Messages 2001

Growing in Love.

July 22nd, 2001

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here, my sister, and I am your guardian and friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus. I love you with the Divine Love, which is everlasting and true, and I am most happy to serve you, and all of our brothers and sisters in answering your spiritual questions. I would like to speak to you about serving others in love, and what this entails as you progress in your soul’s condition.

When you pray for and receive the Divine Love, this Love transforms you into a new being, taking over, so to speak, those natural qualities of the soul with the divine qualities that characterize the Soul of God. As we progress, we find that we are attracted to different situations and people that may complement our newfound qualities and interests. It is true that what once made you happy may no longer serve that purpose - giving your love in other ways, ways that were not apparent to you at the time, now fulfills you. You had previously found happiness because your perceptions of yourself, and the reality of your world, caused you to be motivated to help others less fortunate than yourself. You felt satisfied that you were useful in meeting a need that you could fulfill.

As you grow, and your love nature allows you to perceive truth differently, what may have felt useful to you may now seem tedious, perhaps, or boring, because it seems to never change. It seems so because you have changed, and you must seek other avenues of expressing yourself to fulfill your potential and manifest your greater qualities of love. There is nothing wrong with leaving this service to others behind when your love moves you to do something different. This is only the workings of the laws, and you will be happiest by keeping yourself in harmony with these higher laws of love.

Consider also that, as you leave a certain area of service, there are others ready to take up the call of reaching out to those who need. Be kind to yourself; allow yourself to follow your heart’s desires - you will not go wrong. God keeps His children in His Loving and watchful care. You may pray that His Love open the souls of those who suffer as victims and abusers. Many angels are with those who cry out for help and some hope of change, and the laws work to bring relief to them. We cannot of our own action or non-action change the Law of Higher Help - it never ceases to operate.

So, I will say that, continuing to pray for the Divine Love, and transforming yourself into a Divine angel, is the law at work, and your service to God will become higher and higher as the condition of your soul improves and advances in its love and wisdom.

I hope this provides you with some direction. I love you, dear sister, and I love all my spiritual family on earth. It is my privilege to serve you in this way, and I find great happiness doing so. You are precious to God and the angels, and we never tire of coming in answer to your call, and joining with you in prayer.

Bless you and keep you in Divine Love and comfort - Mary, the mother of Jesus, and a true follower of my son and Master of the Celestial Heavens.