Kem and I come to give a lesson on expiation. As you reach for God, as you reach and climb to become something higher and better than what you are today, as you receive God’s blessings and His Love in your souls, there comes a response within your being. The blessing of the Divine Love will cause your souls to begin a cleansing process where you release the toxins, so to speak, of your souls. You release all those elements within your soul that are not of this Love, are not of purity and grace and goodness. And this causes discomfort, this causes disturbances within your minds, within your bodies, with all parts of your beings as this cleansing and releasing happens from the Gift of Love which purifies the soul within you, the soul that is you.

With this Love comes other blessings, healings, energies which will cause your bodies to expiate toxins and there are many blessings that God gives you which have their effects upon your being and these effects are meant to purify, to strengthen, to bring more harmony within you. There are and will be times when you feel state of disruption and disturbance, when your emotions are increased, at times negative, when your bodies feel discomfort.

And I tell you, my friends, often what is happening within you has purpose and benefit and is the result of the Touch from God within your beings. And you are all sensitive people, you all feel things intensely and you absorb many energies in the world and these also must be released. This, at times, causes discomfort and stress within you. It is important that you maintain a strong connection with the Creator, that you allow His Love, His Blessings to flow through you and into you so as to maintain a certain level of purity and to attain a higher level of purity within you on all levels.

My beloved souls, when you pray to God, when you open yourselves to God, when you open your soul to God’s Touch of Love, you pray for this Gift of purification which comes in many ways and you should be joyous, my beloveds, that these experiences and incidents within you are coming for they will help you in times to come when you need to be strong, when you need to be pure in every way. For to be God’s beacons of Light, to be that instrument of Love and change and Truth you must be pure, you must release all that which is impure. And because you live in this world you carry many toxins on many different levels and so in all these ways there will be purification, a release, a healing, a bringing back to balance and harmony within you. Be joyful, my beloveds, for the Gifts that God gives you and sometimes answers to prayers are not what you expect, but indeed, God in His Wisdom will give you what you require to be whole in body, spirit and within your souls.

So much the Father has to give you, my beloveds, so much and you will absorb, receive and take within you as you are able, these blessings in accordance to your faith, the earnestness of your prayers, the strength of your soul desires. All of these blessings will come to purify, strengthen and transform your souls in Love. Many gifts, many gifts from God as He pours His Love upon you, strengthens you and brings forth the beautiful souls that you are. For God needs beautiful souls to walk this Earth, to be His channels, to bring Light, to counteract the darkness and you, my beloveds, have chosen this, desire this and pray for this and so the purification, the expiation, the healing and the balance and harmony will come as God guides you upon the Divine Path. And we in spirit will continue to uphold you and support you through your struggles in those times of purification, those times when you are required to release those conditions within you that are not in harmony. Each day is an opportunity to release something and to gain more Light and Love. Think of this, my children, think of this: God wishes to give you a Gift and your gift to God is to, in some way release something that is not in harmony with His Love, to ask for this, to embrace this process of cleansing and as you embrace and release and allow the Love to replace that which is not of Love you find your joy, you will find great happiness, joyfulness, wisdom and strength in all aspects of your being.

The choice is yours, beloveds, to choose Light and to release that which is not of Light. This is your path; this is your challenge; this is your joy. God bless you, beloveds. I am Seretta Kem and I come to assist you in your healing, the expiation of your souls, the cleansing of your bodies and of your spirits, I come to assist you. God bless you. God bless you.