Messages 2001

Group Karma and Free Will.

May 18, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Medium: We have a request for guidance from a woman who has been experiencing struggles in her life resulting from an absence of love in her growing-up years which has carried over into her adulthood. She is lonely and still acts out during interchanges with family members. Dear Creator Soul, I pray that I will be able to put aside my forethoughts in order to receive a message from a Celestial angel.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come to you this morning to lend my help in whatever way I am able. As you know, it is up to the individual to apply the advice given, and as long as the attitudes remain the same and reactions to the “expectations” of others still trigger a negative response, the patterns will continue to be re-enacted.

We do realize that negative habit patterns are not easy to change and that oftentimes people are not even aware of the fact that they are being negative, and what they see in others is what they have in their own personality. When you see someone acting in a way that you find displeasing, or what you interpret as unsupportive, consider how you might be contributing to their output. Do you expect rejection from that person? Are you acting defensively? Are you doing something that might be triggering this reaction?

Just as individuals reap what they sow, groups do also, as in families and countries. This “group” karma is not played out yet - there are too many members of the group still hanging onto the “way things were,” not changing, not letting go of past resentments, not acknowledging that changes can be made, and that these changes need to start with them. If everyone in the world would get down on their knees and pray for mercy and forgiveness and ask to be shown the way to overcome their anger and negative attitudes, good changes would happen. But as long as there is judgment placed on others for not doing “such and such,” or “Why can’t he be more loving?” or “Why is he always so cruel to me?” the status quo will remain the same.

When a person learns to love her/himself and understands how important it is to put as much love as possible into everything s/he does, then good changes can come about. “The best way to have a friend is to be one.” Become the loving example you would like to see in others. Expect your fulfillment to come from God’s Love through your prayers to do His Will and become at-one with His Soul.

You will leave yourself open for disappointment if you believe your happiness and fulfillment depends upon harmonious interchanges with others. At this point in the spiritual evolution of humankind there is a long way to go before unconditional love among brothers and sisters is achieved. This love first needs to be sought for within your own heart and soul.

You should realize that people cannot give something which is not developed within their own personalities. Each person is responsible for her / his own spiritual development. You can help bring out the best in others when you demonstrate your best. If you want and need and expect others to respect, support and love you, be an example of what you would like to receive from them.

Even if it means disappointment, “turn the other cheek,” walk away from confrontation, love the person confronting you. You are all God’s beloved children. You make yourselves unhappy by acting out according to old, familiar habit patterns and by not applying new attitudes and outlooks on life.

Forgive others of their failings. Their anger is their own compensation. If you think some people enjoy being miserable, I can assure you they will find greater joy and peace and fulfillment when they learn to outgrow their anger and negative attitudes.

I do not have the power to make you overcome your fear or loneliness - you alone have that power. By praying for God’s Love and Mercy, the Divine Love wells up in your soul, connecting you with God, and setting you free from all manner of former negative emotions.

You might feel that “it’s not fair” or that your negative attitude is not your fault, that it was “forced upon you” by the mistreatment of others, but you do have a free will choice over how you will react to what others say and do. You can retaliate or you can decide to be loving in return. When you understand and accept that you get back what you put out, then you will understand that if you want love, you give love.

You may think that sounds simplistic, but I suggest you give it a try. Try to overcome your negative response to a negative encounter. Try to understand that another’s negativity does not have to effect you in a negative way if you don’t allow it to.

As long as you expect happiness and fulfillment to be forthcoming from another person you will be in for a letdown. Your fulfillment lies in giving your love in everything you do. Receiving the Grace of God’s Divine Love elevates the condition of your soul’s love. Peacefulness and joy become yours when you possess God’s Love in your soul. You will be able to love others even if they are “mean” to you. This is the Nature of God’s Grace - It lifts you above the negativity into a new life of love and joy.

I will leave you now with my blessings for a harmonious day ahead. Give your love in each thought and deed. Know that God loves you beyond measure and that when you tap into His Great Love, your life will become greatly changed. It is entirely up to you and your free will choices.

God bless you and keep you in protective Arms of Love. I am your friend and guardian, Joseph, the father of Jesus - the earthly father; God is the Father of our souls, the One we need to worship in order to fulfill our spiritual potential. I am a true follower of Jesus’ teachings and have been born again in the Grace of God’s Love.