Messages 2001

Go with the flow.

February 3, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


I am here now to write, as I came to help you express your concerns. You are aware of the fact that you dwell too often on material concerns, which in turn keep you down and muddling over details that are of little importance to your soul’s development in Love and have little ability to bring happiness and joy into your life.

If you believe you have attracted this lower back pain for a good reason, it might help you stop centering on so many details, which distract you from your spiritual goals. It may help you make a change of pace in your daily activities. Sometimes “drastic” measures have to be taken to shake a person out of habit patterns of behavior and thinking so that a higher level of activity can be obtained. I will say that the drastic changes are not arbitrarily imposed upon you, but are a result of God’s Laws working in your life to help you fulfill your sought-for goals.

When you pray for help and Love, and desire to come closer to Him, to His Will for you, then certain laws go into motion that bring what is needed to reach that goal. In order to grow and change from a mortal to an immortal, for example, steps need to be taken off the worn pathway of previous lifestyles. Even though the changes may feel unpleasant and you try to make everything “right” again, it is well that you have faith in the Power of God’s Love in your life to bring you to the place you need to be in order to take the steps in your spiritual progress that you are ready to take.

Can you see that you are spiritually ready to take these new steps, even though you are not quite willing to make material-level changes? Go with the flow suggests that you stop bucking the changes that are trying to occur. When you follow your heart and have faith in God’s Love, you will accept these changes with less discomfort.

When you feel responsible for keeping things in order, believing that it is up to you to make things work out “right”, it is not always easy to extend faith in the unseen laws to work smoothly and unfailingly in bringing harmony to every situation. So you see, when spiritual laws are trying to manifest, and it is your desire to activate the highest potential of your soul by desiring to do God’s Will in your life, the spiritual laws will take ascendancy over the material laws, even if they cause some wrenching of the material in order to operate.

If you do not feel comfortable with one foot in the mud and one foot in the sky, what are you going to do about it? Stop wanting to fly? I think not. It would behoove seekers of Truth and Love to pick their other foot out of the mud by not hanging onto the idea that it is up to them, alone, to keep things in order; they can act on faith that all the worry in the world will not help the situation. Worry, “figuring out” the material implications of a situation, does not have an effect upon the spiritual laws governing these things, but when you activate your faith, put yourself into God’s Arms of Love, and put aside your worries and concern about outcomes of distressing events, these spiritual laws can come into effect in your life and cause the events to unfold in wonderful harmony.

You are your own worst enemy when you desire to activate your higher spiritual potential, while at the same time still try to keep everything under control in the way you think things “should” be. Let go and let God leads you upward. Have faith. Activate your faith in the spiritual laws to govern your life when you have these desires.

Change is the law eternal. It is more difficult for these changes to take place when you are trying to hang on so tenaciously to the status quo. Maybe you are unaware of the fact that this is what you have been trying to do. You may believe that a “responsible” person needs to keep things under control, but how does this show that you have faith in the power of the higher laws? Do your best. Give your love. Do not hold negative thoughts. Lean upon God. Know that He Loves you. Take your steps always in the right direction by holding loving thoughts and desires, then let the changes happen. When you attempt to interfere with the changes, it might be compared to fighting the greatest force in the universe, which has the power to bring these desirable changes into your life.

Stop being your own worst enemy. Go with the flow. Accept changes in your life. Know in your heart that change is good, especially when you have good desires and are praying for God’s Love to elevate your awareness.

If you follow these suggestions and believe what I have given you here, you will feel well in no time. I love you and will leave you now with my blessings. You put up some resistance to my message, but you received the main points, which can guide you aright. God Bless you. Amen.

(Although unsigned, we believe Joseph, the father of Jesus, delivered this message).