Messages 2001

John: How to be in the world, but not of it…

March 11, 2001

Aptos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am John the Apostle, your friend and brother on the Divine path. I am a true follower of our Master, Jesus, who taught us the way to at-onement with the Soul of God through prayer for the Divine Love.

I would like to speak to the question of how one may be in the world, but not of it. It can be assumed by the mortal mind that the human being appears as a living entity upon birth, and as to his physical body, this is true. But the human being cannot even commence his gestation as a viable creature until the soul incarnates into the fetus to give it life. You must see that you are alive because you possess a soul; that this part of you is the true part of you, without which you would be a mere animal. In this world that you share with all living creations, if you were to see yourselves as equal to the animal, you would have to recognize one major difference, and that is that your free will has allowed you to set into motion an entire “reality” that has nothing to do with the natural order of God’s Laws.

One example of this so-called “reality” is lust for the physical pleasures. In the animal kingdom you see there is a balance to achieving the purpose of propagation of a species, and although one may cite examples of seemingly exaggerated acts of procreation, these produce the effect whereby the purpose is achieved, in harmony with all members of that particular species.

Man and woman can, by the exercise of their free will, denigrate their intercourse to the level that it is not only out of harmony with the purpose of their attraction to one another, it introduces the idea that sex, of itself, is something which causes each to feel loathing for oneself and the partner, and may become an appetite that consumes almost every waking thought, thereby destroying any sense of balance and harmony between them. Such lust takes a human out of the realm of harmony with even the natural world, and they cannot make the statement as being “of the earth” for, at this point, their free will has caused them to become products of their own twisted inventions.

The religions that have come about as a result of the need for natural order place much emphasis on rightful conduct between one another. Brotherly and sisterly love is advocated, the doing of good deeds and honoring what is “good” in our moral and mental makeup, and although this has served to bring us closer to the harmonious balance that may exist among mortals, it has proven to not be enough to ensure peace among all people.

I bring you back to the soul and recognizing it as the true part of who we are. God created the soul, and it is to God that we must look for guidance to understand ourselves. If we were so created by God in His Image, would it not be the most important quest to discover who He is and what our relationship to Him is? And who can bring this knowledge to us? Only God, through His Love for us as His beloved children, can enlighten our seeking souls.

As parents you may help turn your children’s eyes to see the all-important need to establish this understanding, but true knowledge will only come to each individual through the ministrations of God’s Holy Spirit and the angelic help that guides you in your quest.

Let us imagine that we were fortunate to have parents who encouraged our soul development from infancy. We would have the opportunity to put prayer and soul aspiration for communion with God at the center of our existence. Prayer would become even more important than eating or sleeping, because at the heart of this aspiration, we are discovering who we are.

The discovery of ourselves as spiritual beings would cause us to see the world around us as the perfect stage for the workings of God’s Laws. Then the role we play is to usher in the truth that Love prevails over all things, and harmony can become a product of this “theater” for which the cast of characters has been chosen by God Himself.

We would not know lust, greed or envy. We would accept the goodness and righteousness of our very selves and respect the goodness of others. Because we would know that Love is the fulfillment of all law, we would do nothing without the blessing of its presence and power - everything we touched would be kept within the perfect workings of the world, as it can be. This is important to remember as you recreate yourselves in your own minds as being creatures of God, and not only creatures of earth.

This reality I speak of exists today, it existed when my Master walked the earth, it existed from the moment Aman and Amon were given life as our first parents. We are from God. We are souls. This is the truth and I cannot describe how serious the consequences of recognizing or failing to recognize this truth has upon you.

God has been by your side from the moment of the creation of your soul. He sees you through this earth life and into the world of spirit. He waits with His Love patiently, kindly, for you to turn to Him, asking, “Who am I? What have You made?”

You are His child, and there is no finer Parent than this Who will wait for all eternity for you, never failing to answer your call.

Be like Him, my fellow Christians, my brothers and sisters who seek the truth. Let us all discover this Family of Spirit to which we have always belonged and will forever belong to. This is how we can be in the world, but not of it.

I am your brother John, a follower of my Master and partaker of God’s Divine Love.


Medium’s note:

John’s reference to “the purpose of (man and woman’s) attraction to one another” should be understood to mean that loving one another is our highest purpose. We are elevated beyond the animal, where the primary purpose of the coming together of male and female is to propagate the species.

Although children can be the gifts of man and woman’s union, love must be the first cause and effect of their attraction to one another in order for them to remain the most exalted of God’s creatures.