Messages 2001

John - Let go and just be love.

February 4, 2001

Aptos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am John the beloved, true follower of my Master, Jesus the Christ, and an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens. Yes, I was John the Apostle, and I want to write to you on the subject of love and its “face” in this world.

You may see the evidence of God’s Love in the beauty of this natural earth and humbly realize the power of the perfection in the workings of the laws to bring harmony and peace to the life that surrounds us. It is as if all creatures and living things are able to hear the same song - the song of Love. Human beings, the most advanced and exalted creations of God, are gifted with free will to choose whether or not to hear this song.

Natural love is a beautiful quality of the human soul that will elevate its condition to a state of perfect bliss and harmony with all other creations. This love has been ours from the beginning of time, when God created our first parents as His beloved children, made in His Image. What caused them to turn away from God and the Gift of His Love that He offered to them was pride in their own greatness and power, for they were not ignorant of it; they were aware of their place at the “top” of all creation.

Let us bring a modern example of human love into our discussion. Mother Teresa, as she is known, was one who gave her love to those in need. She was sustained by the Love of God that was in her possession by her soul’s fervent prayer for It. She loved God and wanted to serve Him above all else, and she shared this Love she felt with those who needed and those who she inspired to follow her.

Mother Teresa did not do what she did for fame. She wanted no recognition as one who could do the many things she was instrumental in doing. She wanted to give love to those who suffered for lack of it, and she understood that God was the Infinite Source of this Love. She is an example of someone who will live on in the hearts and minds of many people because she inspired them to realize the Selfless Face of God; the Christ Spirit was active in her life and this quality touched the human soul.

My own master, Jesus, inspired us to follow him because of this kind of Love; the Love that seeks not to be admired or revered, but the Love that flows like water from heaven, never failing to quench the thirsty soul.

The Christ Love is a Power that lives beyond the personality of the mortal who possesses It. It is drawn from an ever-replenished Source and causes others to look upward. Although the name of my Master is still spoken today, mortals fail to see the true Love he showed to the world. They are mistaken in their belief that this Love was most greatly demonstrated by his death on the cross, when they must look beyond his person to the Power he channeled to the world.

It was truth that opened my eyes to finally see his beautiful face, the truth that I was also beloved by God as a Son who could receive and possess His Love. This Divine Love was the Gift that Jesus showed to us in his manner of living. He spoke and moved with pure, unconditional love that never failed to be evident in his waking moments. When we, as his followers, would be ready to complain about the harsh treatment we received, Jesus was always able to forgive the doer and help us see that they did not understand our true motives.

His compassion for others was an inspiration because the peacefulness and harmony which surrounded him was like an impenetrable fortress that nothing evil or less than loving could enter. But even with this evident power he possessed over others, Jesus was most humble as he turned to God in prayer and he beseeched us to do the same.

Let go, my children, of your need to “be somebody” and just be love, a living example of God’s Love for you and the world. I love you, my dear brothers and sisters, and I am with you in the Christ Spirit of Love, manifest in my soul and yours, John the Apostle.